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  1. You are more naive than I thought--after all this time you don't get it - there is an obvious monetary agenda per each one of your exclusions mentioned below, they are making money while you are presenting an academia textbook synopsis which has no application in this well casted scenario....catch a cab to the real world, while they snicker at you. "Once again I'd like to thank thos who continue to apply themselves and provide solid research such as Kaperoni, Enorrste, Adam Montana, Tlar, Scooter EG, Stryker, Enoch8, Yota691, Proteus and some I'm sure I forgot." Read more: http://dinarvets.
  2. With all due attention to Steve's early April prognosis, I will find it much more intriguing to witness what will come from him anytime after April 15th. He stated very clearly that if there was no RV by April 15, 2013 there would be no chance of it happening at all this year after that date. You think he might have forgotten his relationship with the dinar sellers when he made that statement ? I assure you - that statement will not be adhered to by our favorite hypocritical zealot of high moral ground.
  3. I can only speak for myself, but I am fed up with the cop out of "treat as rumor" from the so called guru's passing on info from so called "reliable sources". If you have the ba**s to post info that you believe is coming from reliable sources than cut out the disclaimer and walk the talk yourself, otherwise keep the "reliable valuable info" to yourself as the BS it truly is. I don't care how high your source is, if you can't post without "treat as rumor" and take full responsibility yourself you are gutless and deserve zero credibility.
  4. I find it impossible to believe that ALL and I emphasize ALL Dinar site owners and gurus can't or won't fathom the impossible task of translating the Eastern Culture of business developments to the Western Culture frame of mind logic. Note-There are no such increments as promises, timeframes, committments, political arrangements, etc. in the Eastern Culture. This is a primitive and still existing culture which the neo-politically correct elite refuse to acknowledge and accept. The Eastern Culture will sell a family member for the right price with no ill conscience. Does that make your ligh
  5. How do you make this prediction in light of the recent economic/unemployment disaster status of your administration unless you have knowledge of an impending solution ? Obama: 2013 can be year of economic growth The president's optimistic weekly address comes alongside news that unemployment ticked up slightly and the economy shrank at an annual rate of 0.1 percent at the end of 2012. WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama says 2013 can be a year of solid economic growth, but only if Washington gets out of the way. In his weekly radio and Internet add
  6. Talk is cheap.....walk the talk or back off into your cowardly hole while your nemesis laughs at you for false bravado. That Bogart stuff doesn't sell in real life. Do it or shut up.
  7. Refreshing and introspective post.............appreciate the change of pace here.
  8. Wrong, CJ - a guru is defined as an Indian spiritual advisor in good faith - an ultimate irony and indication of the warped mentality widespread among most in this dinar internet world. How many pumpers that hide in cyberspace as gurus fit this description - my guess is zero, what say you ?
  9. Thanks for the post Wizard. It is truly refeshing to hear the IQD mentioned in a mainstream media source as opposed to the continuous litany of falsehoods from the Dinar site owners and their followers.
  10. I seriously hope you're not expecting a "yes" or "no" non-political answer - 'cause I guarantee you it ain't comin'
  11. I believe his first name is Lonnie - 69 years old from Oklahoma near Texas--lives by himself with two dogs. Contacts are supposedly from the oil industry and politicians--their actual degree of any viable info to him is highly questionable to say the least.
  12. Good luck with that !!! Many have attempted this over the past 8 years--none have succeeded. You must realize you're going up against many people who actually make a living by pumping dinar sales, selling dinars, selling ad space on their internet site, selling memberships, selling books, selling trusts, selling clothing apparel, etc. Take a look at the DD home page for example--you'll get the picture. As I said, good luck with your impossible dream.
  13. This has happened several times before--whenever Ali whispers some sweet nothings to Roger, he reacts like a teenage boy just reaching puberty. There is nothing to get excited about, simply a boy infatuated with his idol.
  14. Only two questions here, Bulldog - when should we expect to start seeing more than two numbers to the right of the decimal point (ala Okie, Frank, Tony) ? and how long thereafter before you disappear due to an inanely numerical high percentage under 100% ?
  15. If you open a dictionary to the word "oxymoron", after the definition, this is the probable example of case in point - "CREDIBLE INTEL OUT OF THE IRAQI PARLIAMENT" * Posted by Ghost on OOM saying small Demons bills and coins will be released on MON: Dinar Recaps 8/4/11 August 4th, 2011 04:35 pm · Posted in DOOZIES THIS IS CREDIBLE INTEL OUT OF THE IRAQI PARLIMENT – SMALL DENOMINATION BILLS AND COINS WILL BE RELEASED ON MONDAY – CANNOT RELEASE SOURCE AND PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS – I WILL NOT BE ANSWERING QUESTIONS ON THIS BUT IT IS REAL OR I WOULD NOT POST IT HERE FOR YOU – I HATE THE ROLLE
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