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  1. It just blows my mind is why haven't the NATO coalition taken them three demons out by now? This is getting a bit beyond ridiculous.
  2. How long have they been educating the citizens about this and huge backdoor meetings with all the banks over there about the RV? These gurus are running out of stories, just nothing but lies and more lies.
  3. I agree with Rochester and DoD, I don't think I can remember with all the past auctions of not seeing any banks involved with this last auction. Curious to what this mornings auction will look like.
  4. Sounds like to me a change in the exchange rate is coming, Iraq is in code red situation with oil so low.
  5. Excellent post Wiljor and to all that have posted here, I am finally starting to feel good about April myself!
  6. Ron thank you for reporting this every day and all others that has been contributing here. Hopefully our time is near for this to pop!
  7. There are a few people on here that loves to neg some people for nothing. +1 for you Laid Back, I enjoy your optimism on here very much!
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