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  1. If you got into crypto thinking it was going to go straight up, then you were destined to fail. Those are the emotional ones who sell when it dips...for shame. The markets will wreck those who attach emotion to it. Hold.
  2. Hi Keylime. "Make me the center of your life". That is a most wonderful statement. Thank you for that. I pray to be like that in every moment. To let go and be aware of Gods movement and not mine. Just before writing this I had something heavy on my heart and mind about a situation. And now that statement has cleared that. "Make me the center of your life". I'll share that with my kids. Thank you. Your sister in christ
  3. im trying to live like this, i get off track, but i get back on and i thank God for letting me see that there is only one truth. Thanks for your words.
  4. i do have water storage, i also have a berkey (carbon filters). i have all kinds of dry foods, i did think about mre's but they are pricey which is why i bought bulk dried potatos, carrots, leeks, spinach. im not counting on meat. i still have to buy powdered butter (but that is expensive!). im holding out on that one. i have rice and beans. i found a place in oklahoma where you can buy their grain berries (last longer and better for you if not bleached), and if you drive there and pick it up yourself it is half off (, i figure in a few months ill hook up the trailer and pick it up. iodine and petroleum jelly (you can mix them together and put a gauze over it for at least three days without removing the bandage) i have lots of alcohol (isopropyl) i remember when the toilet paper was out, what most people didn't notice is that alcohol couldn't be found anywhere, i visited amazon and those small bottles of alcohol were already being price gouged, and you couldn't find them under 30 bucks! so when it leveled back out i made sure i had alcohol. We must pray for the "enemy". I remember i saw a pic with biden allegedly shitting his pants and it gut punched me cuz i realized they are trying to get us to disrespect, and dislike old people. dividing the people on politics, religion, race and vaccines isn't enough they want "boomers, zoomers, doomers" to be another point of division. We must pray for the enemy. We must not judge them, we must intercede on their behalf and have their hearts open to receive the one spirit. When i head out of town there is a sign that says to pray for our enemies, and then last night i was listening to joel goldsmith who had an entire lecture on prayer and it was centered around praying for the enemy. and then i saw a youtube video that popped up saying, "pray for the enemy". so the message has been clear to me. my goal is to not judge any of the headllines as good or bad and to stay focused on prayer for everyone. Im not in fear, but i am preparing for food shortages on an epic scale, just because to me it is obvious. Prayer will be our greatest tool.
  5. there will be famine and a large amount of human depopulation, they are preparing the technology now, so that those who remain will either sign up through their new dystopian or live like wild men in the mountains. there is something out there titled reset 2030 buy wef and it actually talks about the people in cities and how they will live, and how there will be those on the outside living like wild animals basically...
  6. Hyperinflation freaks me out more than vaccines. I think Hyperinflation will start a war, or a war will break out to put the blame on inflation on another entity. I think more will die from the coming collapse than vaccines. Either way something is upon us and it is epic. Look at Austrailia! Look at China. Look at Austria, Germany, Canada. And even in the states every state has a mandate that says the health czar can round you up if they so say. That is actual tyranny. When an entity tells you to do something against your Will. Thats how you know were in for some crazy times. And the US Dollar is the last domino to fall since it is the world reserve currency, but its not long now. I think we have another two years to find our communities and continue food storage before the real shtf. Silver to have a store of value. Food because you won't have a shelf to get it off of. I got to talk to a Venezuelen a while back and he said that most his family had to leave Venezuela when the bolivar hyperinflated. He said he was still there because he saw what was happening. He was able to move all his bolivar into USdollars at the time and he had bought bitcoin. He says people are given ration cards, but that people have to wait days in line for meager amounts and thats if you have your medical card with you. He said fuel lines you have to sleep in your car for 4 days.(and if you voted for the wrong party you have to pay more for gas!) Depending on where your at it could take a month. He said he drives a bicycle. I found him on a gold video site and asked him what he thinks about the us dollar, he said thats what he is worried about now and said he is considering gold and continue hedging with bitcoin. I also asked him what the media was saying before the collapse, he said they never let on that anything was wrong, in fact they were saying not to worry that the checks were coming! Sound familiar. Over 80 percent of the hospitals are out of commission. You have to have babies at home, if you have an emergency situation then you have to bring your own supplies and hope a doctor can see you. Working in venezuela is pointless because their wages arent rising with hyperinflation. Your better off gardening. I also asked him what made him start prepping, he said it was when they ran out of toilet paper, coffee and milk. Most people were saying it was transitory but he noticed cleaning stuff at the places like hardware stores didn't have things, he said that is what triggered him. So if you can appreciate what happens during hyperinflation, then you can see better the tools you will need. Oh and kids are dying of starvation and dying from malaria and other nasty water diseases. The electric grid is intermitant which means no clean water. Turkey is the 19th largest economy, and they are starting to experience hyperinflation, it is here guys, you still in a fortunate position to see the writing on the wall. And Lebanon is already in hyperinflation. stock up on food clothes and meds. and FEAR NOT. This has always been just a transitory place. And that should provide you comfort. Not mans will but Gods Will.
  7. according to shadowstats that 6 percent is actually 17!
  8. omg. well thats interesting did they subtract the 6% november increase in inflation, cuz by my math they are already at -2%. and that 6 percent inflation is based on a cpi that doesn't even include energy and food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf if you want to see the 80s version vs todays version... your drinking the kool aid bruh
  9. isabella weber is tardy and does as she is told. price controls mean business will stop selling you ****. and ultimately its all part of the plan to run private businesses into the ground... "deflation before hyperinflation" -mike maloney
  10. I love Egon. There is a few interviews with him and Lynette Zang that are not to be missed. HYPERINFLATION is here! Inflation is not transitory! We are headed for crazy ass times. Ports aren't moving. (all orchestrated) flooding, droughts (orchestrated or not) The reset is here, no bones about it. I have been preparing for quite a long time. I recently purchased some aribica bean plants (coffee), and tobacco seeds, not because i smoke because i know some people who are gonna want to smoke when the time comes. If you are relying on stores to give you food, you are in deep doo doo. PREPARE, Go to garage sells and stock up on hand tools, and clothes and shoes for your kids future needs. Since March 2020 I have bought a very small piece of land near a lake. As a back up to water supply. I bought a 128 sq foot green house. I have bout a solar battery and 4 panels as backup. i have silver, crypto, and a bunch of food and plants and seeds. i have a bunch of clothes for my kids future and shoes. I have started to can my own meat! so i have loaded up on jars. (which are hard to find where im at) hand tools, water containers. Because I KNOW its upon us. loads of iodine, petroleum jelly, alcohol, antibiotic, bandaides, guazes, tweezers, scissors all kinds of med stuff. Im not scared or in fear, but at the same time i can't help but see the writing on the wall. So i am preparing accordingly. This is not bullshit. It's here right now. stop going out to eat expensive shitty food. and start getting busy preparing. Are you the Ant or the Grasshopper?
  11. I will add that is in nice to know that my mortgage payment gives me back 47 bucks!
  12. Just a follow up, I have been using my coinbase debit card now, since July 2021, and my rewards are at $356.29 cents! AND, Coinbase is going to allow direct deposits in a week!!!! Holla!
  13. I have started using my coinbase card for pretty much everything! The 4 % back is crazy and is legit!
  14. And if God/ Prime Mover /Source/ The One / Wholeness, is the only Power and if you know that God proceeds all of man's laws, then I would put my energy into that and not focus on man's concoctions. Stay your mind on God's Law. (Which is wholeness) non separation. The Will of God will never take you to where the Grace of God will not protect you.
  15. Daniel in the Lions Den is a story of a man knowing God as the ONLY power.
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