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  1. Religious reference calls for rewriting the constitution and building the political process Political | 02:33 - 06/12/2019 BAGHDAD - Mawazine News called the religious authority, Jawad al-Khalisi, on Friday, to write a new Iraqi constitution that meets the aspirations of the Iraqi people in all its spectrums, and rebuild a political process with a national dimension. Al-Khalisi said, during the sermon in the holy city of Kadhimiya, followed by (Mawazine News): "We call for the continuation of the mass movement, which is independent of the political process and who entered it or passed it or covered it," stressing that "belonging and entry of people to support the movement is based To the demands of the masses in removing the occupation and its consequences, especially the political process, the government, the parliament and so on. " There is a work that is starting to appear today, and it was necessary to appear in the early days of the occupation, as a model to issue a statement on behalf of the speakers of the pulpit of the Husseini affirming the right of the Iraqi people and their positions, and we here do not object to what they have done, but encourage them to continue, albeit in a specific direction and this But they just want to remind them that the old mistake will not be repeated the day they invited people to participate in the elections and then discovered the falsity of these elections, and they later considered that sectarianism is more dangerous than the atomic bomb; these efforts were supposed to be done with full awareness of what is happening in the beginning of the occupation. We also emphasized them and alerted them And, as we mentioned to many of the parties to which they return and demanded, and thus we would have done this at the time to reduce the time and efforts and blood and out of that ordeal. " He added: "However, to come late is better than not to come, sometimes may confuse some of the things in a matter of things, but he must warn against making mistakes or repeat the previous mistake again, which is now attempts Open to restrict the Iraqis and their demands for the survival of the political process itself, or under the ceiling of the Constitution as they say, or in the name of religion or religious authorities that refuse to use its name in the events, and do so to continue to work and monopolize the arena, and monopolize efforts and energies, and to keep the corrupt faces of these actors, while The follow-up should be for everyone and clearly. " He stressed, "Our position remains on the first premise, which is the abolition of the secretions of the occupation, including the political process, and the reconstruction of a political process with a national dimension, and work to write an Iraqi constitution that meets the aspirations of the Iraqi people in all its spectrums, and intensified participation in demonstrations, and the continuation of strikes do not harm the interest of the country On the contrary, they should persevere, and after all they have to participate in the demonstration and sit-in forums, and they should make it an arena for seeking knowledge, not postpone everything, because we regain the homeland by providing efforts and energies and controlling the situation, not by idleness and chaos. Of duties We are dumped. " Al-Khalisi pointed out that "the United States is still playing the same historical role known, the role of fanning, congestion, intervention, and support for the Zionist aggression, and claims that it was kidnapped or seized missile pieces destined for Yemen, was supposed to stop the war in Yemen so we do not need To rockets, or to missiles, nor to all these crises, and then says: This side or this state, or this person or that entity, it is not as the United States says that these entities or people are the source of evil, the source of evil is the Zionist entity It is the terrorist who stands with Israel and behind this entity. " He concluded by saying: "The trials against Netanyahu in the Zionist entity, and Trump in America, accused of corruption and bribery, but the evidence is clear that the source of evil from there, and not from elsewhere, and even what is going on from the wrongs on the other Because of US policies in the region. "
  2. TV: US sanctions on Iraqi officials Politics ofprotests in IraqUS sanctions 2019/12/06 02:25:52 As violence against protesters rises in Iraq, especially in the southern provinces where dozens have fallen in a single day, US sources have indicated that Washington intends to impose sanctions on Iraqi officials. According to Al Arabiya TV. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said his country would use its legitimate authority to impose "sanctions on corrupt figures who steal the wealth of Iraqis and those who kill and injure civilian protesters." US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs David Schenker has brandished sanctions Washington may soon impose on those responsible for what he called "atrocities in Iraq," denouncing the horrific use of force against demonstrators.سیاسة/تلفزيون-عقوبات-أميركية-مرتقبة-على-مسؤولين-عراقيين/
  3. In the document .. Saraon proposes to the Iraqi parliament to reduce the number of seats in the House of Representatives to one-third A- Rudaw - Erbil The parliamentary bloc of Sairon on Wednesday, December 4, in an official letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbousi reduce the number of seats in the Iraqi Council of Representatives by one third of the current number. Under the speech made by the head of the alliance moving Nabil Terminal of the President of the House of Representatives on 8 proposals for elections the House of Representatives for the next stage, this board speech: We offer you a block alliance moving parliamentary proposals on the House of Representatives election law which is as follows: 1. divide the province into electoral districts on The level of districts and the nomination shall be individual within the same electoral district. 2. The winning candidate is the winner of the highest number of votes within a single constituency. 3. The candidate should not be a dual national. 4. Abolition of external voting. 5. Candidates must be fully qualified and hold a bachelor's degree regardless of age. 6. Reducing the number of seats in the Iraqi Council of Representatives by one third of the current number. 7. Adopting the biometric card exclusively for the displaced, special voting and working hard to return the displaced to their liberated provinces. 8. We support the provisions of Article (9) of the draft law concerning the prevention of members of the executive branch from running and subsequent paragraphs. undefined
  4. Council meetings press reports installed The House of Representatives votes on the Electoral Commission Act 05/12/2019 House of Representatives voted at its twenty - first , which was held under the chairmanship of Mr. Mohamed Halbusi President of the Council on Thursday 5/12/2019 in the presence of 219 deputies to the Independent Electoral Commission Act elections. At the outset of the meeting President al-Halbusi directed the Legal Committee to expedite the completion of the drafting of a parliamentary resolution containing the demands of demonstrators in the provinces of Dhi Qar and Najaf to be presented in the next session. The Council voted on the draft law of the Independent High Electoral Commission submitted by the Legal Committee to hold free and fair elections reassuring the results of the voter and to ensure greater transparency and in line with the reform trends demanded by the people. In turn, the President of the House of Representatives, Mr. Mohammed Halbousi thanked and appreciated the members of the Legal Committee for the efforts made in the preparation of the law, praising the role of ladies and gentlemen deputies and heads of blocs in the vote on the law, pointing out that the Electoral Commission Act is a reform law and a clear message that the Council of Representatives will spare no effort in Preparation of important laws, including the draft law on the election of the House of Representatives, which the Council is working on its maturity in order to vote on it during the next few period. It was then decided to adjourn the session to next week. Media Department Iraqi Council of Representatives 5/12/2019مجلس-النواب-يصوت-على-قانون-مفوضية-الان/
  5. Iraq revolution will be dramatized, written, read, and painted An Iraqi actor gestures as he performs in a play representing the ongoing anti-government demonstrations, in Tahrir Square in Baghdad. (AFP) Updated 22 sec ago AFP December 06, 201901:14 20 The pops of gunfire rang out across the protest camp in Iraq’s capital. Blood-stained bodies writhed on the pavement, and smoke from burning tires smarted the captive audience’s eyes. But for once in recent weeks, the scenes playing out in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square were a dramatization, put on by actors who traveled 600 km from the port city of Basra. To an audience in tears, they acted out protesters railing against corruption and the lack of jobs, and filming with smartphones to broadcast the rallies live on social media. Suddenly, the actors crumpled to the ground, motionless, under a volley of tear gas canisters and live rounds. Each actor took turns recounting the story of his “martyr,” weaving through the stunned spectators and occasionally folding into one of their hands an Iraqi tricolor labeled with the names of towns where dozens have died. The south has been particularly bloody over the last week, pushing the two-month toll to nearly 430 dead and 20,000 wounded — the vast majority of them protesters. In a time of such hope and heartbreak, art is the answer, says 30-year-old Ali Issam, one of the actors. “Art is finally playing its true role: Carrying the voice of Iraq,” he told AFP. As anti-government demonstrations in the capital and Shiite-majority south enter their third month, they are being turned into plays, paintings, poems and literature. Tahrir has become an art hub, a rare space for free expression in a country where conservative tribes, paramilitary forces and powerful politicians have at various points tried to snuff out criticism. “It’s a mini-ministry of culture,” said Muslim Habib, a young director from Baghdad. Every day at dusk, he sets up a small projector in a tent on Tahrir, marked with a huge banner identifying it proudly as “Revolution Theater.” Inside, he screens documentaries, shorts and other works by Iraqis both at home and abroad and hopes to soon show “films from the revolutions in Ukraine, Egypt or Syria.” Rows of chairs spill out from the tent onto the pavement, packed nightly with young and old, men and women, protesters and curious onlookers. Even police officers poked their heads in for a glimpse. Across the rest of the square, poets puffed out their chests and recited their latest revolutionary verses while small groups debated politics and philosophy. Busking musicians dotted the nearby streets and painters canvased the walls with large murals and “calligraffiti” — a hybrid of graffiti and intricate Arabic calligraphy. Culture even reigns in the “Turkish restaurant,” the gutted 18-story building that has been occupied by protesters for two months after decades of abandon. A 24-hour library has opened in its ground-floor garage, a rare sight in Iraq where now just 50 percent of adults know how to read despite its legendary role as a literary hub. The library is full of dozens of worn second-hand books, ranging from translated American novels and political essays to romance novels and theological works. “This is culture,” said Mustafa, the 20-year-old volunteer manager, confessing: “I especially love Dan Brown novels.” Curled up with a book in his hand, Mustafa said he stopped going to school at a young age so he could work to provide for his parents. Already married, he worked in a printing shop but now peddles bottles of icy water in Baghdad’s traffic-clogged streets during sweltering summers. “Reading is my way of continuing my education,” Mustafa said, insisting Tahrir should be flooded with novels for protesters. “This is the proof that we are awake, we understand what is happening and we’re trying to succeed,” he said. Youth make up a vast majority of the protesters in Tahrir, as well as 60 percent of Iraq’s 40 million people. Many have said their active roles in demonstrations disprove those dismissing them as the “PUBG generation,” a combat video game that is so popular among Iraqi youth that parents often scold them for playing it too much. “Yes, we are the PUBG generation — but we are also a cultured generation,” chuckled Mustafa, before turning back to his book.
  6. World news Thursday، 05 December 2019 11:12 PM US: Iran’s protests death toll may surpass 1,000 amid crackdown Brian Hook, the US pointman on Iran accused the Iranian regime of killing over 1,000 people since protests began in November, saying that it was the “worst political crisis the regime has faced and its 40 years." “As the truth is trickling out of Iran, it appears the regime could have murdered over a thousand Iranian citizens since the protests began,” he said in a speech. He added that the regime’s forces also arrested over 7,000 people and wounded thousands others.
  7. PENTAGON Published 37 mins ago Last Update 18 mins ago Pentagon mulls sending up to 7,000 additional forces to Middle East, officials say By Lucas Tomlinson | Fox News Fox News Flash top headlines for Dec. 5 Fox News Flash top headlines for Dec. 5 are here. Check out what's clicking on The Pentagon is considering a plan to add up to 7,000 additional forces to the Middle East to counter what it sees as an increasing threat from Iran, two U.S. defense officials tell Fox News, but Defense Secretary Mark Esper has “not made any decision,” according to the Pentagon’s top policy adviser. “We're watching this situation where the Iranians both have conducted attacks in recent months, and we are concerned about the threat stream that we are seeing,” John Rood, the undersecretary of defense for policy, said during Senate Armed Services Committee testimony Thursday when asked about the Iranian threat. Rood replied, “yes,” when asked by Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., if the Pentagon was considering deploying more forces to the Middle East, without being more specific. Rood added that the U.S. military constantly was considering options for moving troops around, not only to the Middle East, but to and from elsewhere in the world. The additional American forces being considered are not Army or Marine infantry units, but air and missile defense units, as well as additional warships, officials said. These forces would be similar to the types of reinforcements announced in May. One of a group of a Patriot anti-missile batteries was held in reserve at the time of the announcement last spring. The aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman, delayed for months following an electrical problem this fall, finally went out to sea. It’s currently outside the Mediterranean and is expected to make its way eventually to the Middle East to relieve the USS Abraham Lincoln, who has been at sea in and around the Persian Gulf since May. Late last month, Lincoln entered the gulf for the first time in the past six months. Both nuclear-powered aircraft carriers Truman and Lincoln could steam together for a “show of force” to Iran a few days before Lincoln leaves for San Diego, Calif., as part of a long-scheduled port shift. Truman alone was bringing over 5,000 additional sailors and a full air wing of roughly 80 aircraft, including dozens of F/A-18 Super Hornet attack and fighter jets. Since May, the Pentagon has deployed over 14,000 additional forces — half aboard warships — to the Middle East to join over 60,000 American troops currently deployed in the region known inside the Pentagon as Central Command, an area stretching from Egypt through Afghanistan. In a statement released Thursday afternoon, Pentagon Press Secretary Alyssa Farah pushed back strongly on a report Wednesday in the Wall Street Journal saying as many as 14,000 additional troops were being considered. "As discussed in the hearing today, we are constantly evaluating the threat situation around the world and considering our options. We adjust our force posture and troop levels based on adversary action and the dynamic security situation. Secretary Esper spoke to Chairman Inhofe this morning and reaffirmed that we are not considering sending 14,000 additional troops to the Middle East at this time," Farah said. Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., has been the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. When asked by Blackburn if the Pentagon was considering adding not 14,000 troops but a “lesser number,” Rood replied, “The secretary of defense has not made any decision to deploy additional troops.” That could change in the coming weeks, according to three officials who spoke to Fox News on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations. President Trump was asked Thursday at the White House about the potential to deploy more forces to the Middle East. "We’ll announce whatever we do, we’ll announce, but certainly there might be a threat and if there is a threat it will be met very strongly, but we’ll be announcing whatever we may be doing — may or may not be doing," Trump said. In addition to being blamed for slaughtering over 1,000 protesters inside the Islamic Republic since mid-November, Iran has continued to ship missiles to its proxy forces in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, according to officials. Video Not all of the Iranian weaponry had reached its destination. As reported earlier this week, a U.S. warship, the guided-missile destroyer Forrest Sherman, recently intercepted a shipment of Iranian missile parts bound for Yemen. SEE THE PHOTOS: 'SIGNIFICANT CACHE' OF IRANIAN MISSILE PARTS CAPTURED The State Department released the photos after its special representative for Iran spoke to reporters in Washington. "This is the worst political crisis the regime has faced in its 40 years," Brian Hook said about the spate of killings inside Iran since last month. “Look, they even jail and murder environmentalists when they organize like the Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation," he added. From the end of World War II to 1980, virtually no American troops were killed in the Middle East. Since 1990, just about every American military casualty has been from there, according to Andrew Bacevich, a West Point graduate and author. Asked by Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., if the additional forces sent to the Middle East since May had deterred Iran, Rood said the fact no American troops had been killed over the past six months in Iraq was evidence it has.
  8. Abdul-Mahdi: We will send to the Parliament the final accounts since 2013 and until now 18:51 - 04/12/2019 0 Information / Baghdad Resigned Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said on Wednesday that the Council of Ministers will send to the House of Representatives the final accounts since 2013 and until now. Abdul Mahdi said during the meeting of the Council of Ministers and followed by the agency / information /, "The Council of Ministers will send the final accounts of the House of Representatives in the coming days," noting that "the accounts will include the final accounts since 2013 until this year." He added that "all previous governments since the era of Abdul Karim Qasim and the Baathist era and former democratic governments have not been sent the final accounts of the House of Representatives to know the size of loss and profit," noting that "the final accounts is important to know the government's financial and economic policies." Finished 25 T.
  9. The Iranian operation continues to fall amid a shortage of hard currency 2019/12/05 06:49:26 The Iranian currency (rial) continued to fall, as it collapsed this week in an unprecedented, and the exchange rate of the US dollar 130 thousand riyals, on Thursday. According to Iranian websites dealing with the currency market, "the exchange rate of one dollar amounted to 130 thousand Iranian rials in the early hours of Thursday morning." "One of the sites involved in the foreign exchange market offered the value of selling the dollar at about 131,000 Iranian rials," Radio Farda said. The exchange rate of the dollar before the wave of popular protests against the government and the regime in Iran on November 25 last, up to 100,000 riyals, while the euro exchange rate, on Thursday, 145 thousand riyals, and the value of the pound sterling to 171 thousand riyals . Iranian government spokesman Ali Rubaie admitted on Wednesday that his government is suffering from a shortage of foreign currencies in light of the tightening of US sanctions on Tehran and prevent it from selling oil, pointing out that the government now does not have funds for development and the private sector is weak.اقتصـاد/العملية-الايرانية-تواصل-الهبوط-وسط-عجز-بتوفير-العملة-الصعبة/
  10. Still in streets, Iraqis say problem is poverty “I’ve suffered in my country, even though it’s a rich country” DIWANIYAH/IRAQ : Chants demanding complete regime change have echoed across Iraq for weeks, but what first brought demonstrators onto the street was the profound poverty of one of the world’s most oil-rich countries. And that is what has kept them there, with protesters brushing off the resignation of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi as failing to root out the rampant corruption that denies them jobs and public services. In the southern protest hotspot of Diwaniyah, one of the poorest agricultural areas in the country, Umm Salah has joined rallies every day outside the provincial council. “I’ve suffered in my country, even though it’s a rich country,” she told AFP, carrying an Iraqi tricolor. The 57-year-old widow has been protesting every day since October with her seven children, none of whom are employed. They walk 4 km to reach the protest camp as they cannot afford a taxi from the worn-down informal shelter where they live. “My husband died four years ago because we are poor and couldn’t afford medical treatment in private clinics or hospitals abroad,” Umm Salah says. Iraq suffers from an extremely dilapidated health care system, with hospitals severely under-equipped and doctors often threatened on the basis of political or tribal disputes. Despite Iraq being OPEC’s second-largest crude producer, one in five of its people live in poverty and youth unemployment stands at one quarter, the World Bank says. The government has been the largest employer by far for decades but has recently struggled to provide jobs for a growing number of graduates. Already, youths make up 60 percent of the 40 million-strong population, which is set to grow by 10 million more before 2030. The future looks even bleaker given predictions that heavy crude exports — which fund more than 90 percent of Iraq’s state budget — will become less profitable as the world shifts to other energy sources. For now, protesters blame the staggering joblessness rates on a patronage system that hands out work based on bribes, family connections or party affiliation instead of merit. Muhannad Fadel, 30, dreamt of a government post when he graduated years ago with a degree in physical education, but his diploma opened few doors for him. After a brief stint as a university lecturer, Fadel sought other work but his monthly income didn’t rise above $100. “I started to drive a taxi but I was afraid some of my students would recognize me,” he told AFP. “Then I opened a little confectionary store on the ground floor of our home and I make around 5,000 dinars a day,” or just $3, he added. Scraping together some savings, Fadel could marry but not buy a house, so his new wife moved in with his family. “Our whole family together earns $150 per month. How is that possible in one of the countries with the most oil in the world?” he said. For him and many protesters, the root of the problem is a political class more interested in earning money and paying homage to regional backers than in improving Iraqi infrastructure, or people’s lives. “They’re corrupt and steal the people’s money to give to Iran and other parties,” Fadel said bitterly. Iraq is ranked the 12th most corrupt country in the world by watchdog group Transparency International. A recent government probe found over $450 billion in public funds were lost to embezzlement, fake contracts or salaries for so-called ghost employees since 2003. “The deterioration of the economic conditions of Iraqis is the main reason for protests, as 8 million Iraqis live under the poverty line,” said Moussa Khalaf, an economic history professor in Diwaniyah. SPEEDREAD Despite Iraq being OPEC’s second-largest crude producer, one in five of its people live in poverty and youth unemployment stands at one quarter, the World Bank says. A series of flare-ups before the major wave of protests erupted in October had hinted at the conflagration that was to come. In September, local authorities began demolishing unauthorized houses in the shrine city of Karbala, in Basra in the south and in the central city of Kut. The settlements are home to 3 million Iraqis, many of them the poorest of the poor. That same month, a young man in Kut died after desperately setting himself alight when authorities seized his mobile kiosk. “You need an economic policy that makes use of resources based on scientific and economic facts, not on privileges or political gains,” says Khalaf. Protesters have clung on in the streets and public squares even days after Abdel Mahdi stepped down. “Of course that’s not enough,” one young demonstrator in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square told AFP about bringing down the head of government. “We won’t leave our barricades until the regime falls, until we get jobs, water, electricity,” he said. Another protester, 45-year-old Hussein Maneh, slammed the government for its years of failure. “Since 2003, they’ve done nothing but increased poverty, destroyed agriculture and industry, impoverished schools and hospitals, created confessionalism, and stole our oil,” he fumed.
  11. Siron: Today's session will witness the vote on the Commission's law under the supervision of the United Nations 15:16 - 05/12/2019 0 Information / Baghdad The Alliance of Sireon, on Thursday, vote on the Commission's law in today's session, indicating the members of the Commission will be among them seven judges under the supervision of the United Nations. The deputy for Sa'eroun Alaa Al-Rubaie told Al-Maalouma that "the session of the House of Representatives scheduled for this evening included in its agenda the law of the High Electoral Commission to vote on it." He added that "the Council of Commissioners will be composed of seven independent judges and two of the State Consultative Council in accordance with the principle of lottery away from partisan quotas," pointing out that "all judges will be independent and selected under the supervision of the United Nations."
  12. Reports Thursday، 05 December 2019 02:20 PM Iran used chaos in Iraq to secretly move missile into it, US Officials Say Iran has used the continuing chaos in Iraq to build up a hidden arsenal of short-range ballistic missiles in Iraq, part of a widening effort to try to intimidate the Middle East and assert its power, according to American intelligence and military officials. The buildup comes as the United States has rebuilt its military presence in the Middle East to counter emerging threats to American interests, including attacks on oil tankers and facilities that intelligence officials have blamed on Iran. Since May, the Trump administration has sent roughly 14,000 additional troops to the region, primarily to staff Navy ships and missile defense systems. But new intelligence about Iran’s stockpiling of missiles in Iraq is the latest sign that the Trump administration’s efforts to deter Tehran by increasing the American military presence in the Middle East has largely failed. The missiles pose a threat to American allies and partners in the region, including Israel and Saudi Arabia, and could endanger American troops, the intelligence officials said. Both Iran and Iraq have been gripped in recent weeks by sometimes violent public protests. In Iraq, some are protesting against Iranian influence. Iraqis “do not want to be led around on a leash by the Iranians,” Representative Elissa Slotkin, Democrat of Michigan and a member of the House Armed Services Committee, said in an interview. “But, unfortunately, due to the chaos and confusion in the Iraqi central government, Iran is paradoxically the best poised to take advantage of the grass-roots unrest.” Iranian officials did not return a request for comment. Tehran is engaged in a shadow war, striking at countries in the Middle East but thinly disguising the origin of those attacks to reduce the chance of provoking a response or escalating the fight, military and intelligence officials said. An arsenal of missiles outside its borders gives advantages to the Iranian government, military and paramilitary in any standoff with the United States and its regional allies. If the United States or Israel were to bomb Iran, its military could use missiles hidden in Iraq to strike back against Israel or a gulf country. The mere existence of those weapons could also help deter attacks. Intelligence officials would not discuss the precise model of ballistic missile Iran has sneaked into Iraq. But short-range missiles have a range of just over 600 miles, meaning that one fired from the outskirts of Baghdad could strike Jerusalem. Officials said Iran was using Iraqi Shiite militias, many of which it has long supplied and controlled, to move and hide the missiles. The Iranian-backed militias have effectively taken control of a number roads, bridges and transportation infrastructure in Iraq, easing Tehran’s ability to sneak the missiles into the country, officials said. “People are not paying enough attention to the fact that ballistic missiles in the last year have been placed in Iraq by Iran with the ability to project violence on the region,” said Ms. Slotkin, an expert on Shiite militias who recently visited Baghdad to meet with Iraqi and American officials. Ms. Slotkin pressed Iraqi leaders on the threat from Iran, telling them that if Iran launched a missile from Iraqi territory, it could threaten the American training effort in Iraq and other support from the United States. The United States was concerned about potential Iranian aggression in the near future, John C. Rood, an under secretary of defense, told reporters on Wednesday, but he provided no details about what prompted officials’ concerns. CNN reported on Tuesday about American intelligence officials warning about new threats by Iran against American forces in the Middle East. Tensions in the Persian Gulf have risen since attacks on oil tankers this spring, including off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, as well as a major drone and missile strike on Saudi oil fields in September. The Trump administration and European allies have blamed Iran, which has denied responsibility for the attacks. Mr. Trump opted against a military strike in response to those attacks, but has authorized the United States Cyber Command to strike targets in Iran, although military and intelligence officials have said such electronic attacks are unlikely to deter Tehran. Last year, Reuters reported that Iran had moved ballistic missiles into Iraq. In a public report released last month, the Defense Intelligence Agency reported that Iran’s ballistic missiles were “a primary component of its strategic deterrent.” Tehran has been building up its arsenal to better dissuade the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia from attacking. While decades of international sanctions have weakened the Iranian military, the agency’s report said Iran had invested in its domestic infrastructure, allowing it to continue to develop capable cruise and ballistic missiles. In the strike in September, Iran used sophisticated cruise missiles to attack Saudi oil facilities and disguise, at least for a time, where the strike originated. Those missiles were fired from Iran, but flew around the northern Persian Gulf before striking their targets. Positioning missiles in Iraq as well as in Iran would further allow the Iranian government to create initial doubts about an attack’s origins. Obscuring responsibility, if only for a short time, is a key part of Iran’s hybrid war strategy, in which it tries to keep its adversaries off balance and pressure them without prompting a larger crisis or even war. Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr., the head of the military’s Central Command, has said that he does not think that the American defensive buildup has deterred Tehran. Last month, he said that he expected Iran to try to mount additional attacks in the region
  13. 2019/12/05 10:15 The number of readings 273 Section: Iraq Parliamentary integrity is talking about 10 files of serious corruption .. The citizen does not mean advertising as much as accounting corrupt and publicity of his name Baghdad / Obelisk: The Committee on Integrity in the House of Representatives, on Thursday, sent 10 files of evidence and documents on suspicions of corruption to the Commission on Integrity. Jawad al-Saadi, a member of the committee, said: "I have sent 10 files to the Integrity Commission in which there are many suspicions of corruption with evidence and documents." He continued: "I will visit the Commission to see the fate of the files sent to it," pointing out that "the resignation of the Prime Minister, the Supreme Council against Corruption ended and has no presence at the moment." The member of the Committee, that "the next phase will see the detection and accountability of all corrupt to receive their just penalty." Since the outbreak of protests on October 1, and orders to bring integrity to the corrupt, has been crowded into the media, after it has gone from a deep slumber. Before the demonstrations were less frequent, but their routine formulation remained the same: Integrity brings so and so to accusations deliberately not to mention the name of the corrupt, and sometimes avoid even mentioning the name of the file and details, arguing that the law prevents it, as long as the accused has not yet been convicted . In the final outcome, the Iraqi, who does not care about the legal details and the consumer data, despaired of seeing a corrupt one of the medium whales - not the transfer of the big - behind bars. The Iraqi protester loses confidence in such turtle measures, after he has taken root, that what is happening is a media drain, because the files of corruption have been included on the shelves, and over the dust of time, and the power of the beneficiaries. The arrest warrants, suspended, as if telling the corrupt, were prepared to flee out of the country, before the police, as a government spokesman, and the class of deputies talk about new measures to combat corruption, the time will be enforced, while the situation is full of blood and fire. Follow the obeliskالنزاهة-النيابية-تتحدث-عن-10-ملفات-فساد-خطيرة-والمواطن-لا-يعنيه-الاعلان-قدر-محاسبة-الفاسد-واشهار-اسمه
  14. 2019/12/05 09:00 The number of readings 120 Section: Iraq Erbil receives 250 thousand barrels per day starting from 2020 Baghdad / Obelisk: The negotiating delegation of the Kurdistan region with the federal government, on Thursday, that Erbil will deliver Baghdad 250 thousand barrels per day starting from the beginning of 2020, pointing out that employees' salaries were not affected by the delay in approving the federal budget for 2020. "The region has agreed with Baghdad on oil, budget and salaries," Finance Minister Awat Sheikh Janab said in a conference held by the negotiation delegation in Arbil on Thursday, highlighting his dialogues and the initial agreement with the federal government in Baghdad. It provides for the delivery of 250,000 barrels of oil per day to the Oil Marketing Company (SOMO). " He added that "with the adoption of the federal budget law for 2020, the problem of salaries of employees of the region will be fully resolved," pointing out that "the share of the region's budget next year, like in the current year's budget, which is 12.67%." He drew the Minister of Finance, that "the government owes employees 8 months salaries, and 12 months salaries for retirees." For his part, said Amanj Rahim, Secretary of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers that "the provincial government expressed readiness to deliver oil to Somo, and the delivery of information lists of oil sales and debt owed by the region to oil companies to the federal government." He added, "The agreement with the federal government in the interest of both sides and the formation of any new federal government will not cause any problem for the agreement," pointing out that "the late adoption of the budget law will push Baghdad to disburse the dues of the regional government in accordance with the Financial Management Law, where it will resort to disbursement of the budget by 1 / 12 until the budget is approved. " Follow the obeliskاربيل-تسلم-بغداد-250-ألف-برميل-يوميا-بدءا-من-2020
  15. 2019/12/05 13:20 The number of readings 150 Section: Iraq Documents .. Saleh ratifies the laws of retirement and cancel the privileges of officials BAGHDAD / Obelisk: The President of the Republic, Barham Saleh, on Thursday approved the law amending the retirement law and the date of abolishing the privileges of officials in the state.بالوثائق-صالح-يصادق-على-قانوني-التقاعد-وإلغاء-امتيازات-المسؤولين
  16. 2019/12/04 19:00 The number of readings 1198 Section: Iraq Iraqi artist carving a coin commemorating the October 25 revolution and demonstrations .. Photos Baghdad / Obelisk: Iraqi artist Sadiq al-Saadi, Wednesday, December 4, 2019 carved an Iraqi currency through which immortalized the "TechTech", which is the icon of demonstrations in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad. Saadi said: The idea began through Facebook, there is a group called the Iraqi touch, through which the artist Amer al-Jazi, artists to rise up their work of drawing and handicrafts to support the demonstrators. He explained: a year ago, I began a project carving coins representing the era that ruled Iraq in a personal exhibition did not see the light so far, because of the Iraqi government on the pretext of not providing financial allocation, and I have left the last empty currency and the choice was on his tactic and financed a role in saving the lives and mass of demonstrators . He added: I chose the date of 25, the day when the role of the demonstrators and the month of October in order for the demonstrations to resonate internationally. He explained that the work was designed when I was a representative of Iraq in Doha in the art of scrap and when I returned to Iraq on 3/11/2019 carried out within two days, and this is the least to offer our brothers in the arena of honor to obtain legitimate demands. Follow the obeliskفنان-عراقي-ينحت-عملة-معدنية-تخلد-ثورة-25-اكتوبر-والتظاهرات-صور
  17. The State Department issues an explanation regarding the "fragmented words" of the representative of Iraq to the United Nations 2019/12/04 10:26:44 The Iraqi Foreign Ministry on Wednesday issued a clarification regarding "fragmented speech" by the representative of Iraq at the United Nations. The Foreign Ministry said in a statement received to Twilight News, "Some media reported fragmented speech by the Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations, claiming that it had criticized the peaceful demonstrations taking place in the capital Baghdad and a number of Iraqi provinces." "In this context, we would like to point out that the speech made by the permanent representative of Iraq represents an official statement of the Republic of Iraq in the Security Council, a statement that was prepared according to the contexts used in preparing official statements through the specialized department and with the approval of the minister in language and content, and it was initiated by the mercy of the victims' lives. The speech reviewed the right to demonstrate constitutionally guaranteed, and praised the maturity enjoyed by the demonstrators in expressing their true demands, and the measures taken by the government to protect them, and form It has to investigate the attacks on them. " The statement continued that "what the sites reported was talk that had been deviated from its correct objective context in order to create a state of discontent and dissatisfaction with the community, in addition to that the word included praising the demonstrations as a practical demonstration of societal mobility that expresses the state of maturity and democratic integration experienced by the Iraqi people To express his legitimate demands, which the government was only to respond to the demands as far as the executive side, and send what needs to be legislation to the House of Representatives, which in turn formulate appropriate legislation to achieve them. "It is worth noting that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has always expressed the official position of the government regarding the demonstrations, and promised that it is a legitimate right guaranteed by the constitution, and it called on the demonstrators to take care and caution from groups alien to their reality seeking to cause trouble, chaos, and disturbing security, and then distort the demonstrations from their path, And distorting its image the demand for civilizational reform, which is the same that the religious reference warned of in its related speeches, and in this regard we stress the importance of not relying on what is published in social media sites as an official source that expresses the truth, but we call for sure to take Information from official sources in order to investigate the truth, and stand on them, as we confirm that there are those who do not want good for Iraq and generous people, and everyone close ranks; to miss an opportunity for them. "سیاسة/الخارجية-تصدر-توضيحا-يخص-كلاما-م-جتز-ءا-لممثل-العراق-بالامم-المتحدة/
  18. Parliamentary Committee: Kurds should not be afraid of constitutional amendments 2019/12/04 12:39:17 A member of the Committee on Constitutional Amendments in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, said on Wednesday that the amendments do not include all articles of the Constitution, but include some materials that achieve the real demands of the demonstrators and protesters, while a number of Kurdish members of the Commission not to fear this process but Look at it as an opportunity. In this regard, the Chairman of the Finance Committee in the Parliament of Kurdistan Rebwar Hadi believed that the Kurds should seek to form the Federal Council. In turn, a member of the Committee on Constitutional Amendments Abdul Bari Majid said that Kurds should not be afraid of amending the constitution, but they should consider it (amendments) as an opportunity, stressing that the new constitution must be included in the right to self-determination of the Kurds. According to the information, there are major differences within the Committee on Constitutional Amendments on a number of issues, including the Iraqi political system and the issue of the largest parliamentary bloc, and there are some demands for the abolition of the federal (federal) system.سیاسة/لجنة-نيابية-على-الكورد-أل-ا-يخشوا-التعديلات-الدستورية/
  19. 2019/12/04 21:29 Number of readings 204 Section: Iraq "Obelisk" publishes the full text of the representative of Iraq to the United Nations Baghdad / Obelisk: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Wednesday, December 4, 2019, the speech of the representative of Iraq, Mohammed Hussein Bahr al-Ulum, in a briefing to the Security Council to discuss the report of the UNAMI, on the developments in Iraq during the last two months. Full text of the word: Madam Speaker of the Council respected Excellencies the representatives of the Member States of the Security Council beginning allow me to extend my congratulations to His Excellency Permanent Representative of the United States of America Tsenmha presidency of the Security Council for this month, and also extend my thanks and appreciation to His Excellency Permanent Delegate of the United Kingdom for its efforts during its presidency of the Council in the second month of October I also thank the Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) for her briefing on the situation in Iraq for July 2019. Ms. Chairman More than a month has elapsed since the outbreak of popular demonstrations in Baghdad and the southern cities, and the people have wonderfully expressed their views clearly in their political and electoral system, and in the performance of the government, and the required reforms at the various political, human rights and service levels, and this is only to be the victims of the victims The security forces, because of the exposure of groups of outlaws to the demonstrators, and the security forces .. These groups have nothing to do with the demonstrations, but cover up, and use them as human shields to carry out acts of banditry, burning, looting, and engagement with the Security, using Molotov cocktails, hand grenades, firearms, knives, etc., as well as disabled schools, ports and off the movement. In this context, I take this opportunity to clarify some fundamental points, as I would like to emphasize the full recognition of the Iraqi government, and fully through the Prime Minister's speech on 4/11/2019 that the demonstration is a legitimate right guaranteed by the permanent Iraqi constitution, and that the government is keen to provide the opportunity for the Iraqi people To express itself, and its demands that do not prejudice public order, or the violation of public and private property, and that it will spare no effort in meeting the legitimate demands of all protesters, especially those that call for fundamental economic and political reforms through the behavior of the relevant constitutional mechanisms . In this regard, my Government is conducting, at the highest level, the investigations necessary to diagnose and uncover outlaw groups that are engaged with demonstrators, who are rioting against demonstrators, against security forces as well as their attacks on the Central Bank of Iraq, the press and publishing houses, etc. The burning of shops and stores in Al-Rasheed Street, Al-Khellani Square, and nearby areas, which resulted in the death of 300 martyrs and more than 1500 wounded demonstrators and security forces. In this regard, the report of the Secretary-General on the situation in Iraq touched on the developments of events in relation to the demonstrations, pointing out that there are some violations in the use of violence against demonstrators, and we confirm here that the position of the Iraqi government was to follow the constitutional methods in dealing with the demonstrators, and not to subject them, The instructions remain strict not to use live bullets, or any lethal weapons, knowing that the security forces do not carry out any acts of aggression or attack, but stand the defense against attacks by the outlaws among the demonstrators,The Prime Minister directed the formation of committees to conduct transparent fundamentalist investigations to hold accountable minors, and refer these files to the relevant judicial authorities to exercise their role in investigating and determining their role in investigating and determining their role. The demonstrators, as well as the treatment of the wounded at the expense of the government, both security forces and peaceful demonstrators. I would also like to quote Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi's comment on the temporary blocking of the Internet by saying: “The digital world is a contemporary reality, a right for everyone, but the authorities in defense of the rights of the group are sometimes forced to restrict it when they see it used to promote violence, hatred and disruption of public life. ", Which was returned to work. The government also expressed its rejection of everything that could endanger the security of the homeland and the citizen, including: kidnappings, and the exposure of demonstrators by outlaws, and that the government will take the necessary measures to confine arms to the state in order to complement its previous efforts in this regard. In response to the demands of the demonstrators, and in response to the call of the highest religious authority in Najaf, which issued a number of statements confirmed the support of the demands of the demonstrators, and call on the government to do its duty to preserve their lives, and call on the Iraqi authorities (the government and the House of Representatives) to take the necessary measures to accelerate the reform process, and condemn the interventions Foreign Affairs that want to divert demonstrations from peaceful to achieve goals that do not serve the interests of Iraq and its people. My Government has launched extensive reform packages in consultation with stakeholders, in particular the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) in accordance with the Iraqi Government's numbered resolutions (340, 341, 363, 364) that include legislation that promotes social justice and supports the efforts of the Supreme Judicial Council In the fight against corruption, such as: Approval of the law to abolish the financial privileges of officials in the Iraqi state, and the new retirement law, which will provide nearly 300 thousand jobs, the government submitted a new election law, and the draft law of the Independent High Electoral Commission to the House of Representatives, and was read the first reading of these projects in the House of Representatives On November 19, 2019, the Iraqi Council of Representatives formed a Committee on Constitutional Amendments which, in turn, called on all opinion holders in Iraq, including academics, media professionals, activists, and civil society organizations to contribute to the elaboration of the amendment formula. Constitutional required that meet the needs of society and the demands of the demonstrators. In this context, I would like to emphasize here the indicative role played by UNAMI based on its mandate through conducting and deepening dialogues with the three presidencies to look for ways and actions to be taken to meet the demands of the demonstrators, and urge them to abide by the mechanisms contained in the mandate of the Mission in accordance with its resolution 2470 (2019). . Mrs. President in line with the religious authority sermon supreme in Najaf on Friday , 29/11/2019, and in response to the demands of the protesters presented Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi , a request to resign to the House of Representatives on 29.11.2019; to allow the Council to choose a new cabin The Council accepted it in its meeting held on Sunday, 1/12/2019, and is waiting for the President of the Republic to present the candidate of the largest parliamentary bloc to form the new cabinet. Members of the Council The Iraqi government's response to demonstrations in various fields has been numerous. In addition to the adoption of the above laws, a number of resolutions were issued to support the unemployed through granting financial grants for the implementation of small projects, opening the door for appointment to holders of higher degrees in the various Iraqi ministries, opening the door for volunteering to join the ministries of defense and interior, and providing facilities for the distribution of plots of land In addition, granting housing loans for the construction of housing units in the poorest governorates, as well as the application of the social compensation system, activating the social security and health insurance system, and at the administrative level, the Council of Ministers formed the Federal Service Council This will ensure transparency in appointments for all Iraqis within the public sector. Madam President , My Government has been able in the last period to achieve the following: - Success in returning nearly 80% of the displaced. This is the result of the efforts of my Government to fulfill the requirements of voluntary return in three important areas: (provision of services, security, judicial and criminal scrutiny, and fulfillment of the requirements of community peace). The Government signed an agreement with UNDP to implement stabilization projects in the affected areas. Million dollars. - My Government is keen to accelerate the submission of the draft budget for 2020 in accordance with the priority to increase non-oil resources to enhance the proportion of the investment budget in order to provide a suitable economic environment to create jobs, and to support the new reform packages; - My Government is keen to strengthen, intensify efforts to deal with the legacy of ISIS terrorist gangs, and to create a plan of action to deal with (children recruited by the terrorist organization, foreign terrorist fighters, the wives and widows of terrorists and their children, survivors and rapists by terrorists), as well as the promotion of terrorists. To the stability of the liberated areas and to address the human rights security concerns resulting from the return of terrorist elements and their families to Iraq, and we commend the efforts of the States that have taken responsibility for their nationals and They, and urge other countries to extradite their nationals from the women and children who have completed their sentences, and children under the legal age of criminal responsibility. Madam President My Government affirms that the stability and prosperity of Iraq is a common regional interest. Based on this vision, we reaffirm Iraq's commitment to an important principle of foreign policy stipulated in the Iraqi Constitution that its territory should not be the basis for any threat to the security and safety of neighboring countries. Recognizing the importance of formulating a policy based on creating a balance that contributes to the maintenance of regional security and prevents the development of conflicts in the region. Military direct destinations; for this purpose, and to preserve international peace and security of Iraq underscores the need for concerted efforts, and strengthen consultation to avoid escalation and tensions in the region, and we call upon all States to spare Iraq regional tensions and its negative effects on the security of the entire region. Ms. President The cooperation with our sisterly State of Kuwait is at the forefront of Iraq's priorities and through the cooperation with the United Nations. In this regard, I am pleased to brief Member States of the Council on the latest developments in this file, particularly with regard to the content of paragraph (4) of resolution 2107 (2013), the most important of which are: The last batch of property was handed over to the relevant Kuwaiti authorities on October 27, 2019, as well as continued payments to Iraq by the United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC), of which the remaining $ 3.5 billion remains. It is hoped that it will be fully reimbursed by 2020. Bilateral relations between the two brotherly countries have witnessed positive milestones, including the convening of the Joint Commission on a regular basis, which has contributed to significant progress on the issues within the constraints of joint cooperation.The last meeting of the Commission in May 2019 . In this regard, we extend our thanks and appreciation to the efforts of the State of Kuwait and its permanent representative in advocating Arab issues wisely and responsibly during its membership in the Security Council, which was clearly reflected in the consolidation of peace and international security. Mrs. President, The current political movement in the Iraqi street is an expression of the evolution in the nature of the collective political culture and individualism that respect the peaceful transfer of power through constitutional mechanisms, as Iraq is still at the beginning of its democratic process, which will mature over time through broad popular participation in political life with the consolidation of the role The demonstrations today confirmed the existence of a positive atmosphere that motivates the political system to review and reform public laws and regulations in the country, and that the government complete its efforts in cooperation with the WAP in order to find the best solutions to accelerate, and accelerate reforms. Recent political developments in my country, Iraq, are evidence of a growing political maturity that the government is encouraging by respecting the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution, including: freedom of demonstration and expression of opinion. The young people who took part in the demonstrations have grown up in a democratic environment that promotes these rights, unlike the previous regime, which was dominated by fear resulting from the brutal suppression of freedoms. He believes in respect for international law and cooperation and openness as a link to his external relations. In conclusion, through this podium, we call on Al-Bari - the Almighty - that our martyrs of the demonstrators and the security forces live in his vast paradise and inspire patience and solace. We reiterate my Government's commitment to building a prosperous Iraq in coordination and cooperation with the international community in order to eradicate the scourge of terrorism, accelerate the reconstruction process, meet the legitimate demands of demonstrators, achieve sustainable development goals, and state program decisions in accordance with national laws in force. Thank you, Madam President. Follow the obeliskالمسلة-تنشر-نص-الكلمة-الكاملة-لممثل-العراق-في-الامم-المتحدة
  20. 2019/12/04 13:01 The number of readings 239 Section: Iraq Legal expert: Halbousi's book to Saleh on the selection of a candidate for prime minister is constitutionally invalid BAGHDAD / Obelisk: The legal expert, Tariq Harb, on Wednesday, the letter of the Speaker of the Parliament to the President of the Republic, which authorized the latter to choose a candidate for prime minister is constitutionally void and represents a disregard for members of parliament. Harb said to the obelisk that "the letter of the Speaker of Parliament to the President of the Republic, which authorizes him to choose the candidate of the Prime Minister represents contempt and disregard for members of Parliament, because such a serious matter in such circumstances constitutes a lack of interest and ignore the members of Parliament." He added: "If the speaker did not take the opinion of deputies by voting on this serious issue, which is the choice of the prime minister. Parliament to the President of the Republic to choose the candidate of the Prime Minister without holding a meeting The vote on such opinion and the statement and authorization granted by the Speaker of Parliament to the President of the Republic, without prejudice the opinion and the words of members of Parliament. He continued: "The authorization of the President of the Parliament to choose a person and assign him to form a ministry violates the provisions of Article 76 of the Constitution, which decided that the parliamentary bloc is nominating the Prime Minister and not the President of the Republic also asked the President of the Republic to choose the candidate for prime minister Authorize the President of the Republic to assign a candidate by the President of the Republic contrary to the rule and constitutional rule. Abizaid and Harb: "Therefore, the President of the Republic to abide by the Constitution and leave what was stated in the letter of the Speaker of Parliament for violating the Constitution and because the speaker did not offer his opinion and his opinion contained in his book to the parliament and obtained his approval, Parliament's vote on the Parliament to indicate his opinion and whether they support the opinion of the Speaker of Parliament or not and the President of the Republic to ignore what is stated in the President's letter for violating the Constitution and the law. The speaker of the parliament had to present this serious issue, which is to authorize the president of the republic to choose the prime minister's candidate and to explain the opinion of the parliament on the authorization given by the speaker to the president. The Obeliskخبير-قانوني-كتاب-الحلبوسي-إلى-صالح-بشأن-اختيار-مرشح-رئاسة-الحكومة-باطل-دستوريا
  21. 2019/12/04 13:40 The number of readings 144 Section: Iraq British newspapers talk about the trial of dozens of Iraqi officers for their involvement in the killing of demonstrators BAGHDAD / Al-Masalla: British newspapers revealed on December 4, 2019, that 43 Iraqi police officers are being prosecuted for their involvement in the killing of anti-Iraqi demonstrators during the protests since October. October 5. About 43 Iraqi officers accused of firing on anti-government protesters are due to face mass protests in early October, the Daily Mail said, adding that the trial date would be later this month. At least 400 demonstrators have been killed and thousands have been injured since protests began in early October. Two officers have already been sentenced for their role in killing protesters. Forty-three police officers will be prosecuted this month for murdering protesters from October 1 to 5, The National newspaper quoted an Iraqi security official as saying. Follow the obeliskصحف-بريطانية-تتحدث-عن-محاكمة-العشرات-من-الضباط-العراقيين-لتورطهم-في-قتل-متظاهرين
  22. 2019/12/04 11:00 Number of readings 179 Section: Iraq The Obelisk publishes the most controversial points in the election law Baghdad / Obelisk: Obelisk publishes the most controversial points in the election law: 1 - the issue of dual nationality. Electronic voter card and biometric voting. 3 - depriving certain segments of the candidacy, such as presidencies and ministers and others. 4 - the issue of elections abroad and the file of the displaced and the manner of their elections. 5. Women quota, individual lists and ingredient lists. 6 - the case of a single circuit to maintain multiple departments. " 7. Subject districts around which disagreements and disputes between the provinces and is more than 60 spend not resolved their subordination to maintain the expense of the other, as there are districts recorded Knuah the former Commission. 8. the issue of materials contained in the law and in need to constitutional amendments, including the number of the next members of the Council , a substance that can not be manipulated without constitutional amendments. the obeliskالمسلة-تنشر-أبرز-النقاط-الخلافية-في-قانون-الانتخابات
  23. 2019/12/04 08:36 The number of readings 234 Section: Iraq Deputy: Halbousi and his first deputy threatened with imprisonment for silence on constitutional violations in parliament BAGHDAD / Obelisk: Member of the Council of Representatives Bassem Khashan, on Wednesday, December 4, 2019, the issuance of court sentences to the imprisonment of the Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbousi and his first deputy Hassan al-Kaabi, attributing this to the "silence" on constitutional breaches within the parliament. Khashan said in a statement followed by the obelisk, "Parliament Speaker Mohammed Halbousi and Vice President Hassan al-Kaabi violated laws and the Constitution by silence on legal violations within the parliament, both at the level of the salaries of deputies who lost their seats and non-compliance with the books of the courts and the judiciary, which reached them and not presented to Parliament, especially in a file The deputies who the court ruled to win the election results. " Khashan added that "the judiciary will sooner or later imprison Halbousi and Kaabi because of their silence on the files mentioned and other cases that I will announce later." Follow the obeliskنائب-الحلبوسي-ونائبه-الأول-مهددان-بالسجن-لسكوتهما-على-خروقات-دستورية-داخل-البرلمان
  24. 2019/12/04 13:52 The number of readings 154 Section: Iraq Al-Maliki: Popular forces are determined to name an acceptable prime minister BAGHDAD / Obelisk: President of the coalition of law, Nuri al-Maliki, Wednesday, December 4, 2019, while receiving the new European Union Ambassador to Iraq Martin Haus, that the conditions in Iraq is an extension of the crises in the region. The Maliki Information Office said in a statement received to the obelisk that "al-Maliki received the new EU ambassador to Iraq Martin Haus," and assured him "the need to coordinate and strengthen relations with EU countries." Maliki pointed out during the meeting that "the crisis facing Iraq is an extension of the crises in the region, calling for the need for" the European Union to have a political role in the dimensions of international conflicts in order to achieve security and stability in the Middle East. "The national and popular forces are determined to proceed with the nomination of a new prime minister with political and social acceptance and in accordance with what the Supreme Religious Authority has put forward in order to accelerate the implementation of the required reforms," he said. For his part, Ambassador Haus said that "the Union supports Iraq in the restoration of political and economic stability and work to achieve the demands of the Iraqi people."المالكي--القوى-الشعبية-مصممة-على-تسمية-رئيس-وزراء-يحظى-بالمقبولية
  25. The Council of Ministers discusses the tasks of conducting matters and issues several decisions at its meeting chaired by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi 3 December 2019 The Council of Ministers held its session on Tuesday, December 3, 2019 under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi.At the beginning of the session, the Prime Minister talked about the government's tasks in conducting things for the continuation of the work of the state and its institutions and the interests of citizens. The Council issued several resolutions and recommendations, the most important of which is the recommendation of the Ministerial Council of Economy on the delay in importing the agricultural product, which has achieved sufficiency until further notice. Pursuant to the provisions of sections (II, III) of Article (2) of the Ministry of Interior Law No. (20) of 2016, Article 80 / Section III of the Constitution decides: 1. Owners of companies, factories, factories, warehouses, commercial, industrial and craft shops, hotels, restaurants, cafes, theaters, clubs, tourist resorts, professional offices, cultural, sports and recreational establishments, hospitals, health clinics and shopping centers shall install cameras with video recorders, their installation locations, technical specifications and duration of registration shall be determined by regulations issued by the Minister of Interior. . 2. The persons mentioned in paragraph (1) above shall make visible signs showing citizens that the place is controlled by cameras. 3. The owners of these establishments may not provide any entity with a copy of the registration or access to the photography, except with the approval of the competent authority for investigative purposes or upon a judicial decision. The competent authority may link a number of cameras and recorders with their systems for the necessities required by the security work. 4. It is prohibited to install cameras in physiotherapy rooms, rooms and places of personal use. 5. The cameras shall be subject to the supervision and inspection of the competent authority to verify the extent of its compliance with the Ministry of Interior controls in order to achieve security and public order. 6. The Minister of Interior may add any facilities to paragraph (1) above based on security conditions and the requirements of the public interest. 7. The violator of the above paragraphs shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of the Penal Code No. (111) of 1969 (as amended). The recommendation of the Ministerial Energy Council was approved as follows: Authorization of the Ministry of Electricity to sign the amendment of the original contract to complete the completion of the project of Salah al-Din thermal plant (2X630 MW) with CMEC Chinese company, amounting to (452884312) dollars, only four hundred and fifty-two million and eight hundred and eighty-four thousand three hundred and twelve, and for a period (12) According to the draft amendment No. (2) and instruct the Ministry of Finance / public debt and cash accounting departments, to support the implementation of the project, according to the letter of the Ministry of Electricity. The Council of Ministers approved the recommendation of the Ministerial Council of Energy as follows: Referral and contracting with the Holding Group Limited for a total amount of (148668811) dollars, only one hundred and forty-eight million six hundred and sixty-eight thousand eight hundred and eleven dollars, includes (55731471) dollars, only fifty-five million seven hundred and thirty-one thousand four hundred and seventy-one dollars representing the cost of the implementation of the phase First (currently implemented) With the benefits of (6433398) dollars only six million four hundred and thirty-three thousand three hundred and ninety-eight dollars + (92298073) dollars, only ninety-two million two hundred and ninety-eight thousand and seventy three dollars represents the cost of establishing the second phase. 2. Securing the amount of the implementation of the first phase (49298073) dollars, only forty-nine million two hundred and ninety-eight thousand three hundred and seventy-three (interest-free) through payment of the documentary credit for the purchase of open energy for the benefit of the group (operational budget), provided that the amount is compensated To allocate the amount of the second phase later of the investment budget for the coming years after coordination with the Ministry of Finance. 3. The holding and operation of the network by the Holding Group Limited for two phases for a period of (5) years at no cost. The Council decided to cancel paragraphs (1 and 2) of the recommendations of the Diwaniyyah Committee: (30 for the year 2015) on the inclusion of investment projects and not to transmit them only after obtaining the fundamental approvals issued under the letter of the Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers number: sh / a / 30/15 15943 dated 12/5/2015, in order to enable the ministries and entities not affiliated with the Ministry and the governorates to complete the projects as soon as possible, in accordance with the timelines set for them, which is reflected in the implementation of the government program. It was approved that the Municipality of Baghdad exclude the numbered plot (19/15/7 Abkar) belonging to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals / State Company for Design and Implementation of the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 1187 of 1982. The Council approved the implementation of the Ministry of Construction and Public Municipalities and the Baghdad Municipality Decisions of the Council of Ministers on honoring a number of civilians and military personnel by cutting off land as an exception to the payment of the distribution allowance to be paid in accordance with the laws in force, provided that the previous benefit referred to in Legislative Decree No. 120 of 1982 is not utilized.
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