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  1. @Floridian - If you are a VIP member at the time the RV occurs, you will receive information directly from Adam about where to cash in LOCALLY. VIP doesn't involve traveling out of the country. from your name, I'm assuming you are in Florida? If so, there will be plenty of choices in your home state to go cash in locally. Only the OSI members may (or may not) want to travel out of the country. Even with OSI, it's still not mandatory to travel out of the country. Adam has several different plans in place to fit pretty much everyone's situation. But I highly recommend becoming
  2. @psdon I gave you another +. We couldn't have you hanging around here with a 666 - just wouldn't do!
  3. @ChiefT I edited your post to remove your personal phone number. I also checked your profile, and that same phone # is listed on your profile. Probably not a good idea to post any personal info on here. But as far as the text message from Adam, you should be good to go. Just be sure to keep your VIP membership up to date.
  4. That @TexasGrannyis something else, isn't she? Kudos to her! 🥰
  5. @tjokie You're asking me? Ya done done it! So, no asking me (did you get reported to the PTB?) My answer would have been - keep the pup off the keyboard! LOL Then there would have been no Pissed On nor Pissed off to deal with! And the laptop would still be working. Hahaha
  6. @justchecking123 Olivesman is correct. The VIP cash in guide is referring to domestic banks. Not to anything overseas. Or offshore banking.
  7. @bmam1956 - you need to send a support ticket and ask for help there. It's at the top of each page - just click on Support and send in your request to Julie. She'll get things figured out for you.
  8. Gotcha! Thanks Mark. I’m slowly learning new things. I’m just hoping I’m learning more than I’m forgetting daily.
  9. thanks to you both! I'm a little slow these days & techy challenged. LOL (now I'll go crawl back under my rock).
  10. @Adam Montana there also used to be an "Edit" button at the bottom of each post, but now that is gone. Or at least I'm not seeing it.
  11. nannab - from this point of view, your screen name is bold black. Very legible. BUT the "Platinum VIP" underneath is in yellow - and apparently all "Platinum VIP" labels are in that yucky yellow. Adam is aware of it and is hopefully changing it. To anything but PINK! LOL
  12. @Markinsa from where I'm sitting, your name is in bold black. But the "Platinum VIP" underneath is in yellow. Looks like alot of them are yellow. And pretty inpossible to read with my "aging eyes".
  13. LGD, so so sorry to hear this news. There are no words that will help, only God's love and peace that will comfort you. I also have lost a child but I won't say that I know what you are feeling. We all have to go thru this in our own way. And lean on God to help you understand. You do have joy knowing that she's with Jesus, but it still hurts to not have her in your arms. Many tears for you, my friend.
  14. Cathy123, sandy paws is correct. But if you go to the last page of each topic, that will give you the most recent post in that thread. I don’t recommend starting there, however. Starting with older posts In each thread and read down is the best way to get yourself up to speed. Happy reading!
  15. Please post all questions, comments & answers in the Warka Bank thread. That way everyone looking for info can find it in the proper place. Thanks much.
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