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  1. The US Mint to reduce gold and silver eagles over the next 12 -18 months cuz of the virus
  2. uhmkay
  3. George Floyd Isn't dead. It was a Psychological Operation to hijack the words, "I can't breathe" and to enlist young kids, because their energy is the greatest and they are least experienced in the world ergo clueless, to join a group called black lives matter so that they can be a part of a "greater cause.", unknowingly and unrealizing that the blm is a marxist organization. Unfortunately, they have to learn the hard way. Just like i did when the tea party and occupy protests were hijacked by big money like "freedomworks" which the RNC took over, and "mediamatters" owned by Soros who hijacked the Occupy movement which the DNC took over. Agent Provacateurs. It will clean itself out in time. And by the way, MOST people know that all lives matter. That should have been the first clue.
  4. Maybe me saying i don't care about death means something different to you. My dad told me last weekend that he's dying. And that he wanted to tell me so i didn't hear about it after the fact. I said, I already knew you were dying, Im surprised your still alive! I am grateful that you brought me into this world to experience this. I told him he should be alright with dying seeing as to how we are all going. God put us here to follow his Will. It seems we need not be scared of it since it is something we are ALL doing. Why if i know im going to die would i be scared? Cuz obviously we all have to do it. So that right there is reason enough to not fear what death brings. If anything it should make you realize to live with less fear in this current life. Now, I do get hung up on external things like the world affairs like the coronahoax for example...but ultimately i have been brought to the point in my own life where i see that death is a must for everyone. At least i can respect that Law and not take this "Life" so wearily. It is comforting to know we are all going to that final resting place, together. I choose finally after a long time to do it without fear. ERGO, I will not be a part of those who are willing to say, "OMG, Aunt Pearl, we have to put her in a tent, less she dies!!!!!!" "Uhm, we gotta wrap grandmas wheelchair in plastic and make a bubble around her, less she dies!!!" "Kids get a tent and get outside, less you die!" (actual headline from zerohedge) I am content with seeing the hysteria, strangely to some i know. I know this has to happen. It has changed my life to know that I have no control over life or death. Best thing that has ever happened to me. It brought me closer to letting go and letting God.
  5. All that came of that was me realizing no body knows nothing. You cant prove anything. I cant prove anything. Were just keyboard warriors. But from experience what i do know is there exists something greater than me who has the master plan. I dont follow flat earth stuff anymore (though it was fun)! These days im more interested in tryna manifest no fear...which the irony for me is all this corona fear popping into existence...right when i realized Gods Will is the Way...this corona hysteria happens!?! He works in mysterious ways!
  6. My point is fear God not a virus. Yall making kids crazy. That is not God at work.
  7. Faith in fear is not faith at all. By your faith you will be justified or condemned.
  8. I don't care if they got the virus. Hell i probably have it and still don't care. The numbers no matter what will forever be fake to me. Have fun in believing the fear. I don't care about the virus. I don't care if you aunt or your grandma gets it. why?! Because i know every man is gonna die. So i give it over to God and oh what a relief!
  9. All men are created equal by God. All yall are doing is showing your fear. Yall are gonna hurt yourselves without regular folks ever being involved. Burn the democrat cities down! You want to be self empowered then your gonna have to realize that you were BORN FREE. By God not man. You want victimhood, then you get victimhood. . You don't get to blame your parents, you don't get to blame the cards your were dealt, you got to realize that you are here to align to Gods Will which provides the path of freedom for every man. You will not find freedom burning **** down. I mean you will make noise and at least I know where not to step, but that is it...yall aint doing nothing to ACTually free yourself. Only one way out of here that is true freedom. And that is Gods Will. i can hear it now, "i am an atheist" well keep burning it all down then, the law of reaping what we sew will show up in your life. You are a slave of the propaganda machine and it doesn't matter what you burn down you will continue in your slavery and self wallowing until you align to the one Law. I say this with experience that my way is not the way, doing it my way lead to misery, and throught the misery God has set me free. Misery is a way to freedom but boy it hurts so much more.
  10. and another dumb ol lady who clearly thinks her life is in her control, pepper sprayed a couple in a park for eating sandwiches without masks on...videos of rediculousness abounds... fear porn good for the soul! that is yalls stupid mantra
  11. yalls fear porn is going to create a generation of fraught kids, get over you selves
  12. That just goes to show how sheepish people are. Sweden don't wear masks and they are fine. Do as your told and suffocate. FAITH over fear is a no brainer. Masks are really stupid, its for people who think their lives are important. all it exposes is a bunch of self centered egos thinking they can stop their own death...God chooses that time, and if your going to wear a mask on your way out, all your doing is attaching to fear... there might be a few who wear it to keep the peace, but most are self centered assholes. clearly. thinking they can outsmart death... better not go to the park a tree might fall on you better not breathe the air pollution might be in it better not drive a car might wreck if you want to fear something, fear sugar...that kills way more... Make your fear make sense! It is a joke cuz you can't. The only fear/respect is for the God that created everything. bunch of idgets
  13. I follow Mike every day! He is so kind you can tell he cares about people. Thanks
  14. If you are looking for another way to see what is happening that is good then Rabbi Friedman is the guy.
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