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  1. ok. i think cancelling the auction is good for us. but dissolving parliament seems like its going back to zero or even into the minus column. does getting rid of parliament help with the rv? can someone please explain.
  2. Iraq"s central bank devalues dinar by 22% amid public anger holy cow. sounds as if it might only be good for wallpaper.please let it not be thus.
  3. adam, i am going to try to use what you said as a mantra. hopefully it will calm me down because yesterday when i read that they are thinking of devaluing the dianr my heart missed several beats. all i have is hope so, hoping that that is a huge smoke screen, go rv go rv go rv.
  4. After reading the article, please explain it for me. Does it mean it will be worth less than it did in 2003/4?.
  6. if i could find out which banks close to me have the 'de la rue' machine, i would open an account. i say this because i really dont want to let my dinar out of my sight. i hope when adam lets us know about where to 'cash in', there will be a long enough window so that i can do some checking. using a four letter word, i hope the 'rv' will be 'SOON'
  7. if he is not planing to stay there, iraq should deny him reentry and confiscate every thing he has.
  8. i figure its iran and a response is needed. how do they make sure it was iran? at least 2hrs have passed so if it is iran, return the fire power at least two fold
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