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  1. How does one become a bro in here? 😁
  2. Navira I wish there was a heart icon to give to your last post. Praying this is our weekend!
  3. Yep you are probably right.
  4. Botz thanks for the update, we have to be right on top of this. Someone gave you a red mark so I gave you a greenie.
  5. Deep state, corrupt politicians and money robbing thieves. Sigh... Sometimes I wonder if Iraq will ever move forward.
  6. They wont be happy until its 100+ a barrel. 🤬
  7. Why fix the problem when their stealing millions from their own country.
  8. WheresmyRV?

    Go Iraq

    So they are going to have one auction a week instead of a daily auction?
  9. Good post Zul, you hit it good on this one. Definitely has to be a translation issue, I don't see either on how a devaluation would help them.
  10. WheresmyRV?

    Go Iraq

    Excellent summary Botz Thanks for sharing the info from your group here. Happy 4th to you and all of DV
  11. You took the words right outta my mouth.
  12. WheresmyRV?

    Go Iraq

    Awesome news that they extended the current period!
  13. They're done for the summer until Fall time. Voting in all them ministers and the summer heat has taken its toll on them poor people.
  14. WheresmyRV?

    Go Iraq

    What is article 58?
  15. WheresmyRV?

    Go Iraq

    Thanks for the update Botz
  16. WheresmyRV?

    Go Iraq

    Possible 3.80 rate Navira?
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