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  1. MM 9-21-21 11 28 34 45 68 MB = 22 MM 9-21-21 37 42 46 52 56 MB = 14 (EXTRA) ;--) * Had em posted on last night's game...Innitt to Winnitt 🙏 PB 9-22-21 04 12 27 47 62 PB = 20
  2. MM 9-21-21 11 28 34 45 68 MB = 22 MM 9-21-21 37 42 46 52 56 MB = 14 (EXTRA) ;--)
  3. Sorry to hear he's Irish. He's the type of Irish asswagon my clan left Ireland for America generations ago. Settled in New York, Pop was raised in the Bronx. Born 1933. That was the time real Immigrants checked in at Ellis Island and loved America and acclimated to American ways. So yeah come and get em, ya Irish traitoring piece of s#*t.
  4. I'm going to try it. Tired of daily pain. Do you think you can take Immunity Boost pro and Liposomal vit c together or would that be an over kill.
  5. Markinsa, thanks. When I go to that site and click to purchase it directs me to Amazon. Is that right?
  6. I believe these to be a great alternative to vaccines. Quick question, so don't take Arginine but take L-Lysine and you take 10 Vitamin C tablets a day? A nutritionist I know told me about L-Lysine and told me to try taking Arginine but the Arginine I noticed increased heart palpitations in me with some sob. I'm starting to find it harder to keep muscle tone when your over 60 and after working in the Hospital all day to tired to work out. Take Vit C as well but not that much.
  7. Yeah sure....and I have some ocean front property in San Antonio Texas I can sell ya, in the hill country, it's on face book. And a black security man murdered a white women looking in a window. Oh the terror. If it was the other way around your people would've burned down the white house. Live long, I'm done
  8. Total BS, the only rioters there were Antifa and BLM asswagons infiltrating a peaceful demonstration. Stop this out right lying. Barbarism, what a joke. Where were you when cities like Oregon are being burned and police stations and Government buildings being destroyed and neighborhoods being taking over?! We are at war with the Left, it's obvious so take your jab, profess your love for this evil basturd, (biden) and his followers, best of luck to you. I'm with the Patriot's!
  9. Yeah I agree with you there. Different time's for our founding Father's and there are many traitors that should be hanged. I remember when he said to peacefully protest and the rats came out to destroy democracy. What about Pence, his right hand man could have had his back and turned Judas, as many other GOP's. I don't get how the Republicans, whom I voted for cave in so easily? Most are a bunch ----Y's. Still some good ones though. Bottom line I and many others would be right there with ya kicking ass. As a civilian who doesn't get paid by Soro's to create mayham and get bailed out by Harris when caught what do we do? Bill's, mortage and a Wife to support like you and many others and we vote these asswagons in to do there job and they fail what do we do? Any other time if I saw you on the road broke down I'm there, being jumped by a bunch of cowardly antifa or blm commies I got your back. Trump a joke or coward I don't see it and if I ever had the chance to meet him my first question would be WTF happened out there. A lot of questions I just can't answer and wish I could. Peace out 🙏
  10. DJT is no joke or coward. The "joke" and coward is the current person residing in the white house. There is a war coming, most can feel it, sense it. It's what I like to call our God sense put in us by our creator. Australia and New Zealand is just the beginning. There is a moment coming for us all to pull together and fight. Don't know when, have my hunches, or how. The evil one wants us fighting each other, at odds. It's a distraction so the take over will happen before we know it. Constant battle between good and evil. I've been in the medical field since '82, Radiology. Never seen anything like this. Alway's been a whisper this day is coming so to speak. Make's me angry especially hearing this fool speak last night. Probably loose my job soon because I'm not selling my soul to this poison. My body my Decision. If you see me at the intersection holding a sign looking for a hand out cuz I lost my job, throw me a bone, I'll be the guy in scrubs and a Lab coat. jmo ✌️
  11. Don't see President Trump as coward, and people that don't vote shouldn't complain. We don't know what all happened but coward no. The election was stolen and many people sold there soul. That's my opinion people have there's. President Trump has a big mouth, but coward no.
  12. Has anyone been watching the vietnamese dong? It's slowly improving, ever so slowly but at least it's going up in value, I think. Oanda has it at 22,677.5, back in June it was 23,044.3. Could be leading up to something or nothing. Like the dinar, ya never know. Would like to see something happen in my life time. Jmo.
  13. Just realized we now have Powerball on Monday ALSO! WTF!? More chances...c'mon baby PB 8-30-2021 09 23 42 53 67 PB = 04 MM 8-31-2021 11 28 34 45 68 MB = 22 PB 9-1-2021 04 12 27 47 62 PB = 20
  14. MM 8-27-21 11 28 34 45 68 MB = 22 PB 8-28-21 04 12 27 47 62 PB = 20
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