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  1. I wasn't clear on if Adam was saying that he is too busy and can't do his update during the week anymore and is going to do it on weekends. Or if he is saying that on some weekends he will post. I just wasn't clear.
  2.خلاف-جديد-أرجأ-مناقشتها-?fbclid=IwAR38D4ez9R7pYwrRd7NIDqoJ4QBE8Nor5dJIRXFwevyOaQJ5FPAG-QxdF1Y A new disagreement has postponed discussion.. The Baghdad and Erbil negotiations have kept the 2021 budget out of the government's last session..... This, today, December 16th, 2020
  3. Adam, I think you might be not understanding the price of oil. There are many different types of oil around the world. Some oils are much cleaner and lighter to use and take less work to turn into fuel. The $60 mark for the price of a barrel of oil that you are quoting is WTI Crude. This stands for West Texas. You will see when you look up the prices of oil that they usually speak of WTI and Brent Crude. Brent Crude is worth currently $68.39 per barrel of oil. Iraq's oil isn't quite as valuable as Brent (which stands for oil extracted from the North Sea)
  4. I don't know Adam, on this one, I believe Facebook is a big deal. There are 190 countries on Facebook and many of these countries elections are determined, not by due process but brought about by what is happening and being said on Facebook. Has it affected the US... I don't have that answer. But many of these small countries it surely has consequences. Now, what may happen in Syria by the US.... this IS big news and you are spot on.
  5. What happened Adam... you stated that you would come back and answer questions?
  6. What are your thoughts on: if Maliki gets re-elected? Will there be an RV? What about if Kurdistan breaks away from Iraq? They can maintain on their own very easily. It would hurt Iraq if they break away and Kurdistan could print their own currency. If they do break away from Iraq, what are your thoughts on whether an RV could happen. I know that I am looking at Maybe's but one needs to make plans and be prepared for what comes down the road. I am not trying to be pessimistic. I have been in this for 4 years, I have seen budgets come and go, I have seen so many times that many people thou
  7. Saudi Arabia's currency is kept low and all oil is traded in petro dollars so the Saudi's with oil money get paid in US dollars. All the citizens of Saudi Arabia are kept using their own currency which is very low. What is your opinion on Iraq doing the same thing. The wealthy get richer and all other citizens are stuck with a currency that has little value. Cannot Iraq keep this going for years to come? I get the theory that they want outside investments from around the world…. but maybe the leaders of Iraq don't really care as long as they maintain their power and money.
  8. I guess, that I would like to add into this equation that people do PAY for this membership site. I can see when questions aren't answered that one might be upset. This is NOT a free site. Can be if you don't want to be a member. But, when one does pay, you tend to want to have your questions answered. I feel that this is only fair.
  9. I know Adam that you have always stated that you expect the dinar to RV at a rate of about $.10. Everyone states that Iraq is so rich and has the 3rd or 2nd (depends on which article that you read) largest oil reserves in the world. So, due to this huge wealth, you will read expectations of an RV for anywhere from $1 to $3.86. Actually, there are many other guesses printed out there but what I am showing seems to be the majority. So, my question is this, when you look up the value of the money in Saudi Arabia, their currency (the Riyal) is equal to $.27 US Dollar. We all know how wealthy the
  10. Morning. My question is about investing in Dinar verses investing in the Iraqi Stock Exchange. I was curious as to whether or not it is a better investment as per taxes if one invested in the Iraq Stock Market. This way, when the RV happens, one wouldn't have to cash out, they could just sell off their stocks as then need the cash. With the Dinar, one will have to take it to the bank and cash out. Just curious as to if there is an advantage of being invested in Iraq over cashing out of dinar? Thanks
  11. Hi Adam, I have been reading on the smart card in Iraq. From what I have read, the use of the smart card will actually nullify the need for cash. People will pay their bills with the smart card. They will use the smart card to buy and pay for anything that they need. The card keeps complete track of their bank accounts, debts etc. So, by implementing the smart card... there won't be a huge need for cash money. So my question is, could this be why all of the dinar are being removed from the marketplace? We have been reading about removal of the dinar and the shortage. People tie this to the RV.
  12. Hi Adam, I was wondering about the elections that are to happen in Iraq in April. If these term limits do go in effect, doesn't that mean that Maliki will not be able to run? Is this the election for the Prime Minister? Thanks,
  13. RobLe


    Hi Adam, I was wondering about the elections that are to happen in Iraq in April. If these term limits do go in effect, doesn't that mean that Maliki will not be able to run? Is this the election for the Prime Minister? Thanks,
  14. Hi Adam, my question is: How is it that Iraq has been removing large Dinar notes for some time now in preparation for revaluing their currency and we here in the US have endless supplies. We can go to any of MANY banks and private companies and purchase the large denomination Iraq Dinar? Each day in the US the word gets out and more and more people are purchasing the Iraq Dinar. It is as though there is an endless supply here in the United States. This just doesn't make sense to me. Can you explain this? Thanks
  15. I know that I started the thread, but I just heard that in the english translation, it states that Maliki resigned, but I am on a call where someone else just stated that he has had someone that reads arabic read the article and in Arabic, it states that he MAY resign. So, if anyone can confirm this it would be appreciated. Thanks.
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