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  1. Hey DV, Its Brandy, I am out and am recovering. My sister brought me to my house so I can grab some things, I figure I need to send yall a message before I go cuz its easier to type on a keyboard. The fire started from an explosion in my fireplace. I was trying to light firewood and ran out of starter fluid and went to the garage to get the gas can and the can was big but with just a little gas in the bottom...there was a small flame on the right side of the wood and I was slowly tilting the gas can down to pour the liquid out on the left side but the can was so big that I ended up just pouring out fumes and the flame ignited the fume which caused a loud explosion sending fireballs out at me throwing me back...for a moment all I heard was ringing and my state of being was lost in the impact, when I came to was when I heard my kids screaming for me...when I snapped out of it I realized I was on fire, my whole body my face and hair were on fire, I was trying to put it out with my hands but my face had gas on it and you can't put out a gas fire with hands...I took off my clothes and was yelling at my kids to take off their clothes and get outside by the time we got outside my daughter and I was still on fire she was still taking off her clothes and I just stop dropped and rolled and yelled for them to stop drop and roll and I just kept repeating that, I threw dirt on my face and hair that is how the fire was put out on me. my daughter miraculously got the fire out on her she suffers burn wounds to her face and head. my other two kids got the fire out on them early so their wounds were much smaller thank god. my kids suffered first and second degree and I got third degree on both my legs and my hands and second degree on my face and head. im wrapped up in bandages except my face. I use coconut oil and its working incredibly. my face is healing fast. and so is my left hand. my right hand works but there is a graft that they had to take from my thigh to put on hand so right now the worst is my hand and my leg. I will send pics of before and after as soon as I can. im taking my computer with me so hopefully I can post that soon. I see yalls messages and the notifications and I will get to those. I just want to say im grateful for the prayers and contributions. I am doing alright and am in high spirits. and I have more to say but I have to go and do want to talk more but will be back soon. I do consider myself blessed and humbled from this. I will talk to yall soon. peace and love till then.
  2. This is Bridget, Brandy’s Sister. She is in a Dallas Hospital. Her and her three children were involved in a home fire explosion Tuesday November 13th where they all suffered 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns to their faces and bodies. I have created a soliciting-of-any-kind-is-not-allowed to help raise money for them and their house repairs and other expenses. They’re are all improving everyday. The children have been released to their grandmother but Brandy’s burns were more severe and covered her face and body so she is still currently hospitalized. She mentioned this site that she has been a member of and gave me her login information so that I can post the link. If any of you are able to help even in the smallest way, we would be so greatful. And please keep her and her children in your thoughts and prayers.
  3. I really believe you will dig this entire lecture from Dr. Jordan Peterson, it goes into how all religion is ultimately based on a hierarchy. great lecture.
  4. I don't have beef with meateaters I just had a taco salad soooo...I would love to eat just fruit for health reasons, but lifes a biatch! no hater here
  5. are you calling me a redneck, how did you know, and im being serious. was it my location of west texas. Im not bowling anyone over who don't deserve it, maybe stop running your mouth and I wont run mine. you ARE projecting your **** onto me right now! so you can box with the best? I didn't suggest the contrary. What junk have I labeled you with? Dude I do not know you. As a matter of fact you are the one who came out of the woodwork, I was never talking to you. And tryna act like calling me a "arrogant redneck" is offensive, lol. you yanker!
  6. clarification I think I said Thomas Burgoyne was better than Walter Russell, I just want to say that that is russel is out of my league for right now, but he is amazing, but hard for me at this point to understand.
  7. Hi Learning all I can, I'm deep on opinion. And this subject is the closest thing to my truth as I can know it right in this moment. I want to be real with you, but I am hesitant only cuz I know this could irritate people and when I say irritate I mean shaken. but I do want to talk about it. be cautioned that these are my opinions I am not saying this is "your religion" or that this is "your way". Half of me is saying, "Nooooooooo" don't share this"! This is something that I do not have the end too, and I have searched, and searched and searched for the meaning of this life. And I do know that I have done things that I know NOW that should not have been done, but I also don't regret it, because I wouldn't know what I know now. So when I say I have "no regrets" I actually mean it. I had a friend who didn't believe me when I made that statement. He said, "Bullshit!", Everyone has regrets! and I said not me and I am serious. Because that year in 2013, I had my own "awakening". I had been arguing with "God", I was so low that I challenged this force outside of my self to a duo. I was cocky. I was challenging God because it was all I had left. The gist was something like, why am I here? why the **** did you send me here? I already learned all the suffering, do you have MORE types of suffering, is that it? Cuz if that's the case lets just fn end it right here, I started listing out loud while arguing with God all the **** that he gave me to experience (by the way I was raised Baptist) like anger, rage, anguish, denial, shame, guilt, violence, fear, pain, despair, rejection, real lonliness and everything under the sun. I said what the **** else you got for me, because if its suffering MORE..., then **** you i want to check out!! And in that moment (btw at this point im physically on the floor with my heads in my hands pushing my skull to the floor to equalize the pressure), In that moment the answer was there as fast as I said it. And it wasn't epochal or anything, but it was like "you will have this lesson again if you give up now". And in that moment I know this is the crazy part so im gonna preface with this statement: that this all could be a truth or a lie! ok so the disclaimer is right there. and oh btw, every story is always colored with an added filter every time it is told. so this is still not what happened in that moment, so this is not the original story. But for color here goes; I was outside of my body, I was looking down at myself, on the floor bent over just purging all that emotion, and I realized I couldn't feel it, I could not feel the emotion... the energy behind the feelings, Nothing total detachment..... I was at peace. A peace i never ever experienced before... When i got back in my body, I realized for the first time in my life that I was not my emotions. I had always attached emotions to things, and got to experience the sensation of no emotion!! All of the sudden I had a reason to keep going, and a big one, in that, from that point and forward I KNEW that on the other side of this veil im a ninja with magic powers (my humor) seriously though I realized that I had been given insight even if its a crazy story, the take away is I walked away with information that was of immense value! like I struck gold value. but that feeling didn't last too long, just cuz you get insight doesn't mean its over, cuz now you have to know how to keep those emotions from attaching to the pictures in your mind, and so I had to work on purging, some Baptists say that you have to get down on your knees in a closet and put your hands together and be by yourself in true repentence to God so you can be forgiven. But I learned that we have to forgive ourselves ourself. He or She, God, Source, Monad, Creator, Sun, can not forgive you. The source of power comes from within you and through you, we are conduits, and its by releasing pressure through honest self analysis that you get insight. There are angles of sight that you get to tap into by asking questions but ultimately, it comes from you. i'm not clinging on to any one religion, to me I see the metaphors, so its different for me, I see the language is layered with meaning, I do read all sorts of books religious, philosophical, physics, natural science, chemistry, I have an actual library which I love. My current read is The Light of Egypt by Thomas Burgoyne, Because I want to know the question of how not to come back here to hell. I believe heaven and hell is now in this life and that you create it by attaching emotions to feelings and then marrying those to your thoughts and then it actually happens as a projection in front of us. we create the shitshow. I know this because I have done everything wrong and watch it give me the corresponding lesson. for clarification my lessons are in hind site. So that's really where i'm at in this long walk. Purging all those emotions that don't serve my higher self. Like Control, that one was really hard. Oh but about the Taoist, I asked myself this went something like this, again the filter analogy, devil in the details!... but the gist was, How do I do the opposite of what ive been doing? So every question I would ask was where is the opposite. For example I know there is bad I am living proof, but in order for the "bad" to exist there has to be an opposite. so what is "good"? Every decision became, "ok I know this looks terrible but where is the other truth?" cuz if im seeing this one point of view it has to literally be connected to another angle that is 180 to it, which does include the spectrum between those two points of duality. on the left side I have "evil sex" _______________________"sacred sex" that line between evil sex and sacred sex is my 180 line. and that line also represents the gradations or angles or parallax of general sex which will fall somewhere on that spectrum between 0 and 180, under and over and on all axis, anyways, so I somehow came across the book while asking these questions and read Mantak Chias book and also a bunch of other stuff, to include a lot of Taoist stuff, but the initial idea of sacred sex came from them and I learned that men saved their seed, now I didn't realize how why they saved it until I followed the path of Santos Bonnacci who is a syncretist. and he has a list of his favorite books and I ended up buying some, one was George Careys "The tree of life", which would blow your mind. In it he explains the power of the glands and what your optic thalamus does, and what some of the verses in the bible mean, and it shed a lot of light. I love esoterica now. its my favorite thing. Anything that is hidden im immediately drawn too. The Occult. it literally means "hidden". Now this is where you might would say, "oh she's practicing witchcraft" and I would agree with you, kind of, but not like what you think. Cuz in my opinion we are all practicing it. Some of us, most of us, don't know were doing it. All I know is I want to live the best possible life from here forward, I know what not to do, so now, im just seeking its opposite and while on that journey I have had really wonderful insights. Sex is the hardest for people to overcome, well at least for me anyway, still is at times. so I hope by the time i leave this physical body that i have disciplined my self enough to at least control the animal nature and tap into the divine human (this is what the "light of Egypt" is about, he is really deep, deeper than walter russel in my opinion.) I am monotheistic and poly. it just depends what perspective I need at that time to serve me. I am abstaining from sex to heal, cuz I've only ever misused and abused it. and I know I have to change face... im also trying to become a fruitarian but that is proving harder than the "no sex" rule. and I still run off at the mouth but that's because im wearing heavy dross. Still purging. but way better than ever, so that's the good news.
  8. look all I know is you have somehow managed to take all this way too seriously. I do think highly of myself you are right about that. maybe you should try. why are you hating on my thinking. lol. I have a lot to say, so if you don't want to pander to it, then turn the other fn cheek. stop looking for offenses.
  9. im not a hippy, though I have a sister who calls me a hippie and another one that says im the "weird one". back in 2012 I was an activist cuz I thought we were all going to die under some sort of tyrannical apocalypse that never came...lots of really deep fear based stuff reveled itself to me on an inner level. I overcame a lot of fear. I was a serious prepper, guns ammo food foreign currency and gold and silver and bug out bags, and maps and all sorts of stuff, it got deeper than that! but I had a serious blow to my psyche, and ultimately overcame that fear. I no longer have any of that. I will never go out looking for problems. and as weird as it sounds now I don't think its looking for me either. do you know that movie, "world war z" with brad pit and those zombies taking over everything, remember the only people who were spared were the "sick" ones" the zombies didn't even feel their vibration, well I think its something like that. I don't have that fear vibration. now I do entertain thoughts with friends but they don't have emotions attached to them like they use too.
  10. Hey! Sacred sex has nothing to do with "marriage" even though a married couple can have sacred sex. The marriage contract is a financial instrument only and should not be having any emotions attached to it! My opine. I have learned the hard way. I will never get married for love from here forward. if I get married it will be to my trusted business partner! we are supposed to be purging cleansing healing and sealing our "solomons temple" "soul of mans temple" first. meaning we are supposed to do the great work of purging the animal mind and emotions from our being and upgrading ourselves. and then because of THE LAW, call it whatever name that resonates, whether its, Gods Law, Natural Law, Universal Law, Cosmic Law, not to be mistaken for mans law, but the law that is cyclic and rythmic and jives with the center and balanced divine alignment and through the law of correspondence we will meet someone who is also doing the great work of purging and healing and have risen above the animal. Then those two are capable of having sacred sex but even then it is not meant to be spilled, unless you are planning on having a baby. Whenever a man and a woman have an orgasm that is the most powerful waveform that you push out into the world. it is real. so be aware of your thoughts and emotions when you send the wave cuz that is a combine creative force that MANIFESTS. we ought not be tooling around with beastlike sex cuz we get closer and closer to death every time. we are supposed to be sending that creative energy up through our spine where it clarifies the mind and we get more spiritual clarification and guidance. I personally have been purging for a couple years now, so im still a work in progress. I have thoroughly hated myself, and I refuse to go back to that level of depravity. so you can say im a work in progress.
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