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  1. labdog


    Idiots😊 All around....
  2. The same offer applies when you drive through Ontario! Stop in for a visit with Labdog.
  3. Hello Adam from Canada😉 My plan is to cash in at the Chase Bank downtown Chicago and my Wife will cash in somewhere near or in Toromto. Do we need seperate VIP cirtificates or will a copy suffice? Also, check out Crypterium CRPT! you might like what the crypto bank is doing!
  4. Hello Adam, Can you tell me your opinion regarding the IQD at this time? We know that the GOI has 50000 notes for larger financial transactions. This move is designed to eliminate the use of USD. Following the 50K note they will also print a 100K note for later in 2016 or 2017 and for the same purpose. Do you believe that the oil hoarding manipulators will allow for an RV when they can continue to accumulate Oil futures contracts and options at a lower premium for now while paying less for physical storage and make a killing on oil later when they sell it back to us at a huge profit? Bottom line, are costs lower for pre RV operators in Iraq? I bet they are!
  5. That's the kind of news to keep them excited! Keep it positive and Go RV! Thank you kindly Adam!
  6. Umbertino is right! $840 per million. My memory is close but no cigar.... Yes I do have 50's and they are fine where I keep them! I guess this is not a rumour?
  7. I recently visited a Currency Exchange service in Guelph because the USD/CAD exchange was offered at a better spread than the banks! Looking over the menu I found the Iraqi Dinar. I was told they would buy IQD at $840 CAD and sell at $1400 CAD proving a huge spread. I said I had 300 (50 Dinar) notes and they said they would either buy 300 for maybe $18 or exchange for larger notes. I was not interested in purchasing or selling however, it is nice to know a service in place that will do so!
  8. Let me guess? Are we any closer to an RV are we being taken advantage of? It seems like the potential RV in the IQD has spawned organizations like this to develop and followers like us to spend more money to protect what we all believe (May) happen. No disrespect intended but it does make one think. So many 1000's VIP at $$$ not to mention OSI etc. It's been a good run even without an RV. For me personally, the entertainment value following this speculative expenditure is worth every penny. Keep up the good work. Dazzle us and get us excited to maintain enthusiasm. TOPIC MOVED FROM CHAT TO OPINIONS - Mod. Caye98
  9. Best news we have received recently on thi site. Thank you.
  10. Hello Adam, Can you give us the details of your excitment from two weeks ago ?
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