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  1. Don't forget that Clinton did very well during his administration because he was smart enough to work with the Republican controlled congress led by Gingrich. They kept him in checked with spending and many other social program spending.
  2. So, how does it mean to US and Iraq currencies? Will you please explain it. This went over my small brain. lol.
  3. This is the right time to deal with the Chinese government. If not now, then when and by who? It is very important to deal with the Chinese illegal activities before it is too late. Once they become a military and economic power, no one could stand up against them. They would do anything they want without any constrain. Yes, it is painful to deal with them now, but we have to learn to deal with it.
  4. Ha, ha, ha, oh you forgot something. Obama inherited the slowest economic recovery in the modern history. Or, lets say that Obama created the slowest economic recovery in the modern history. lol
  5. What does this means? Does it mean that the DemonRats are in trouble? Just wondering. lol
  6. I have the same feelings. All these euphoria of RV is nothing but false alarm. I have been on this investment since the beginning and seen it all, I think. One thing I am looking for is the small denominations. The RV would never happen without it. Just my humble opinion. Everything else is just the progression work toward the RV. lol
  7. I will add to Trump's statement, If you don't like our American system, go to the socialist countries and live there before you make up your mind. If you like their system, then come back and we will have a conversation. lol
  8. There are few cases that this article mentioned in the paper and it made it seems that it is rampant among the military personnel. I don't think so. I've been in the military for twenty years and I know that they are very strict with the government computers, at least within USMC. They will find out what's inside your computer when you turn it in to the COM every time you leave the unit for another unit. I personally knew a Marine who got in trouble for visiting those kinds of porn sites using his own computer. Therefore, in my opinion, this article is full of bs.
  9. Now I understand this article after reading it twice. In a nutshell, there are two competing ideas: to reduce the value of the dinar and the other does not want to as it would affect all cash balances. At first read, I thought they're really planning to reduce the value of the dinar. I was disappointed. lol. Now I feel better. lol
  10. I got the same understanding from the article.
  11. Of course, the media to blame for it. Just look at the Russian dossier, how the media reported it on a daily basis. The liberal media refused to report all the good things he's doing for American, but constant bashing him with all kinds of negativities. Also, look at the AMC trade deal, the Democrat in Congress refused to bring it up for vote. This alone showed us that these democrats would not support anything Trump do for this country, even if it's good for this country.
  12. Yes, it is wrong, whether your Republicans or Democrats I won't support it.
  13. Nice try!! That is the sentiment for Trump because he is doing a great job for this country, but we all know that the constitution won't allow it. The fake media would take this as a gospel and attack the Trump supporters as bunch of lawless people.
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