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  1. Come on Luigi, why post something that you know is a bs? Would you tell your family something that you know it is a flat out lie? lol
  2. That's not how they explained it. Come on. It was real clear in what they say they would like to do with the exchange rate. one million is equal to one thousand dinar.
  3. Come on people, this sounds like they are going to lop their currency. If so, how is that good for us? Just wondering. lol
  4. I am a retired vet and I would do the same thing these military personnel did. Most military personnel know that the DemonRats don't support military. They used military for their special agendas. lol
  5. You guys are crazy. I wouldn't touch this dinar with 10 feet pole. Right now no body knows what they would do with their money. In my opinion, what I've been seeing or hearing from the government and posts from here, it does not look promising. For me, I'll just keep what I have till the end of this journey, but i wouldn't buy any anymore. This is just my humble opinion, lol
  6. Oh really? Stop spitting out the liberal fake news media propaganda. I am tired of the liberal fake news media and corrupt demonrats propagandas. ha ha ha ha
  7. Wow, did you just wake up? lol The demonrat party is moving toward socialism. if you don't know, you need to wake up. lol
  8. Wow, Lugiiiiiiii, Do you really believe these nonsense stuff you're bringing to this website? lol
  9. Oh yea, vote for dementia Biden. Oh pathetic. lol
  10. This shows that the conservatives and republicans have their own minds, unlike the liberals and the demonrats who would follow their leaders to the cliff. This is good, it shows that we are not bunch of zombies like the democrats and liberals.
  11. I will report this post to IRS. It is so blatantly lied to people. Let them answer to the IRS if this is a right story. lol
  12. I hope they investigate all others that brought here all those lies every day and weeks. What happened to this guy, you know who that is? He's been quiet lately. I am sure he's lying low and waiting for another time. lol
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