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  1. Probably will eventually have their own money but Iraq will definatly try to put a stop to this.
  2. I really thought that once they got out of chapter 7 sanctions that it would be time to finally move forward. Instead they have stepped back 15 years only to be taken over by Iran.
  3. More reserves for ol potatoe head to steal now that he's taking over.
  4. This is crazy, they argue and fight the last 9 months about forming a government and when one guy calls it quits they form a government over night.
  5. I wonder what's going to happen to Iraq when US automakers start to produce full blown EV cars.
  6. Them guys aren't happy unless they're in a crisis. Just another way to borrow more money from the World Bank.
  7. First Sadr is dropping out, then he is coming back and now he's dropping out again? I'm all confused!
  8. Makes you gotta wonder if the UN thinks they did the right thing of releasing these clowns from chapter 7 sanctions. They have to be regretting their decision.
  9. Iran and Malaki is loving this right now. Another round of elections means another year or so of arguing and shoe throwing. Looks like at least two to three years for a raise in value, if we're lucky....
  10. Exactly and thats why they dont want to shut down the auctions. Its one heck of a cash cow for them.
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