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  1. Is Kap full of Crap or what? One minute it's happening , the next he's a Debbie downer. jmo. I'm goin to bed. Thanks Ron. One day. Go Hope Go RV 🙏
  2. 18 30 36 42 62 MB = 12 MM 02/25/20 $ 04 12 27 47 62 PB = 20 PB 02/26/20 $
  3. Awwww poor guy, he's like wtf did I do? That's hilarious Starr, thanks 🤣
  4. Thanks Ron 🙏 Question; I looked at Oanda currency converter and Kuwaiti Dinar is 0.30581 (.30c), am I missing something? If Iraq did that then Bammm we'd be looking good.
  5. That's fun, what an adrenaline rush. In my younger years I topped my Harley shovelhead at 120mph! What a rush! Screaming loud, the motor (loud pipes), not me. 😁
  6. I'd go with the .86 bet, if that translate into 860k per mil iqd, 🤙 Thanks Ron, I wish, I hope for health and prosperity for all 🙏 Thank God for another day, another dream. Good night
  7. What's wrong with this discussion here? It's still Iraq news. Agree jcav, that's what we hear, gets confusing. Hope your right. Thanks Karsten.
  8. Thanks CL for sharing. When you first brought it I gave the inquisitive look thinking there was a video I'm missing. I learn something new everyday. Interesting. Sounds like an Odummer tool. jmho
  9. Thanks Ron and Top of the morning to you and everyone. I'm good for this week 👍 🙏
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