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  1. Synopsis thank you so much for your input in all of this! I look forward reading your thoughts about this all the time. Praying for this month or January to be our time!
  2. Enough is enough with them fools, at this point the UN needs to come back in and govern that country because they simply don't know how to move their country forward. Its gonna take an act of God to push this through.
  3. WheresmyRV?

    Guru Claims The RV Has Started.

    Every time I come into this section I always get a good laugh out of all these fake people that pretend that they know what the heck is going on with Iraq.
  4. WheresmyRV?

    Iraqi Dinar on the For Ex?

    I don't know how you guys have held on for this long, I got in around early 2012 I am already losing my mind with this.
  5. That would be so nice if them two were finally put away!
  6. Good Lord what a soap opera that country is. Just seems like that place is going backwards instead of moving forward.
  7. WheresmyRV?

    Go Iraq

    I had high hopes of this government fiasco would be over by the end of this year but its starting to look like this will go into next year.
  8. Trump isnt gonna like this.
  9. WheresmyRV?

    Whatever happened to sandfly?

    Kinda miss seeing him around, hope hes ok.
  10. WheresmyRV?

    Stan Lee, Marvel Comics godfather, dead at 95


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