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  1. i figure its iran and a response is needed. how do they make sure it was iran? at least 2hrs have passed so if it is iran, return the fire power at least two fold
  2. i do not understand. they want the americans out. what about the iranians, shouldnt they want them out too. dont they want to rule themselves???
  4. not sure i understand. does this mean if i had rials i would have made some gains?
  5. maybe the kurds should be running things. the country would be further ahead. maybe there is jealousy of the kurds why they are given such a hard time by baghdad.
  6. it has been said that there is a 2018 budget surplus, it seems that if that is the case, this year would be the time to revalue
  7. oh boy. he wants a new ministry and of course he will want to head it that he can continue stealing from his people
  8. ididitfirst


    i have had mine for quite a while so they are not newly issued. i hope that does not mean that they are worthless.
  9. since so many believe in 'signs', its a pity they didnt use the blood moon as an omen. that would have been welcomed by my empty pockets.
  10. it would be nice if the inclusion week were to begin with the rv
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