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  1. I wonder if this organizer has been placed by Isis to try and getall other countries out of Iraq?
  2. I actually was thinking about this subject last week, and the debate its held for soooooo many years. I just feel if they were going to delete the zeros (What some call a LOP), dont you think they would have done that already? If it would make it where our trade in value would not be very much at all. I think they would have already unleashed that one. If they do it now, its just going to add insult waiting alllll these years for a RV and alot of people and countries would be pissed!!! Just my 2-cents.
  3. Hi Adam and all of DV! I apologize if this has been covered in the past, but I wanted to ask, if we are in VIP, but dont yet have the lifetime VIP membership, once a RV happens, will VIP members have the option to upgrade to the lifetime membership? Thanks so much for everything!
  4. These are exciting times!! In all my years with DV, I've had VIP a few times, a few months at a time, but financially right now, though I wish I could afford it, I simply can't. I'm just praying I'll have some other guidance to get me through a cash in to make my situation better. I'm praying it happens soon. Been on this ride for about 12-13 years, certainly would be nice for all of us!! Thanks Adam and MODS for all your hard work and information and support through it all!
  6. Because we're such bad ass's we can right?!?!?! Again, over stepping their place...HI-5 US GOVERNMENT!! Get your nose out the cool-aid ...makes me sick!!
  7. BINGO.......and bet they dont even realize they signed their own death certificate by doing this haha!
  8. Interesting.... Love seeing 'WTO and IRAQ" in the same article so much. One thing though, I thought Iraq has been an Observer country for many years now?? Not since 2013
  9. Well then I and probably everyone on this site have those same notes. My question would be what happens when those new notes are release? Will we all need to trade our current notes in?
  10. Well if its called the "Presidential Airplane" and not the "PM Maliki ONLY Airplane", then maybe he should should turn it over...Who does that...."I think I need to keep the plane! Its Mine!" lmao
  11. I always remember this....I always pray they finally get some Peace!! Thanks as always! Long time no talk to yota! Hope everything has been great!
  12. Loose lips sink ships ISIS! I wouldn't go around threatening Putin!! Its gonna be on like Ping Pong!!
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