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  1. paperboy

    Adam Montana thoughts on this Anonymous video?

    I moved this to World Economy - not sure where this should go, but definitely not in the Chat Logs.
  2. paperboy

    support trouble

    Then use that area to send her a message & ask about the paperwork. That's the fastest way to get an answer from her. So glad it worked!
  3. paperboy

    support trouble

    OLEARY, If you will look at your post just above here that you just made. Look at your first line - over on the right where you typed "still can't access the support site". Do you see that the word support is in blue? If so, there is a link tied to that word and all you have to do is click on it. It will take you directly to your support area. Any messages you may have received from Julie will be there. The most recent is on top. When I click on it, here's what I see. You should be able to get there as well - from anything - phone, ipad,computer, etc. Here's a picture of what I see when I click support:
  4. paperboy

    support trouble

    Thanks, guys, for the tips. Hopefully, OLEARY will now be able to get this done.
  5. paperboy

    support trouble

    From messages that I've had with OLEARY, the Support tab doesnt show on his iPAD at all. Therefore, he can't open the Support tab to interact with Julie. Are there any suggestions on how to get around this issue and still get the needed 'proof of address' to Julie ? Any feedback is much appreciated
  6. paperboy

    Adam Montana 19 December 2018

    Hey guys, I clicked on it and it takes me to my support page, which is what its supposed to do. So it must be fixed by AM's tech dept
  7. paperboy

    Adam Montana 19 December 2018

    I'm sorry, everyone, but I just have to say that I can't believe some idiot had the nerve to give Adam a ruby for his weekly chat/post! Unbelievable. Seriously! Adam works extremely hard keeping all of us up to date of whatever news is out there. And he brings it to us honestly and unbiased. Whoever did that - just so you know, Adam can tell who's giving out rubies. If I were you, I'd go remove that ruby pretty quick. If you don't like what anyone posts, then just skip over it and move on. Easy to do (well, for most of us, it's easy). Just stop being childish! And a Merry Christmas to all of you guys!
  8. paperboy

    Adam Montana 21 November 2018

    Well, Thanksgiving Day is almost over and I’m resting in my recliner, tummy full of tryptophan, fat and 😃 happy. Blessings to every one of my DV’r friends and family in here.
  9. paperboy

    Adam Montana 7 November 2018

    NevadaSam - there are other dinar sites? Who knew?????
  10. paperboy

    IBC Paperwork/ upgrade

    UTfan, update available? I’m clueless. Did I miss something?
  11. paperboy

    VIP Cheat Sheet

    Superchief, I'm going to ask you what Adam will probably ask you - what do you mean by "cannot get the computer to accept my info". Explain a little more & maybe Adam can help you next time he comes by here.
  12. paperboy

    Adam Montana Weekly 26 September 2018

    I thought I was being nice! Now go get your sense of humor out of the car - you must have left it there with your Umbrella! (I'm just so witty these days, aren't I? )
  13. paperboy

    Adam Montana Weekly 26 September 2018

    Of course, renomac. We ALL know exactly when the RV is going to happen, it's just that our crystal balls are all a little bit fuzzy right now. As soon as the clouds part & I can read my crystal ball, I'll be right back to give you a date. And if we're all lucky, I'll get a rate also. LOL (sorry for the humor, I just couldn't resist).
  14. Preferably under the Warka section please. that keeps everything sorted out & organized. You can post it here and I can then move it into the Warka section (or any of the other mods that come across it first.)
  15. paperboy

    Adam Montana Weekly 29 August 2018

    Adam, if you're going to come back here tomorrow morning with an RV announcement, we'll gladly give you that extra time! Yay!

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