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  1. Even though Malaki will be out of office he will continue to cause trouble and steal from his country.
  2. I'm sure maybe Malaki will retire from public office but he will continue to cause havoc and mayhem. He will never go away until hes dead.
  3. For being the most richest country in the world they sure do have their arms wide open begging for other countries money.
  4. If nothing hasn't happened to Malaki by now nothing ever will, he's protected by Iran and always will be.
  5. WheresmyRV?

    Iranian Rial

    I just wish we would get off from being dependent on foreign oil when we have our own oil that we are drilling right now. Tell the middle east no more oil from you guys anymore.
  6. I haven't heard yet today if parliament had the CBI governor in for questioning, has anyone heard anything?
  7. Exactly my thoughts KB. So much more to worry about and their complaining about their national anthem.
  8. Somebody bump Alak the heck out of there, he isnt pro-rv and Karbouli is.
  9. Exactly what I'm thinking, why are they making a big ruckus about some guys name being on the currency.
  10. WheresmyRV?

    Iranian Rial

    Sad but true
  11. I thought Barzani was going to retire from Kurdish politics, why is he still sticking around?

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