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  1. Why was the other Iran thread locked in the Iraq news locked? It was getting interesting.
  2. I wish they would help themselves on getting their own country together before they even think about helping someone else.
  3. 1 to 1 I'm thinking but with anything less is still a blessing.
  4. I gave you a greenie Synopsis, don’t know why someone is negging you like that.
  5. All that money stolen by the evil greedy Iraqi politicians and leaders, makes me sick while their war torn country and citizens has no clean water and A/C.
  6. I thought parliament already voted this through. Screwball you might be right, looks like October now.
  7. Maybe they are waiting until the end of their holiday to bring forth a new rate.
  8. Still waiting PP, havent read an article about this since 2 days ago. This is so strange...
  9. I'm starting to think Iran got their dates mixed up, haven't heard a peep from them all day.
  10. Ha! Love it Navira!!
  11. Bro's I'm thinking Sunday evening we should know what Iran will do!
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