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  1. Positive thinking my friend's. It would be great to see Iraq settle down for the sake of people they need to feel what peace feel's like. Believe in yourself Believe in the Dinar.
  2. Good morning I'm with you on that one what a great day that will be.
  3. heeper00

    Questions for Adam Montana 29 August 2018

    Excellent that's a great way other putting. Keep up the good work 👍.Believe in Yourself. 👍 Believe in your Future.
  4. They have got to have something up there sleeve or are they sleeveless. I'm hoping and so are all the citizens they need there spirit lifted it can't go on like this RV before they are at war with each other for REAL. believe in YOURSELF Go RV.
  5. First q massive HELLO to all my friends in dinarvets. It's been a while i tend to stop reading for about 2weeks on and 2 weeks off but I'm never far away I haven't posted for some time, personally you don't need to because there is so much information on here by so many intelligent men and women it's a pleasure and privilege to be part of this wonderful family. Thank you Adam and staff I know you will put us on the right path. BELIEVE in YOURSELF. BELIEVE in the DINAR.
  6. heeper00

    Guru Dave Arnold Says RV Is Here.

    It's not a tumor it's a rumor. BELIEVE
  7. This guy was moved to defence sec besause he in favour with Tereasa May not because of his ability . The concervitives look after themselves thay are killing GB But most of all they are killing Scotland and stealing all their Natural resources ie OIL, GAS, and all they can take and give The Scots pennies in return . Scotland doesent know how much OIL and GAS they steel , All the British Gov are intrested in is keeping London supplied with the the cash from what they take from Scotland. They are that scared to loose the money that they resorted to fixing the Ref we had in 2014 if you look into it you will find it . The cannot br trusted with anything as long as the Rich get Richer . There is nothing wrong with being Rich after all thats what we are in this for BUT ITS NOT AT THE EXSPENCE OF OTHERS, here a DV we look after each other Go DV Go RV Go Beleive and respect each other
  8. If anyone can you can, everything you've done and are doing is helping myself and all the DV family stay positive dew to your hard work . On behalf of us all HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR . 2018 here's hoping. Wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR from BONNIE SCOTLAND . Cheers.
  9. 2018 could be a vintage year guy's, hope you all had a great Christmas day. Cheers.
  10. heeper00

    Adam Montana Weekly 20 December 2017 - delayed

    Hi this is to. Mr Adam Montana and Staff and ALL OF MY DV FAMILY WISHING all a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS DAY and all the BEST for 2018. from Heeper00 in BONNIE SCOTLAND have a we dram on me CHEERS
  11. Fantastic news keep POSITIVE and&_ BELIEVE my friends all the best from Bonnie SCOTLAND!!! Have a DRAM on ME.
  12. Excellent news he's doing the best he can with what he's got. BELIEVE.
  13. There nothing worse than a some one who thinks that can steal and take advantage of people lock these them up thay seem to think that are untouchable straight to jail with bread and water for the rest of there day's so that think twice about ripping off the poor and honest people of the world. Take care all. Be honest and BELIEVE .

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