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    san antonio Tx
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    making money, retiring early & my wife and I exploring America. Add new motor home and new Harley as of --.

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  1. MM 7-30-21 11 28 34 45 68 MB = 22 PB 7-31-21 04 12 27 47 62 PB = 20
  2. MM 7-23-21 11 28 34 45 68 MB = 22 PB 7-24-21 04 12 27 47 62 PB = 20
  3. Thanks all. I just turned 61 in May. In a lot of pain, still swollen, which is expected. Running a low grade fever. We don't bounce back quickly like we used to. Pain meds working, takes the edge off. Got a lot of positive vibes from the posts. Thank you. 🙏 Here's hoping for a win tonight.
  4. MM 7-6-2021 11 28 34 45 68 MB = 22 PB 7-7-2021 04 12 27 47 62 PB = 20 *could use a win today/tomorrow, just had my rt-knee scoped, torn meniscus, gonna be out of work awhile 🙏
  5. C'mon people quit beating the the guy up or anyone for that matter when asked about Adam and his reassuring chats. Tensions are high, I get it. He just asked a simple question. Adam alway's gave weekly chat's and yes spoiled a lot of us. It was great to here from him. Concern is logical. We have all been on this ride too long. There's enough BS in this world with our current political state. Just my 2 cents but do unto others as the good book says, funny coming from an Irish sinner like me but just seems we are snapping at each other alot. Let's all enjoy a grand fourth of July and be thankful. Life is short. jmo... 🙏
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