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  1. Sorry LGD, was not my intention, in implying you're living in fear. I was just making a general statement for all. No doubt there are still a lot of people living in fear, hence the continuation of getting the jab. I'm right there by your side trying to do the ministering of our Lord. One soul, one person saved is one soul, one person saved, is a lot to me. Keep up the good work.
  2. Don't live in fear, if you do, use that fear and turn it into strength, live in Christ. It will get ugly, death is in the equation, and suffering as well. Build a strong faith and save as many souls, and continue to be shepards of our Precious Lord. Prepare in all areas of your life. After December the hardship will start to set in deeper. You don't need proof, it's facing you in the face. Open your eyes, your mind wake up and don't stop praying for protections. Heed the words of the truthful voices that have been giving fair warnings for quiet sometimes.
  3. This does not surprise me one bit. Evil is out to destroy mankind globally. They are (devil) is hard at work, but they (devil) feel our push back through our prayers, continue to prayer for America the great United States cause if we fall the world falls. Okay all Godly men/women we are in for a rough ride, be prepared, be safe and be with GOD. Sharing this before it gets taken down. Record it with another device.
  4. This is all part of their plan to control, take away our guns, our freedoms, cause viruses, turn race against each other, teach CRT to employees to our children. When you used the word "they" a wise voice told me in this administration it stood for the devil in disguise.
  5. Why haven't anyone pressed charges against him. President made a law against cruelty in any form. I wonder if he knew Faucia was involved. (Gain of function)
  6. This data will not be shown by the media. It's either being scrub or being totally silent.
  7. Don't do it parents! To much information out there to consider. Research, research.
  8. The world is falling apart!!! It's never to late to return to God. "O my Jesus save us from the fire of hell, especially those in most need of your mercy"
  9. Thank you all for your kind words, they do help the broken hearted heal. The services will take place next week at The National Veteran Cemetery. The spouse is a Veteran but she will be laid to rest first. Again thank you!!!
  10. I haven't been on for a week or two, just want to ask for a few prayers. Lost a dear relative to Covid-19 and it weighs heavy on my heart. This relative was admitted into the hospital late August and fought for life until a day or two ago. What's sad is that the hospital protocol messed her up. Remdesivir was given and tons of steroids. Inflammation markers went sky high, breathing, oxygen unstable. No Ivermictin given whatsoever. Family members snuck in Ivermictin when they could visit and inflammation markers decreased, breathing improve. Then they stopped visitation and everything went down hill. Became lethargic, abnormal brain test, swelling. other heath issues, diabetes was uncontrollable 300-600. The children never had a chance to be with their parent. Sad. Reason why I don't mention the name, family request no social media. FYI: Early treatment is vital, whether you're vax or not. The monoclonal antibodies should be your first choice, Ivermictin next. Remember no matter how healthy, no matter how many times you've recovered from the flu or other illness you will not recover without early treatment. Once the cough starts, pneumonia sets in, damage lungs begin. Early treatment is a must.
  11. This is not going away. There will be another and then another. The world is falling apart. Find out who is releasing these virus and destroy their lives.
  12. If they don't see what's happening after what you stated, they'll never see it.
  13. Who's your source, where are you getting your info from, inquiring minds would like to know. You have to have some source to sway you in what you believe.
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