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  1. Yep and they seem to create senseless holidays and days off like there's no tomorrow!
  2. Heck yeah in a heartbeat but quite honestly if they have the same Dominion machines in there the deep state will steal it again.
  3. That's why I'm done voting for the presidential election. I'll vote for Desantis though for him to repeat as FL governor though.
  4. Me too, Sadr and the people has to see all the good that Khdemi as done the past year or so. I'm thinking he will get re-elected.
  5. Is Kazemi even running for the PM position? I hope he gets back in.
  6. I wish we had half as many holidays as they did. Sure would be nice.
  7. Probably going to happen when the new parliament that will be voted in, the current one wont pass anymore laws. Praying I am wrong.
  8. Even if they find out the people that has been looting their country the past 18 years there will be nothing done. Malaki and the corrupt GOI are protected by their masters in Iran.
  9. I forgot I have me Iranian Rial, thanks for reminding me.
  10. I stopped reading when he mentioned "contracts".
  11. And yet Iraqi politicians are kissing their masters butt over in Iran, unbelievable
  12. Enough ranting, discussing and doing endless studies. Just delete them zero's!!
  13. Wow, their reserves went way up since the last time. They can definatly back a good rate
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