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  1. If they pass their borrowing law does that mean bye bye to the CBI's reserves?
  2. So happy to have you and Joey here Wheelman, you two are very smart on all of this and we are blessed to have you two on here. Looking forward to your next post.
  3. Why do I have the feeling that they are going to study this white paper 18 times then send it to 21 committees? Dont them fools realize that they are in trouble?
  4. I was wondering and thinking about you Syn, haven't seen you post in a long while. Happy to see you back! 🙂
  5. What strikes me as odd is why isn't our forces targeting these terrorist cells? They are Iranian backed. We should not feel threatened by them not one bit.
  6. Dont blame you one bit, there's days where they seem like they are moving forward and days where they are taking 3 steps back.
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