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  1. Doing it to divide their stocks, and whatever else they have so when the market crashes they won't get hit to hard. Do these billionaires know something is coming?! Makes you wonder????
  2. Watched Mike Lindell (FrankSpeech) it was aired on OAN network. He had amazing guest speakers who shared their thoughts on what is happening today. Mike Lindell spoke of his personal challenges in life, challenges and persecution he faces today. Awesome man, and he's only speaking out because he sees the evil. Pray for him because his challenges are not over. Oh! and buy a couple of pillows, they're not bad. Divemaster 5734, an Angel says hello and hope you're doing well.
  3. I agree with you on the government (intentionally) created this mess, purposely. Their agenda is "fear" in the people. We have crisis after crisis. Pandemic, Covid vaccine, CDC can't make up its mind on their rules, in reality they're just rules, election screw up, border crisis, CRT, war starting in the middle east, gas pipeline hack and now inflation. What's next?! Electricity outage because of hacking they'll claim and Communication blackout. People, enough is enough, wake up, be prepared and be safe! You are correct, "don't play into their game"
  4. Joe Biden is a puppet, a sick dementia puppet, he's not running the country, his shadow is.
  5. I just bow my head and shake it... that the hate just continues in anything to everything from this administration 😒
  6. Wearing of these mask just doesn't help our immune system fight what's out there. Doctors are coming forward and touting the CDC's restrictions. Let the Doctors decide between them and their patients what's the best treatment plan. Some of these CDC scientists are so smart that they're stupid.
  7. We're not only fighting from abroad but here on America soil. Evil at its best, but good will prevail!!!
  8. Thanks Markisna for keeping us in the know. Patriots don't attend the inauguration, don't put yourselves out there. If anything, gives them more reason to blame.
  9. Take off the blinders. There is nothing normal in today's world. MSM is not going to inform. Our world is going through a dark time, its not about party affiliation, there's evil in both parties. The people are awaken and have had enough.
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