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  1. Also the lander would have melted...but I guess they pick and choose the severity of the radiation emitted by the van Allen belts as it suits whatever narrative.
  2. It's talking about not judging your brother. Because if you judge your brother you are automatically judging your self.
  3. Lol. You lost me at "Smithsonian". It's is golden aluminum foil and curtain rods!! And the firmament goes hand in hand with flat earth. The moon is circular and appears flat. We literally only ever see one side...I wonder Why? It also has its own light. I have a sweet binoculars on tripod set up and watch the moon and I recently watched the Saturn and Jupiter conjunction which was spectacular (you literally can't see a ball) (Dec. 2020) you see bright colors. I love the night sky so many clues. If the earth is hurling through space then why are the constellations trekking i
  4. Good morning shabs! Just like the ball earthers...nonsense! Haha. At the end of the day it's *** for tat. I will add that the earth at the center is literally what we see. Why don't we trust our own sense. Cuz the nasa budget works hard to CONvince you.
  5. Have you actually seen the lunar lander that was used in the "moon landing" ...what a joke. Also warner von Braun which was the first director of nasa who was also a Nazi scientist left the verse psalm 19:1 on his tombstone. Also the water level is flat everywhere. If we're using math, then why does the declination of the alleged curve not match what's happening when we use our eye balls. The satellite argument is so worn out and covered relentlessly...and yes there are scientists today and in the past who are geocentrists...if your looking at government (control mind) textbooks or corporate t
  6. this is how ptolemy sees it too. I have his book "tetrobiblos" and it talks about this and the earth in the center.
  7. Here is the difference I think... If you happen to be an active participant in something serious or traumatic, it to me is different because You are there in real life as it is happening...and if you are there then your response is going to be different then when your not. If you are there then it is real to you and we take action accordingly. But if its coming from any form of propaganda then we should see it as a false appearance. Not because we are heartless but because it seems pointless to direct energy to a known deceptive practice such as is the "NEWS
  8. People shouldn't spend time wasting there energy on hysterics! BOTTOM LINE! If you are a promoter of hysterics then you are hysterical. Not a part of the solution. Only One Answer to it all. Take it to God.
  9. flippant is a great word, a powerful spell that im not under. i simply choose not to believe. Now the other day, i drove upon a car crash and was there before the police and emergency personnel were...i slowed down to 1 mph trying to take it all smoke was the first thing i saw everywhere, then i saw someone helping a man out of a black dodge charger whos engine was windows rolled down cuz im trying to figure out whats happening, then I hear the wailing of a woman, and I immediately burst to tears cuz i knew she had lost something. I couldn't see h
  10. Not only do i want to assume the opposite of fear porn , i let the negative pass through me without holding on to it... and you can only do that if your not "gripped" by the sensation of it.
  11. All Words are Spells The words we use are arranged into patterns that are hypnotizing, they have a direction and mood and thought attached to them.
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