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  1. Botz thanks for the info and please continue to post on what news you hear. 😎
  2. Iran is in full charge of their government and nothing will move forward until they get removed.
  3. 6 months and count in 4 or 5 voted in holidays so maybe 11 months for them bozos.
  4. I hope someday justice is served to all these lying no good gurus that mislead their followers.
  5. Thug you got me rolling over here!! LOL!!!!!
  6. Hard to believe that its almost a year now with this new GOI and still no fully formed government. Starting to doubt they will never fill them remaining seats.
  7. Mahdi is turning out to be a Malaki number 2. Someone please shut the border over there and keep his butt over in Tehran.
  8. Sadr needs to get Mahdi out of there before it's too late, he's pro Iranian and isnt good for iraq.
  9. They wont be happy until oil is over a hundred bucks per barrel.
  10. WheresmyRV?

    Go Iraq

    I quoted in that post over at DP saying I have been looking all morning for it and I havent seen anything about it. Botz hoping that you hear something good from your group in a few days.
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