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  1. So we won't get as much as we thought 1000,000 dinar divided by 1200 = $833,000 us $'s
  2. I don't know about you guys but I can't see any denomination on those bills.
  3. My late wife has a birthday April 13 and along with the heart I drew on the calendar I also put RV. For some reason I think she might send a gift from above.
  4. Adam, do you think the 10 billion dollar chinese credit deal might be the trigger that we have been waiting for?
  5. You can't even get the date and day right.
  6. I keep reading about these 800#S but Adam never mentions them, so should I assume that they are bs and have nothing to do with the rv.
  7. A brief introduction to the QFS (Quantum Financial System) and its supporting Quantum Computer. Naturally the concept of a system holding the accounts of the world’s population is awesome and raises a number of practical questions and concerns that will only be addressed when we experience the system in real time. Obviously the QFS is totally reliant on the Quantum Computer to process transactions between accounts and we are yet to hear of any performance statistics, so we quote the following which we expect the Quantum Computer to leave in the starting blocks, figuratively speaking. China has had the fasted supercomputer in the world for a number of years but the USA have just unveiled their new supercomputer named ‘Summit’. Summit is located at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee and now holds the world record of 200 Quadrillion (200,000,000,000,000,000) calculations per second. With the current World population of 7.6 Billion as at May 2018, source Wikipedia, one could hypothesize that Summit could perform 26,315,789.5 calculations for each of us PER SECOND so the capability of QFS supported by Summit even could run the new financial structure, and the technology is available now. It has been obvious for a number of years that we need a change and to be brought up to speed in a new largely digital financial environment. Let us embrace it, not fear it, because we are told it will be brought into play without impinging excessively on our current way of doing things and because so much planning has gone into bringing us to this point.
  8. I sure hope I am still alive when and if it ever happens.
  9. Maybe someone can come up with an answer to this question. Vietnam has been running the country and trading with the world for a very long time using a dong that is worth less than the dinar and they too have minerals and oil so why can't Iraq run the country with the value as it is. I am just posing this question as a concern I want a rv as much as anyone else but you never know.
  10. Adam, I'm wondering if your answer is a slip of your tongue and maybe you know more than you are letting on. I doubt we will have local branches at the time we actually want to cash in, so that's kind of a moot consideration at this time.
  11. “(Vietnam) does have one of the region’s fastest growing economies Hello Adam, if the above is true then the country is doing quit well with the present value of the Dong and yes there is poverty and it will always exist in these countries. So with Iraq being oil and mineral rich maybe they have decided to live with the present value forever. If Vietnam can do it why can't Iraq. I don't like this possibility but we have to face reality. What say you.
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