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  1. To me this is suggesting a LOP. Read it carefully, 1000 dinars become (1) Iraqi dinars, and the million dinars (becomes) one thousand dinars....that's a LOP. After the LOP, then the exchange rate is changed to 1 IQD = 1 USD, so 1000 dinars equals 1000 US dollars. That is NOT the plan Bush/Cheney put into place. Bush/Cheney paid $1 Billion USD for 4 Trillion IQD back at the beginning when the exchange rate was 1 USD = 4,000 IQD. The plan was that in the future (now, or "soon"...LOL) the exchange rate would change to 1 USD = 1 IQD. That is the plan we want, not what this guy is supporting. This
  2. Speculators should learn how to do the math on these exchanges. Please let me help. The value of IQD was 1 USD = 1190 IQD, or 1 IQD was worth (1/1190)USD or $0.00084. As of today, the value of the dinar has decreased. So today, 1 USD = 1450 IQD, or 1 IQD = (1/1450) USD or $0.00068. IF, and that's a big, unknown IF, the "delete the zero's" phrase means to delete the three zeros in the USD:IQD exchange rate, then under today's rate, each dinar would be worth $0.68. So if a person had $1,000,000 IQD, at today's rate (before fees or taxes) would be worth $680,000. Personally, I'm good with a 680 f
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