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  1. SONIA1

    2020 RV

    My feeling it will RV on 12/25🤑
  2. With all do respect bro you should re read it again not me.
  3. FYI bros when countries lops the parliament has to approve it , but not when they RV, so when Iraq RV from 4000 to 1190 like you said they did not need approval from Parliament. When process take place for Iran and delete 4 zeros for every 1000000 rial you will get 100 Toman and the exchange rate will be 4.2 Toman =$1 so your million will be worth around $23.
  4. Come on BROS DO you really think Iran will RV and give you money .. That's why they call it I-RAN= Meaning you have to run away when you hear Iran😂
  5. It's not official until Iranian parliament approve it first and god knows when they will. They might be like Iraq years and years before they do anything.😁
  6. SONIA1

    Go Iraq Part 5

    Bro is waiting for lop?
  7. SONIA1

    Go Iraq Part 5

    Thank you did the bros see it😂
  8. SONIA1

    Go Iraq Part 5

    So you are saying if I have 1000000 rial that will be $240000...?
  9. SONIA1

    Go Iraq Part 5

    Not true 10000rial=1 toman so 1000000 rial will = 100 new toman 1000000rial will =$23 1 toman will = .23 Itś a lop
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