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  1. Funny I went back to edit my response but my time had run out... I wanted to add the TDS should be the diagnosis for anyone who blindly follows and doesn't question any political leader or government in general... There no doubt people suffer from TDS across the board... JMHO Who will I vote for you ask? One side wants to give away the house to their interested supporters... Can you guess which side I'm talking about? It makes it tough to vote for either candidate. I don't support giving everyone a free ride, but I also don't support corporate welfare and unregulated in
  2. This is a pretty good look at the presidents and the economy since Truman... There 2 slides for each president. The first one tells a little about their time in office and the second slide shows S&P return and debt to GDP... Easy to follow and understand some real basic numbers.... https://www3.forbes.com/money/we-looked-at-how-the-stock-market-performed-under-every-u-s-president-since-truman-and-the-results-will-surprise-you-vue/?utm_campaign=We-Looked-At-How-The-Stock-Market&utm_source=Yahoo-gemini&utm_medium=yh192752n0us71&lcid=yh192752n0us71&utm_content=HOM
  3. That would make sense... Trying to vote before the election would be like a bad case of PE...
  4. No question his followers who question nothing and except everything out of his mouth suffer from your described aliment.
  5. Sometimes these guys leave me unsure of what they are saying... They just need a signature on the RV document....
  6. Historically speaking it take 70 days to confirm a nominee... They are trying to do it in less than 40... It will be less than 40 by the time the nominee is announced... That seems like a rush to me... JMHO
  7. Have you wondered why the rush??? Is there a chance Mitch doesn't think Trump will be there in the future? I just wonder why there is a lack of confidence..
  8. Maybe I read your comment wrong... I thought it said "It looks like I'm dropping FOXNEWS from my channel line up" So I thought that meant because of one topic you were dropping them after years of tuning in.... My bad, sorry for the misunderstanding..
  9. This is ridiculous... Dropping one of your news sources because you disagree with a story or reporter??? "Give us only propaganda"... Is that the new mantra? How could you even form an opinion if you only know one train of thought?
  10. I hear you Kev... Although I get slammed by some people here because they don't agree with me, the bottom line is I'm not happy with either party... Trump is an empty box and Biden is too old to lift the box... What's a voter to do????
  11. Yes it is working fine now... I did report you as a safe site, although I doubt my input didn't have any affect... LOL
  12. So I never said it was law, I said Mitch stated Americans should have a voice in 2016 going into the election... Now he doesn't think your voice matters as he tries to rush this through in 40 days... Sadly, I guess people missed that part... Ol' Mitch maybe he just forgot...
  13. Mitch did not allow Obama to place a judge on the bench with months to go before the election, saying Americans should have a say... In other words, let Americans choose the new president then let the president do his thing... Now Mitch says don't wait even a few weeks and let the people pick the next president then let the process go on... Suddenly, Americans shouldn't have a say???? Are they this sure Trump is gone? How do these people live with themselves... This is a classic example of talking out of both sides of your mouth... I remember when Americans didn't like people who t
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