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  1. Cheers Mr Montana thank you for keeping us up to date, and a BIG shout out to all your staff. Believe in YOURSELF. Believe in the DINER.
  2. Thing's are looking unbelievable let's keep the good news coming and coming. Believe in YOURSELF. Believe in DV VETS.
  3. Hi Mr Montana and all the staff also all my friend's on DV. This is got me a bit better n the excited to say the least guy's. Believe in YOURSELF. Believe in RV Believe from b BONNIE SCOTLAND.
  4. Hi Mr Montana thanks for the up date things are looking up for all at DV. Hope you all have a great weekend. Believe in YOURSELF. Believe in the RV.
  5. Thing's are looking up keep positive and believe. Thank you Mr Montana. Believe in YOURSELF. Believe in RV.
  6. Thank you, Mr Montana feeling good about the RV just hearing on SKY NEWS. GB. there saying the Iraq government are talking about a basic wage for all it's people. HCL on it's way. Believe in YOURSELF. Believe in DV.
  7. My Condolences my friend, it's such a hard time, I have recently lost my father then my mum passed I know I'm lost after all my time was taken up with caring for them both and would not have had it any other way my friend. Get in touch if you want chat. Believe in YOURSELF. Believe in RV. Believe in the FUTURE.
  8. Thank you Adam keeping an eye on crypto made a good profit in last couple of weeks. believe in DVets. Believe in Yourself
  9. Cheers 🥂 Mr Montana that was just the pick me up I needed we all seem to be getting more positive keep it up. Believe in Adam. Believe in DV. Believe in Yourself.
  10. Is this not where it all began (THE SILK ROAD) before all the crap that is breaking up our home in which we live and hopefully won't end due to GREED BY THE FEW. What goes around goes around. A SAYING FROM THE PEOPLE OF SCOTLAND that I believe you all know. Believe in Yourself Believe in DV and FAMILY.
  11. Always GREAT to hear positive news from ADAM and not the bull you hear from so called gurus. Thanks again ADAM. Believe in Yourself Believe in ADAM Believe in the RV
  12. A BIG thank you to yourself and staff. 📣 Cheer to all my DV FRIENDS BELIEVE.
  13. Advertise in the New York stock exchange they don't do that for no reason. Believe
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