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  1. The more he speaks, the red flags start flying of his incompetence. 🤪
  2. Don't watch Fox News, they've coward to the lefts agenda a long time ago.
  3. "75 percent of the victims of religious persecution around the world are CHRISTIANS" an astounding percentage. Pray our merciful God have mercy on the living.
  4. It's funny how you pick on Trump and not say a word on the other party. AOC green deal is a danger to the American people. Raising taxes to pay for a lot of what is on their agenda is their goal. Allowing illegals to enter unlawfully , guess who pays for them. Congress has always had control of the monies to rebuild infrastructure in the past, but haven't seen any drastic change yet. I think the left is jealous because Trump has made changes, great changes and continues to do so. If you can get past all the media lies and negative narrative, you might just witness something good is happening. How quick we are to judge when one does good.
  5. Agreed Sage, let's not jump to conclusion. But if true, I don't think they'll get punished for their wrong doing.
  6. BA, not afraid, but I am concern for my grandchildren and generations to come, in having to deal with the ideology of these evil weirdo' all boils down to power and control and they'll use whatever tactic that works. Call it what you like, fear mongering or whatever, but their agenda is showing it's face more-so now than with Obama. BA you can take it lightly, but don't make fun of the ones who can see through them. Your opinion of "fear mongering" is wrong, replace it with "concern", we Americans are deeply concern on what AOC's and others thinking pattern is leaning towards. Fear has no place in this.
  7. If your kids are vaccinated, then the unvaccinated are no threat, I would think. Don't take anymore parental right away from parents, only a parent knows what's best. The government and pharmaceutical companies are out for a buck, the media is out for ratings, don't put your health in their hands.
  8. No scared tactic, just plain reality. It's happening and won't be the last small town to struggle. Ripple affect.
  9. Agreed, stop the bleeding here at home. Our past governments did a lot of wasteful spending. The government does give money to the states and cities, it's up to the states, and cities to spend the money wisely.
  10. Bravo, words spoken that a lot of Americans are thinking! Sick of their deceit, back stabbing the people who put them there. Don't vote for the traders.
  11. Yep, our future is heading into a darker side, tumbling into a deeper evil realm. Pray that you can survive what's in the horizon. The inner cities will be the first to see the physical dangers, then it will trickle down to the smaller towns.
  12. The truth never lies!!! Thanks Mr. Divemaster 5734. President Trump is not perfect, but stands for the righteousness of the people, including the unborn.
  13. You just don't get it, and your sending the wrong message about President Trump not wanting immigrants. He's made it known, you and others failed to acknowledge and accept that he does want immigrants here. They are a big part of building America's infrastructure and economy. I don't have enough colors to paint a picture for you in trying to explain this. I'll keep it simple, he's trying to keep the law breakers out, terrorist, murders, human trafficking and drugs out, he's getting more immigration judges to speed the processing for those who are here. Granted the wall is a barrier to help slow the process down. Our ctizens, our nation is suffering, lives, innocent lives being taken from love ones, you or I may not be personally be affected by all this... but wait we are, our hard earn money is. So how long are we going to put up with it. Please don't talk about the past to make your point. We are in the year 2019 and we need to deal with the issues at hand.
  14. All great stories out there, but you and others fail to grasp, that we have laws and all laws are to be obey. No one is to be blamed but the individual that broke the law. These illegals are not the victims, our laws of the land are the victims, they are being abused by the wrong doers. Simple logic.
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