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  1. Congratulations Mr Yoda. From Bonnie Scotland. Believe in Yourself Believe in DV & RV.
  2. Is this not where it all began (THE SILK ROAD) before all the crap that is breaking up our home in which we live and hopefully won't end due to GREED BY THE FEW. What goes around goes around. A SAYING FROM THE PEOPLE OF SCOTLAND that I believe you all know. Believe in Yourself Believe in DV and FAMILY.
  3. Always GREAT to hear positive news from ADAM and not the bull you hear from so called gurus. Thanks again ADAM. Believe in Yourself Believe in ADAM Believe in the RV
  4. A BIG thank you to yourself and staff. 📣 Cheer to all my DV FRIENDS BELIEVE.
  5. Advertise in the New York stock exchange they don't do that for no reason. Believe
  6. I believe I peace freedom fairness and love for all. Believe in Yourself Believe in RV Believe in ADAM MONTANA.
  7. The pieces are coming together my friend's Believe in Yourself. Believe in the RV.
  8. heeper00

    Go Iraq

    This amount of Iraq and international companies means the future is bright for your family and mine. Have a great weekend EVERYONE. BELIEVE.
  9. A great (wee) read as we say in SCOTLAND. Yes thing's are lining up nicely. BELIEVE.
  10. Thanks to you. Mr Adam Montana our futures are going from - to ++++. BELIEVE in YOURSELF. BELIEVE in the DINARVETS.
  11. Thank you Adam and all the team hard at work and helping all of us on DV to keep on the real and honest info available. BELIEVE in YOURSELF. BELIEVE in the DINAR.
  12. Happy Birthday my friend. Have a great year.
  13. Bang him up for all to see. That can only be a positive message to the world that this country is on the mend. Believe in Yourself. Believe in RV.
  14. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to YOU and ALL the STAFF at DV. HAVE A GREAT TIME. Believe in DINAR Believe in YOURSELF This goes for all of my friends here. LOVE and BEST WISHES from BONNIE SCOTLAND.
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