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  1. Yes, he meant $35 Billion dollars. lol Just how I understood his words.
  2. Jesus chose Paul to preach His Kingdom, how can God not use Trump to help turn around American from the destruction caused by the Democrat party. lol
  3. I bet you didn't have a problem with Obama administration when they did the same thing. lol
  4. Oh please, really? Can the demonrats prove any wrong dong the President has done? Wow, the demonrats didn't have any problem with what Obama did, but have an audacity to write something about Trump. Shush.
  5. Observe you camp before making comments about the other side because I believed your camp is beyond helped right now. I gave you ruby so you know how I felt about your comments.
  6. I hope so. These so called "Guru" who's been missed leading us with their fake news should be prosecuted for it. I would support that. I am tired of these liars spouting out their lies everyday without any consequences of their actions. They think they could do it without any repercussion. lol
  7. Oh really? They were invited to meet President Obama in Washington. They were quests to the President. What does that tell you? Muslim Brother is a terrorist group and the enemy to the American people. They killed American soldiers, yet was invited to the office of the President. lol
  8. wow, your hate for Trump blinded your eyes to see the great things that he's trying to do for America. Every good things he does will always evil in your eyes. But the good thing for you is that in spite of what the democrats and liberals feel about him, the good things he's doing will affect every American. Amen to that!!
  9. It seems to me that you're living in a la la utopian land. Could you please tell me which one of the democrats you would put your hope of dignity and respect on? lol
  10. Let the democrats taste their own medicine. I am sure it tastes bitter. lol
  11. God is doing it already. Many Muslims have turned to Jesus for redemption and forgiveness of their sins. They are courageous because it cost them, some their lives and their families. God is in control of what's going on. We should not lose hope in Him but be strong in our faith.
  12. Please, don't bring up Jesus Name in this forum to disrespect Him, lol.
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