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  1. Of course, the media to blame for it. Just look at the Russian dossier, how the media reported it on a daily basis. The liberal media refused to report all the good things he's doing for American, but constant bashing him with all kinds of negativities. Also, look at the AMC trade deal, the Democrat in Congress refused to bring it up for vote. This alone showed us that these democrats would not support anything Trump do for this country, even if it's good for this country.
  2. Yes, it is wrong, whether your Republicans or Democrats I won't support it.
  3. Nice try!! That is the sentiment for Trump because he is doing a great job for this country, but we all know that the constitution won't allow it. The fake media would take this as a gospel and attack the Trump supporters as bunch of lawless people.
  4. I am a veteran with 20 years of service. I neg this so called, "veteran". because I disagreed with his premised. If he really cares about the safety of this country, he would've supported and approved the border wall bill. Had the DemonRats passed the bill for the border, Trump wouldn't have to do this. Our border is detrimental to the safety of Americans. Therefore, stop your nonsensical and fake outraged about what Trump is doing at the border and overseas.
  5. What article this clown is talking about? I must have missed something here. lol
  6. Come on, you are smarter than this to share this stupid story here. When you travel don't you use the local currency or credit card to pay for things? How can this stupid lady use other currencies at the hotel? I think Umberto is losing his mind. lol
  7. The demonrats loved Trump when he was on their side giving them money for their campaigns. Now he saw the lights, they hated him with passion.
  8. jaybake

    Go Iraq

    You may be right, but the time will tell if there is such a thing as a revaluation as we all are hoping for. lol
  9. jaybake

    Go Iraq

    I believed that when we see small denominations on the street, we would expect the time is near. Otherwise, stop wasting your time expecting it is near.
  10. You got a point, but these scammers will not do it because they are lying to their zombies. lol.
  11. Interesting how you pointed out Trump only when there are many examples on both side of the isles, such as Obama - our insurance premium will never go up or you will keep your doctor. I can see your biases. However, I do agree on your premise.
  12. Throught prayers, God moves. If you don't believe it, well, its up to you. That's all I am going to say. Jesus comment His desciples to pray in everything because through prayers God moves in many ways.
  13. Thanks DinarRock, I hear you and I want to believe what everybody is saying, but my other side of the brain is trying to figure out how they're going to support the RV. My question for you is this, Is RV would be in their best interest? If yes, why don't they' do it, if no, then why would they do it? As of now we know they're using US dollars to do international transactions, there is no incentives for them to change the value of their money to use for outside the country transaction. Anyways, thank you all for your opinions. lol
  14. I look at everything with the lens of reality. The reality is that with the amount of oil revenue and other revenues that Iraq made can not support the RV that everybody is looking for. It does not matter how you slice it, the answer will be the same. HOWEVER, I am in this because I believe in GOD of miracle. Everything is possible for God. Therefore, if you want to see miracle, this is your chance. I recommend that we all pray for Iraq that God will change their situation to make it possible to RV their Dinar. lol.
  15. Those people who disagreed with my opinion, please give me the reasons. I have been in this investment since 2004 and I have seen same old arguments over and over again. Nothing new under the sun. Of course, I still believe in RV if God's willing. It has to be a miracle from God, otherwise, I can't see how the Iraq will RV its money. I have read both side of the arguments and concluded that we need a miracle from God. Therefore, please pray that God will grand us this dream that we all have been waiting for. lol
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