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  1. I said my piece and will not dwell on the subject.
  2. Man I can't believe anyone would follow these nuts, they've gone off the deep end.
  3. This decision was made long before Biden was elected, in fact they more or less told trump to go p**s up a tree. I also read that GM is moving 3 plants into Mexico. I don't know why Biden is blamed for things that happened before. Trumps gone accept the facts.
  4. Try holding down the Crl key and the Arrow key above it at the same time and then press N
  5. Well if I'm not mistaken one of the main reasons for joining this site was that Adam was supposed to have arranged preferable cash in rates with institutions in different countries.
  6. There seems to be a lot of uncertainty, why doesn't Adam come on and give us his opinion and some possibilities for those that are not going off shore.
  7. Well that answer didn't enlighten me, I asked about the Dong not the US political problems.
  8. I haven't heard anything about the Dong for a long time, is it still in play?
  9. I don't know where you are getting your info, but nothing is happening in Canada.
  10. wizard1


    Just paste it on your wall, why would anyone bother to steal waste paper.
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