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  1. @Charlie Echo You are VIP and OSi, so your question is very confusing to me. Can you elaborate a little bit on your question please? Are you asking if you should go looking for a bank NOW that will exchange your dinar? If so, I mean no disrespect, but all VIP'rs and OSI members should know Adam's answer to that question. So please help me out here on the confusion.
  2. Okay, that's enough. No paperperson, papergirl, no newsie, nothing along those lines. I'm good with paperboy. I'm in my 70's and even paperman doesn't sound right. So let's stick with the original, ok? It's been paperboy most of my life, so I'm too old to start changing now.
  3. Thuggie - I think you lighten the atmosphere a WHOLE lot more than I do. And just for the record, I don't ever want anyone to call me PAPERPERSON! Ain't happening!
  4. @PrehistoricMan I'm hoping that EVERYONE that reads my post will start being nicer and interact with respect, not only in this forum, but in others also. I know Synopsis reads both threads, and I'm thinking he'll follow thru with my request We'll all adults, and tensions and passions for each individual's thoughts are running high during this time. Everyone needs to take a deep breath and think before their fingers start moving on the keyboard. Thanks in advance to everyone on here.
  5. To clarify, no name calling - on either side of the political spectrum. Name calling is not a left or right thing, it's rude, crude, impolite, and sometimes down right abusive. So can all of you adults try to play nice with each other?
  6. @md11fr8dawgThis is a warning - no name-calling allowed. Disagree and discuss all you want. But keep it civil.
  7. @DinarThug Welcome back! Looks like the chilling out did you a world of good - you're back in full force! Yay!!!
  8. @Engine1 You are correct that if you aren't VIP or you haven't subscribed to the text service that Adam offers. I think it was a one-time $9.95 to get your cell phone listed to receive a text from Adam when it RV's. If you haven't done that, I highly suggest you jump on board with that text service. Once it RV's, all bets are off. Heck, this site may not even be up. The VIP'rs will all have access to another site that Adam has arranged. So, check that out. Here's a link to get the $9.95 service to receive the text. Must be a cell phone, no landlines. It's in the
  9. @Gypsygirl11 I recommend you cut out the insults you are throwing around. Your attitude is not acceptable, so either adjust it or find somewhere else to sling things around.
  10. All of you guys that are asking questions, wanting more info, etc on crypto coins, you need to jump into the VIP section. Seriously! We have an entire forum on crypto currencies with quite a few very experienced, very knowledgeable members posting in there and answering questions. If you're wanting to jump in, being in that forum is PRICELESS! Seriously! Here's a link that takes you to the VIP signup. I hope it works.
  11. Wow, what part of HCL do you guys not get? That's the next important step to us getting our long-awaited RV of the dinar. Maybe there's no specific news coming out of Iraq about the RV, but there's always lots of news happening. go HCL HCL HCL
  12. @barryevans I've moved your thread/question into the Iraq & Dinar Related News forum. If you want to ask Adam a direct question, you can post a question in his latest Chat Thread. Please don't start new threads in the Chat Logs area - these are reserved for Adam's Chats. Thank you. PS I also removed your personal email address from your post. It's not a good idea to post personal info where others can see it. Just for your security.
  13. Yay! @Markinsa - I knew you or TG would come along & getter done! Thanks!
  14. @Artitech Sorry I know it's confusing. This thread is in the Questions and Tech Support Forum. This isn't for personal support for any questions you may have about your account, VIP, etc. If you are on a computer, there's a menu across the top of every page. If you scroll up to the top of the page, the Support tab is the third one from the left (at least on my computer). Now, if I'm on DV on my iphone, there's no menu across the top. (not sure what device you are using) But, there's three lines on the far right top of my screen on the phone. Click on those three little lines &
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