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  1. Happy Memorial Day everyone. Enjoy tomorrow & remember our fallen heroes!
  2. @nstoolman1 - I was thinking like you're thinking at first. I followed Markinsa's instructions but couldn't see the gear either. UNTIL I actually clicked on the photos. And then, ah ha, there was the gear (and other things too). Give it a try - actually clicking on the photo. I've learned something new - but that doesn't mean I'll remember it a few days from now. LOL @markinsa - thanks for the new info.
  3. I'm totally confused about this video. Can someone put it in plain language - what it is, how it was passed, was it actually passed, go into effect where, etc - here in US? PS does this belong here? In rumors? Fact? Fiction?
  4. Hearts - no bicycles for me. We've upgraded to motorcyles & segways. We can be much more accurate that way - especially when we're aiming for the puddles in certain driveways.
  5. LOL - you got me on that one! I promise I'm not in your front yard peeing on your driveway. It's gotta be the "pissed off" people about the fake news.
  6.’ve got me all wrong. I don’t aim for the roof or under your car. Nooooo way. My favorite place for revenge is in the puddle of water on your driveway. And my aim is spot on. 🤪
  7. Are you serious? Another one has resigned and we have ANOTHER PM in iRAQ? Seriously? For real? Thugs, you wouldn't clown around about this, now would you? And did someone REALLY give King Bean a red ruby for the funny joke he posted? Boy, things are really getting messed up around here. Com'on guys, stop it!
  8. JohnIII - if you're asking how to pay the annual $25 fee for your Name Reserve, go to the top of any screen, click on Store, then OSI Products, then you'll choose the Name Reservie Annual Fee $25.00 and enter your information there. I hope that helps.
  9. dinarRama11 - I've moved this thread to RV & Dinar Questions since it's a completely new thread. Chat Logs forum is for Adam's chat logs. If you'd like, post your question in his most recent Chat Log thread and maybe he'll respond. Thanks.
  10. Both of you guys are killing me tonight! My sides are hurting. 🤣
  11. I'm locking this thread. It went way off base - this is not the place to debate US political issues or elections. Iraq News goes here. Sorry, Pitcher, you started this off in the right direction, but it got high-jacked.
  12. Oops - the link at the beginning of this thread doesn't work. Let me see where else I can find it. Okay, here's a ink to the Cash in Guide that Adam has posted. I'm hoping this will work. It's actually in the "Store" (see menu items at top of every page) but the cost is $0.00. So, that means everyone can get it for free.
  13. thankins - you have alot of great thoughts & information you're bringing to this thread. We need to hear more from you in the future. I like what you're contributing.
  14. RodandStaff - sorry about that. I guess I misunderstood what you were thinking. That's what i get for assuming. And yes, we are a big, tight family here. And what affects one of us, affects most of us. Prayers for Mammaw and this dear friend's family.
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