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  1. That is quite an accomplishment. It's ok because I like root beer as well.
  2. Have family in Houston. When this thing hits we will have to drink a beer and tell tall tales.
  3. Lived in Texas since 89 but raised in for me it is Boomer Sooner. lol
  4. Pitcher you are right. It was November of 2009. I was in a hotel room in Austin Tx when a buddy of mine called me and said it was on 4x at $1.49. I have been waiting since for this thing to happen. I'm just a short timer, only been waiting for 12 years.
  5. This should certainly shake things up a bit.
  6. We certainly have to be closer after that long read. Could have been summed up in a paragraph. Just sayin
  7. I feel you brother. Your story should have been labeled...The true dinar story. Glad your found work and did not lose everything. blessings to you
  8. Sorry Bushman. I have a date with my wife...pretty sure. lol
  9. Now that is a game. I could still compete with weapons but the MMA would have to be 20 years ago. Glad you brought this over. Thanks
  10. All I can say is demand in one hand and wish in the other......
  11. I don't believe for one minute that they are going to keep all of the oil in Iraq. Their whole economy is almost entirely based on the oil they produce. Since the middle east does not use hardly any of the oil they produce it is ridiculous to believe they will not export oil for profit. They sure as heck won't be feeding it to the camels.
  12. More misinformation making me think this thing is real close.
  13. I remember the same on both accounts LGD. In fact I thought someone debunked the fact that Trump had dinars. I also remember Bush saying that the war would not cost a dime. It is about time for someone to step up and make this thing happen.
  14. You would think Iraq would want to bring the value of the currency to match the ranking. With all the great news coming out of Iraq this thing has to be getting close. Go RV !!!!!
  15. LMAO!!!!!! King that is exactly the kind of wink I was talking about.
  16. I am not going to believe a thing without a secret wink or something. lol
  17. Sad to see the innocent people getting caught in the crossfire but I am glad to see them pushing forward. Hopefully to the elimination of ISIS in Mosul. I am really ready for the RV....come on RV
  18. Right on LGD. Rather like Mexicans stealing Texas and Oklahoma and expecting American citizens being ok with that. That would never happen. Talk about a war.
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