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  1. Ok show me the prove and then I will say i'm incorrect😏 my advise to you stop listening to Jeff at dinar investor
  2. Jeff is an idiot he doesn't know even how to count
  3. Head Office: P.O. BOX 64 Al-Rasheed Street, Baghdad, Iraq Telephone: +964 1 816 5171 to 4 Line Website: E-Mail: , Status: State Central Bank : Government Bank Ownership: Wholly – Owned by the State Republic of Iraq🙄
  4. They are talking about this statement from Saleh I think from 2012 Delete the zeros MUST be at the beginning of a fiscal year - Supporting Archived Article DELETE THE ZEROS MUST BE AT THE BEGINNING OF A FISCAL YEAR - SEPT 6, 2012 - Does the project will remain a dead letter permission as described by Central Bank Deputy Director Mohammad Saleh appearance? .... Was the decision to delete zeros of the Iraqi currency in many opinions Pro and con, economists believed that the resolution would lead to the collapse of the national currency and some other that he would return to the country with great interest and unfortunately its await as a joint venture between the Government and the Central Bank. As long as the Government seeks to postponed due to security concern, it could not be implemented this year or the year after – as Deputy Director of the Central Bank — the timing is very important in this case and that its implementation must coincide with the beginning of the fiscal year, so you will not find a space for implementation this year inevitably ... Regrets for the delay of the country's economic performance will improve efficiency as long as currency and reduce the influence of big numbers, monetization needs to cash large and small groups will be dealing with categories such as (50 dinars) and (100 dinars) and (200 dinars) in addition to the categories below as dinar (half dinars and quarter-dinars) and (50 Fils, 25 Fils).Source SEPT 6, 2012 - The policy of the Central Bank — by Salih to the stability of the dinar against the US dollar,likely equal the price of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar over the next two years after the implementation of the project to delete the three zeros Iraqi currency AUG 20, 2012 - Saleh drew the interest of the Exchange must be with the new fiscal year, "the Iraqi Government's accounts cannot be registered in the same year, two forms of financial values"
  5. SONIA1

    2020 RV

    My feeling it will RV on 12/25🤑
  6. With all do respect bro you should re read it again not me.
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