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    If you're reading this, then you're officially a dinar addict.

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  1. I can understand where you're coming from and you make a good point. But it's not about me, there's nothing special about my vocabulary and I make grammatical errors all the time. This was more in response to those who don't have respect for the English language or great minds of the past. Geniuses whose diction I can barely even comprehend. I have always been fascinated by truly talented people like Telsa, Einstein, Mark Twain, Davinici etc. and am frustrated that so much of that seems to be less and less important. Improper grammar is even preferred in many areas. Probably one reason I
  2. My response to a DD forum member/group discussion. I would love to hear some feedback from DV members letting me know if I'm being too critical or if it is something you have considered as well. Thanks. Stevecrb99: Spare us your from your feeble attempt to use big words. SWFG: Hello Steve, the problem with this generation (among other things) is they don't feel the need to use good grammar and spelling anymore and this is in part bolstered by pop culture. Using proper grammar, spelling and punctuation in your writing can tell a person a lot about you. I believe it's somethi
  3. Well-said Nelg and thank you. I thought I was gonna wake up this morning to a million angry people attacking me. I can't handle that before my coffee. Good luck with your sermon buddy.
  4. I just had this very discussion after reading 12thman's latest post. Please understand that I am very respectful of and support everyone's right to their faith. That's one of the things that makes this country great and what I'm about to comment on is in no way an attack against Christianity or any other religion for that matter. My Dad wrote the book Collapse of Evolution, has a PHD and has lectured all over the country in support of Christianity but approaches proving creationism from a scientific point of view. My Mom is one of the leading Christian artists in the world and has been
  5. I would love to continue this conversation but frankly you don't seem to be capable of asseverating your opinions in a civil matter and honestly it's not going to be constructive to this forum if we continue what is clearly something not headed in the direction of a friendly repartee and I don't want to say something I know I'll regret later. So I wish you the best and you are certainly entitled to your opinion that we will never prosper from this and you are here wasting your time. So, have a great night Skeptic.
  6. Response to Skeptic: First of all, thank you for taking the time to compose a well-thought out response. However, we do seem to be going in circles here but I'll do my best to elaborate on some very labyrinthine topics you raised. 1. That is correct (in part) I did pass along a claim backed up by several articles and see no reason why I should have refrained from doing so. Gold is the most valuable thing in the world, the reason being it is not going to lose its value in the near future, and even during inflation, the prices of gold go up. Fiat money often loses its value in the long r
  7. Skeptic I asked you a few questions. I was kind enough to answer yours. Are you unwilling to answer mine?
  8. Bumper I swear that is the most judicious thing I have ever heard anyone say in Dinar Land. Thank You. How bout some really good sushi?
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