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  1. How many illegals can build this kind of tunnel? Few, but there are a lot of illegals can just walk across the border. MY point is that just because they can build tunnel across the border, that does not give liberals the reason not to support building walls or fence. The wall will secure the border and allow them more time to look for this kind of infrastructure. Just an opinion. The border wall works at the San Diego border.
  2. jaybake

    In Other News

    i would be glad to hear the government to arrest more people that are still spreading the lies in these blogs. It would make my day!! lol
  3. Lol, I am not a liberal by any stretched of imagination, but I am from the islands of Micronesia. I have seen too many pictures of the destruction of land and reef from friends and families who are still living on the island. I am just bringing information for all to digest it and give comments. lol
  4. Does this matter? Just wondering.
  5. jaybake

    RV In China...Are We Next?

    Maybe Luigi1's name should be submitted for spreading bull crap here. lol
  6. I agree with you, but in this case the democrats are playing dirty politics which is showing their ugly rear head.
  7. You got a point!! Something is not right on both side of the argument.
  8. How do you know? sounds like you know what they would do. lol
  9. it US doesn't have to do that, let their own people do it and receive the support from the US. Obama could have done it during his administration, but has no balls
  10. Of course, you can not find it there because it is another perpetrated lie by the so called "Guru".
  11. Believe me I do believe in Miracle and I've seen from both side, God or Satan. The revaluation of Dinar is going to be a miracle from God and that is why I am still here. From my own perspective, I don't know if Iraq can pull this off. We all need to pray that God will make this happen. I don't put my hope in Iraqi government to come through with revaluation. This is just my opinion from my observation since 2004.
  12. None the less, you used God's name. I can tell you for sure that it won't happen in those time frame you mentioned. lol This is just my educated guessed. lol

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