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  1. Dr. Shabibi went to head the Monetary Policy Committee at The Bank of England February 2019, and earlier this year Kazemi stated he would like to bring Dr. Shabibi back to CBI. I think Kazemi has been working for quite some time with Dr. Shabibi, the IMF, World Bank and the other entities Kazemi and CBI Governor met with in England, German, and France on the White Paper and Iraq's economic reform. IMO The White Paper was a joint effort with other countries to write an economic program that could work for Iraq with their support. "The Bank of England decided to appoint
  2. Wow. Drown in that glass half-full of water if you like, I'm in a glass half-full and smiling. The world is helping Iraq, big financial institutions are helping Iraq. And not that it necessarily means anything, but Kazemi met with the Bank of England where Dr Shabibi is employed.
  3. Shortly before the international trusteeship of Iraq: Seven major countries will "watch" and regulate the Iraqi economy for a period of 3 years 23/10/2020 It was announced in London, the establishment of an international financial coalition that includes 7 foreign and Iraqi financial institutions, to provide advice to the Iraqi government to face the stifling financial crisis that led to the state’s inability to commit to paying employees ’salaries on time, and resorting to internal and external borrowing . According to the British Foreign Office, the financial alliance wi
  4. I agree. If past were precedent, the paragraph from the article I posted would not hold true.
  5. A director in the central bank sets his forecast for the dollar exchange rate within days and reveals a forthcoming measure News source / Baghdad today News source / Baghdad today Baghdad today - Baghdad The General Director of the Central Bank branch in Basra Governorate, Qasim Raheeb, suggested that the exchange rate would continue to decline in the coming days. Raheef said in a press statement, followed by (Baghdad Today), that “the statements made by some members of Parliament, and other parties, tha
  6. Central Bank: The dollar’s exchange rate is fixed and our foreign currency reserves are good 2020/10/18 11:47 Baghdad / Obelisk: The Central Bank confirmed, Sunday, October 18, 2020, that the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar is fixed and has not changed, indicating that its foreign currency reserves are very good and enable it to overcome the current crisis that the country is going through. The bank said in a statement received by the "obelisk" that the statements that have spread recently regarding
  7. Bear with me while I show what Kazemi and Allawi are moving towards to prevent "collapse." Also looks like a large percentage of those unproductive government employees with "salaries" will be let go and can move into the newly created non-government jobs. Minister of Finance: The reform paper will raise the level of production and reduce consumption rates 2020/10/18 09:41 Baghdad / Al-Masalla: Minister of Finance Ali Allawi said, on Sunday, October 18, 2020, that the reform paper identified with a scientific and obj
  8. Al-Kazemi leaves for Paris 2020-10-18 08:30 Shafaq News / The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, has left the capital, Baghdad, heading to the French capital, Paris. A statement by Al-Kazemi's office, received by Shafaq News, indicated that "Al-Kazemi is on a European tour that also includes Britain and Germany." He pointed out that "Al-Kazemi will hold several meetings with senior officials in these three countries, and discuss the development of bilateral relations with them."
  9. Allawi: The reform paper is a framework for a new Iraqi economy .. And the massive liquidity crisis is pushing it to the brink of collapse Baghdad / Obelisk: The Minister of Finance, Ali Allawi, confirmed, on Saturday, October 17, 2020, that there is an increasing political will to conduct the fundamental reforms required for the country to address the massive liquidity crisis that has pushed Iraq to the brink of collapse. Allawi said that there is more will now than it was five months ago now, I think there is recognition that unless o
  10. I don't imagine the prime minister and central bank governor are touring to tell of their "immediate collapse." The Central Bank: A high-ranking delegation headed by Al-Kazemi will start a tour that includes France, Germany and Britain by Walter 2020.10.18 - 14:22 Baghdad - People The Central Bank of Iraq announced, on Sunday, a tour to France, Germany and the United Kingdom headed by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi. The bank said in a statement that "People" received a copy, (October 18, 2020), that "the Gov
  11. Hey Shel! Kaperoni used to say watch for installation of huge video screens around Baghdad because instructions for the RV would be announced to the citizens on the video screens. I don't know what happened to the video screens. Maybe they floated away.
  12. Why would Iraq, the USA, Europe, IMF, World Bank, and the rest of the world allow the collapse of one of the largest energy producing countries and be overrun with despicable regimes? ps I love the articles that are out of Iraq but use perfect English, they are not a translation. Who do you think they are addressing with what objective? "Keeping the doors of corruption wide open in most state institutions, reluctance to curb the corruption of the ruling parties themselves, and not abolishing their economic offices to limit their control over ministries, institutions
  13. This is the subject article: Iraq’s Central Bank is at risk of losing its independence yesterday at 12:57 Farhad Alaaldin ANALYSI A bank employee hands Iraqi dinars to a customer. The government is attempting to co-opt the Central Bank of Iraq to its political agenda, warns Farhad Alaaldin, chairman of the Iraqi Advisory Council. File photo: Bilind T. Abdullah/Rudaw
  14. Thug, Trixie was in the parking lot looking for Zigmeister running spinners on flat tires. Miss that Zig! Those were the days!
  15. Iraq needs to stop putting so much energy into "salaries" and put energy into the creation of new industries that could employ the government employees that work on average 20 minutes a day. Iraq is throwing money down the drain when they could be developing their products, exports, and productivity, and new industries pay taxes that would assist them in their expenses.
  16. Lots of threats being thrown around in Iraq. If Iraq were placed in Chapter VII again, that would thrown a magnifying glass and kleig lights on Iraq again and their economy, investors, trade, government, banking system, and upcoming elections. Not exactly what corruption really likes and that old adage about sunshine and disinfectant comes to mind. Probably wouldn't be too good for Iran and their supporters in Iraq either. Lots of threats, lots of threats. IMO: our embassy will never close, and the largest embassy in the world isn't just for "diplomats." It is a strategic base.
  17. My understanding from past statements from the CBI there is a ten year period for exchange. My comment was regarding the printing cycle and has nothing to do with exchange. I mention the printing cycle because if anyone is looking at an RV in "October" or "January" the lower denominations would already have been printed.
  18. Zigmeister would remember. They two of them were going to go to a Red Sox game together so they could eat hot dogs and drink beer.
  19. Dinarrock, I remember a very reliable person stated the lower dinars had been printed maybe 5 or 6 years ago, and one guy had seen them on pallets in some type of housing in Iraq. Even if they had not been printed, it good to know it takes months and months to print currency. Anybody remember the lady (DinaDinar I think it was) here that was a currency consultant for De La Rue? She explained many times the currency printing process and was very informative about the "scientific" process the printing cycle was. And that was before the coated, security bills. It would take a year for
  20. When we talk of the US Treasury buying the IQD, remember the UST takes in the IQD, gives us dollars for them through the banks, and we spend the dollars, and we pay taxes on about half of the IQD exchanged so the UST just got half of their (our) money back. Then we spend the other half on goods and services which taxes are paid on, the people providing the goods and services pay taxes, and the velocity of money churns the good and services and tax cycle about 6 times. The UST will eventually regain any dollars put out for their "investment" through taxes paid. And they still have IQD in our fo
  21. Regarding the actual RV event, I would reiterate that corruption runs rampant in a society with citizens that have no power and run by a few that use the assets of a country for their own gain. This has been the case in Iraq. The voices we hear wanting to move Iraq forward and bring the citizens along with jobs, infrastructure, and education are valid, but drowned out by Iran and its' supporters sucking Iraq's profits down their own throats and running to other countries to deposit their spoils. In the past ten years there is probably more than a trillion dollars stolen from Iraq.
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