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  1. Thank you Laid Back. I’d purchased Iranian Rial four years ago. Would love to cash it out.
  2. Can someone please help me understand this article? Did the Rial revalue?
  3. It stated that Ty Rhame was inquiring who and how was the IQD purchased. It also was asking if it was purchased form major banks or internet providers. I’ve personally met Ty, and I think that sterling had done all of their clients, wrong doing and dishonest business. I’d love some form of reimbursement on that business transaction.
  4. Sterling Currency Group sent me an email on Monday, regarding the purchase of IQD. I had 8 million on layaway. All of my payments were lost, as well as my initial deposit for those funds.
  5. Nunnery8. I’ve still got 5 @ 900 per Mil.
  6. Yes sir. 900 per mil. I’m only going to sell the whole lot.
  7. I have 5 mil. For sale @ 900 a mil. Going to invest in other entities.
  8. I just bought 5 mil from another member here for 750 per mil. If that interests you please contact me at Thanks, and good luck !! cheers
  9. Any information on the trial of the Sterling group, on September 4th?
  10. I will do 3,750 pay pal. E mail me at
  11. Would you be willing to sell just the dinar? If so, what is your asking price? Thx
  12. Hi everyone. I'm looking to buy 3 mil uncirculated dinar, in 25,000 notes. I'm willing to pay 800.00 per mil.
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