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  1. One week both sides were all happy with each other and signing agreements and now they are like 2 siblings fighting for the chocolate brownie bowl.
  2. Something has to be happening soon with all of this. just too many good articles as of late. And with Koonce's latest update really makes me think that we are there.
  3. All talk and no action with them fools.
  4. Barzani is just as corrupt as Malaki, im surprised the Kurds don't revolt against that evil monarchy.
  5. With dinar in high demand is it because the borders with Iraq is closed due to the virus or is the CBI simply trying to reduce the note count?
  6. That's got to be the lowest valued currency in the world, wow.
  7. Exactly what I was thinking, I couldn't remember the last time they had a full cabinet.
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