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  1. wow, your hate for Trump blinded your eyes to see the great things that he's trying to do for America. Every good things he does will always evil in your eyes. But the good thing for you is that in spite of what the democrats and liberals feel about him, the good things he's doing will affect every American. Amen to that!!
  2. It seems to me that you're living in a la la utopian land. Could you please tell me which one of the democrats you would put your hope of dignity and respect on? lol
  3. Let the democrats taste their own medicine. I am sure it tastes bitter. lol
  4. God is doing it already. Many Muslims have turned to Jesus for redemption and forgiveness of their sins. They are courageous because it cost them, some their lives and their families. God is in control of what's going on. We should not lose hope in Him but be strong in our faith.
  5. Please, don't bring up Jesus Name in this forum to disrespect Him, lol.
  6. There is nothing there and Trump and his people are not hiding anything, however but what scared me the most is the ability of the democrats to perpetrate lies to bring down trump. We've seen it during Dossier and now. Shiff lied to the American people by adding his own interpretation to the phone text. Later, he has to walk back his comments. lol
  7. Yes, there are millions of good Muslims around the world, but the problem is that the few that set the agendas and eventually will dominate the religion in the future if we American do not take note of it. Of course, the Muslims are working hard to change the dynamic of American society by trying to introduce Sharia Laws into some communities where their populations is numerous. They are demanding that the system accommodate their practices. It may not be as drastic and life changing at this time, but wait till their population grows and dominates in the many cities, counties and states. We will see their wings spread just like in Europe where you can't go to some of their communities where the Muslims live. Am I wrong? lol
  8. As we united in prayers, God will move to answer our prayers. It will be a miracle from God, I believed to see RV, nothing more nothing less.
  9. I wish this is true to eliminate some of the rumor/lie perpetrators that clouded the internet on a daily basis. lol
  10. There are millions of peaceful Muslims, but they are irrelevant because the minorities who control the agendas, who we should be worried about. The majority of the Muslims are peaceful, but controlled by the minorities that are dangerous to our society. How do we deal with them? Once the world population become Muslim, imagine what the world would be like. It won't be pretty. However, I still believed that Jesus is the King and He has a plan as the bible predicted in the last days. That's HOPE we have in Jesus. Amen!!!!!
  11. As you get promoted in rank, that's when you start to use your leadership ability to make decisions. Obviously, you were not in the military that long. Probably you were at the low rank where you do as you were told. At least that how it works in the Marine Corps.
  12. I came from the island of Micronesia to join the USMC. I am so glad I made that choice to serve this country. It gave me an opportunity to better my life. I experienced many things and met many people from different background, rich or poor. I also went to many places around the world and seen how other people live. I am thankful that I am an American now.
  13. What part of his statement don't you guys understand. English is my second language, but I understood what he meant. He meant "don't be a dweeb". It means don't be like it, not you are a dweeb. This is two different meanings. lol
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