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  1. You don't belong here on DV. When you tell someone "you are dead to me" it is considered an insult and a threat. I don't know you and I wouldn't care to. Funny how mods let certain people cast there threats out there and harm to individuals. I don't take insults or threats from boy's like you. I've played this game long enough. You are meaningless to me and underserving of anymore of my time. Stop bothering me with your childish charade and insults. Happy everyone here got a kick out of your BS. When someone threatens there life maybe the mods will do something.
  2. You just cannot shut that hole in your face can you. You have a funny way of being respectful when you called me out. Gabbard is just another blow hard demonrat with lipstick. Go and vote for her like you did with 46. You and other libturd hypocrites got us in this mess. Big man calling me childish boy. Does that make you feel tuff? Typical of you Demonrat Libturds, got to stir the pot and try and have the last say. I'm done with you boy. Be gone with yourself and quit bothering me with your BS! I'm out.
  3. MM 6-7-22 11 28 34 45 68 MB = 22 PB 6-8-22 04 12 27 47 62 PB = 20 HOPE 🙏 FAITH
  4. So I'm a Libturd?.... You were the one who responded to my post....I simply suggested you do a little research.. No negs from me..(so far)....and something we can agree on.....with your tunnel are also dead to me..... CL Back at ya Libturd, you started it by responding to my post. You and I agree on NOTHING! So now you can shut your yap and quit bothering me. Live Long.
  5. You might do a little research on Gabbard before you label her. Your response is typical of the partisanship that is ripping the country apart. CL Wow, typical of you libturds. That's my opinion. MY VOTE. Period. Deal with it or don't read it.! ...and yeah I've done my research and I will never vote for Libturds or Demonrats. So neg away with the childish BS, I'm done with you.
  6. Just another BullShitten demonrat with a ton of makeup on. If she does switch beware a sheep in wolfs clothing or dress in her case. I'm guessing she's a she. Gotta check these day's. Don't fall for it like Tucker and Hannity.
  7. MM 6-3-22 11 28 34 45 68 MB = 22 PB 6-04-22 04 12 27 47 62 PB = 20 HOPE 🙏 FAITH
  8. WOW, speaking of WOW's, you guys were bad asses among all the rest. God Bless you and all service men and women for your courage and service. 🙏 namaste, honor to all
  9. MM 5-31-22 11 28 34 45 68 MB = 22 PB 6-01-22 04 12 27 47 62 PB = 20 HOPE 🙏 FAITH
  10. Sorry caddie, it's not an assault rifle. Had to neg you there. There will be a lot more info coming out but no, it is not an assault rifle. Start with the cowardly cops wetting their fat panties outside while kids are screaming AND most importantly the person who let him in with the door open, who remains unnamed at the moment. There's your devil in a dress who made the whole damn thang go down.
  11. In memory of my Father, TSgt Frank C. Wilde. 8-13-1933 to 5-31-2020. He Loved the Airforce, retired after 22 yr's and went on to Civil Service another 20 something years. He was a good man and a great Father. God Bless him. Had dreams of taking care of him after the RV like we all want to do with our Loved ones. He bought me my first motorcycle in 1974 when I was 14 and let me get my license. Growing up around military Families was a blessing. Anyway, I miss him and just wanted to share. 🙏
  12. MM 5-27-22 11 28 34 45 68 MB = 22 PB 5-28-22 04 12 27 47 62 PB = 20 HOPE 🙏 FAITH
  13. MM 5-24-22 11 28 34 45 68 MB = 22 PB 5-25-22 04 12 27 47 62 PB = 20 HOPE 🙏 FAITH
  14. I would suggest removing that pos NO, leave it, it deserves everything coming at it!
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