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  1. Nassiri is the only intelligent guy in Iraq. If only the CBI and the goi would listen to him.
  2. Hard to believe that Trump hasn't taken him out by now, wondering what he's waiting for.
  3. Sadr needs to have his neck stretched, he is part of the chaos that's been going on.
  4. Greghi thank you so much for your friends info, I appreciate your posts very much! Something has to be done with Sadr and his supporters. As long as he is walking there will always be civil unrest there.
  5. The next election his party doesn't stand a chance of getting picked again. Its great that the citizens are finally waking up to that demon.
  6. Why don't they put Abadi In there as interim? He seems to know on how to run the country. These people are nothing but pathetic!!
  7. Sounds like they have made their decision on who they are going to side with and it isn't with the United States.
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