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  1. Shedagal, I sincerely apologize if I’ve offended any of the ladies on here. That wasn’t my intention but I can see how my comment could and apparently did, land a little abusively. My sincerest apology
  2. I have a very important question: just how many dongs are you guys holding? 🤪
  3. Kristi, yes you’re right. It is now in the rumors section. However when I made that post it wasn’t. One of the other mods must have moved it into here. Thanks.
  4. Link please? Otherwise, this needs to be in the Rumors section.
  5. Artitech, are you using the support tab at the top of the page? And sending Julie messages thru the support page? And when answering her, are you sending responses back to her thru the support tab? What kind of problems are you having? I've found when I use the support tab, she answers very promptly. Give us a little more info on your issue.
  6. No grass growing under your feet......ahhhh, I meant still water under your boat. 😊
  7. Caye, good to hear from you. And it's great news that you're doing well & hopefully staying dry. Keep the salt dry for those margaritas.
  8. Chuck, someone keeps nipping at your heels with those rubies. I gave you an emerald to help level you out.
  9. Miamiheatnic in my opinion, as long as the currency is in decent condition, I don’t think it will matter whether it’s circulated or not. An exception to that would be tattered or bills in really poor condition. Banks or dealers may refuse to accept them. JMO.
  10. JayHenley - or click here to see a log of all the weekly chats. Start reading & catch up.
  11. Here's a link to Adam's Cash In Guide - however, it's only available to VIP members. Another great reason to join VIP. Just hit the "Store" button at the top & you can become a VIP member easy peasy.
  12. I don’t think the mods (being one but I’m not 100% sure) can delete an account. And it’s against the rules to have two accounts. Use the support tab to create a support ticket for Adam or Julie to see the proper way to handle this.
  13. Thanks to all of you that responded. I guess since I'm usually always signed in, I never get to see those "12 free" views. What a great reason to join & stop being a "guest".
  14. Ok,at the risk of sounding dumb, what is the 12 page view?
  15. Adam is keeping us guessing - just like the RV is!
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