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  1. Normally, since this thread is in Adam's chat forum, I would come along and lock it. But, you guys are having so much fun reminiscing about the past and dreaming about the future that I'm leaving it alone for now. LOL Carry on.......😀
  2. @yota691 First, I'd like to apologize to you. You are spending hours & hours of your personal time to bring us news that pertains to the Iraq/Iran area, and then the bickering starts. To everyone else - this thread is NOT the place for all of this bickering, bantering back & forth, and mud slinging. STOP hi-jacking Yota's news threads. Either post something constructive or don't post at all. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! CUT IT OUT - LIKE A BUNCH OF LITTLE KIDS IN HERE. STAY ON TOPIC!!!!!
  3. Adam will do his updates when he has something to tell us. They may or may not be on the weekend, they may or may not be weekly. We are all just glad when we get info from him. Locking this thread - Adam has posted a chat.
  4. @DinarThug Happy Birthday, my dear clown! Just 60? My you're just a youngster. May you have many more Happy BD's!
  5. @Artitech There are lots of countries that use the USD as their official currency, such as Ecuador, British Virgin Islands, Turks & Caicos, El Salvador. I'm not sure they need any approval from the US to do this. There's also lots of countries that use the USD along side their own currency, such as Bahamas, Panama, Belize, Costa Rica. I'm sure there's many more than what I've listed.
  6. You got me there! If he's deleting the zeroes, he can ride in all the circles he wants to! Go Clown, Go!
  7. @dinarthug BUT can you ride a straight line on it? Going in circles won't get the job done. Work on that please, before my next vacation.
  8. @DinarThug Ouch! When I got back from vacation, I saw that Weegie was walking very gingerly up to my front door (to get his pay for sub'g for me), but he didn't tell me that he completely flipped out on me. Of course, I should have known he did. My phone was being blown up by customers gripping about not getting their paper. He's just NO GOOD as a sub. I'll have to hire you next time. LOL Do you have a bicycle?
  9. Here's a link to an news article talking about Iraq wanting to eventually move to an electronic banking service and away from a cash economy. What's everyone's thoughts about this going forward? Will it have any effect on the RV'g of the dinar, good or bad? Before the RV? After the RV? I'm posting this for a friend/fellow DV member - we'd both like any feedback on this article please. New electronic banking service seeks to move Iraq away from cash economy 07-02-2021 Fazel Hawramy
  10. @Floridian and @Synopsis - let's not let things get too heated in this thread. Floridian, as shown above, Synopsis has tried to apologize and explain his comments. So just accept that and move on. Let's keep in civil in here - Thanks for the understanding.
  11. Just watched it. Amazing, eye opening, I hope it opens the right doors and windows. Solid proof. BUT I’m afraid the liberals will still yell “lies”. You can’t comvince people that are that closed minded!
  12. @Markinsa - WOW! Just WOW! I watched the entire thing and that is the most impelling thing I've ever seen. I can't wait until tomorrow - Noonish to 2 pm for this info to be released. Thanks for posting this!
  13. Thuggie, I bought most of mine from Okie, and he flew off in his plane before I could get a receipt. So, there's no paperwork to find. Oopsy! I'm not losing sleep over it. Does anyone ever have to prove where they got their "USD" from? (well, unless you're a drug dealer and get stopped with $100,000 cash and about 20 lbs of cocaine) LOL Then they might ask you.
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