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  1. Can't blame the gurus. I just about gagged myself after reading the BS.
  2. Ron, I sure wish the sales would level off to show they are about done. One thing that is good, they are staying compliant.
  3. I can think of one thing I would like to see them complete!!!! Just sayin
  4. Just a quick thought....I wonder if they are waiting for 1 year of compliance along with the HCL to change the rate?
  5. I see a rabbit and a bird. The most disturbing thing is that I saw ink spots. I ask my therapist about it and he ask me if I had purchased any Iraqi dinar....Wow I said, how did you know? He replied; It is a symptom known as foreign currency syndrome. He said don't worry it will be over SOON. lol
  6. What about all the lies from the media and all the lies from politicians? We used to have the right to freedom of speech. What happened to those freedoms?
  7. Well what a change... All we have been hearing is that they are going to change the rate. I for one would rather hear that they are not going to change the rate and then POW!!!!! The rate has been changed. The way the lies have come out of the officials who knows?
  8. Artitech, I have also been in this crazy ride for 14 years. When I was a newbie to the site I used to get a little excited with the new bs rumors. I can't believe after all this time you can still see some of the same crap from back then. From the 800 numbers to boats at sea and beyond. ( I added the beyond) lol
  9. Right there with you jeepguy. I will also put some money on that. I have had to refrain from reading guru garb as my therapist said it is bad for my mental stability because I have to read the four letter words like soon, good, bing, much good, very soon, drat, dang, more, time, and many to say just a few. In the future I can only hope the guru's will use anything but four letter words. lol
  10. CL Not sure where the fiery lies is in the statement. Every word sounds like just what is taking place. As far as the voter regulations, you have to ask yourself where can you go without a valid ID. No plane No driving a vehicle No purchasing a tag No banking and on.
  11. Have to tell you guys that I love the trucker videos
  12. So many failures from this disgraced administration and the lies continue. She was appointed to handle the border crisis and yet continues to talk about everything that (THEY) are going to do. PATHETIC
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