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  1. Once they RV I don't care who's in power over there. Just flip that switch!
  2. Next year most likely for full ascension.
  3. They been educating the citizens since I got in back from 2011. Your right though, they either have to be really dumb downed or they are very slow at learning.
  4. Sounds like to me Kaperoni doesn't believe that a raise in value will ever happen with so much dinar floating around.
  5. I thought the other day Saleh said that the parallel market has caught up to the market rate. Doesn't quite look like it to me.
  6. Go to, used to be the other site named Twitter.
  7. I'm subscribed to Ariel on X and the guy knows his stuff on all of this.
  8. Last night Trump had a rally in New York saying that the first thing he will do when he comes back in office is that he will open back up all drilling. This should be a shot fired across the mast to Iraq. Once Trump gets in oil will go from 80+ a barrel down to 35 bucks a barrel. The present budget is set at 70 bucks a barrel in Iraq's budget. This will destroy their economy if they don't RV before Trump possible gets back in. Will they have the sense to do the right thing? Lets hope so.
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