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  1. We're not only fighting from abroad but here on America soil. Evil at its best, but good will prevail!!!
  2. Thanks Markisna for keeping us in the know. Patriots don't attend the inauguration, don't put yourselves out there. If anything, gives them more reason to blame.
  3. Take off the blinders. There is nothing normal in today's world. MSM is not going to inform. Our world is going through a dark time, its not about party affiliation, there's evil in both parties. The people are awaken and have had enough.
  4. Pitcher you definitely deserve a golden trophy for your true facts statement. The liberal can't see that they are being lied to. The media shows only portions of story clips. The deception is so wrong. They have nothing on Trump, in fact they haven't a clue why they despise the man.
  5. China doesn't know when to quit their tactics. Don't push the US!
  6. The voters will show face come election and the outcome will be good. Faith!
  7. That bloodshed is on the Mayor. Anyone with common sense would of not allow this event to happen in the first place, given all the riots around the country. Austin is a beautiful city, but its going down the wrong path of leadership. Destruction is on the verge of this city. Petion the Mayor to step down!
  8. Even if they did change the name of this party, it won't change their agenda. Research their deep intent, you'll then understand why I stated my opinion.
  9. The more he speaks, the red flags start flying of his incompetence. 🤪
  10. Don't watch Fox News, they've coward to the lefts agenda a long time ago.
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