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  1. RodandStaff - sorry about that. I guess I misunderstood what you were thinking. That's what i get for assuming. And yes, we are a big, tight family here. And what affects one of us, affects most of us. Prayers for Mammaw and this dear friend's family.
  2. RodandStaff - I think you're taking this post wrong. I think it was Mammaw that posted a dear friend of hers passed away on Saturday. Not Mammaw herself. Is that how you're reading this? Mammaw - speak up loud & clear so R&S won't be sad!
  3. Welcome. There’s lot of invaluable info on this site. And with your background, hopefully you can add to that. Looking forward to hearing from you. Jump in! 😊
  4. KristiD - Domino8 is now showing as VIP, so he/she should be able to access the VIP forums now. So, Domino8, jump in and start reading. Lots of interesting info in there - dive in.
  5. manifestaton - your email is showing as Adam recommends that we use a gmail account - those seem to filter less and more of his info gets thru.
  6. Not sure why you weren't seeing them in the past, but being a member here, and not joining VIP, you'll have the pleasing honor of seeing the ads. The VIP members don't see the ads, because they are helping to support this site by their VIP membership fees. However, the ads that non-VIP members are seeing also help Adam pay for this site. Nothing with any value comes free.
  7. LOL - It's about time we had some healthy FUN discussions & disagreements around here. Yes, dressing is definitely OUTSIDE the bird! (inside it gets too soupy). And it's gotta have celery! And alot of other goodies too. Happy Thanksgiving to All, regardless of where you stuff your dressing. 😍
  8. How about another subject to disagree (discuss) about? Stuffing vs Dressing? I vote for dressing. If you live in the south anywhere, I'm pretty sure dressing is the preferred choice. LOL Lets take a vote.
  9. Poor Chuck. He gets beat up on no matter what the subject. There's someone out there that just really LOVES him! I give him a green emerald any time I can. Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  10. Very nice thought, but programming the site? Wouldn't that cost lots of moolah?
  11. I'm coming late to the thread, but I also want to say Thanks to all of our great vets and the sacrifices they and their families make for our freedoms. LGD, great thread! Thanks for doing this.
  12. Skim, yes the live chat room is no longer available. However, Adam does a "chat" once a week and you can find it under the Chat Logs. You can post questions there for Adam to answer or address on a weekly basis. And welcome back. You've got a lot of catching up to do. Here's a link to the Chat Logs:
  13. DFlat7 - glad to hear that help is coming your way. But in the future, please don't post personal info such as this in the open forums. Go to the top of any page & hit the Support tab in the menu and send Adam's office a message (which creates a support ticket).
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