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  1. Iraq will following Us economic. The economic not heathly. I have disccus the healthy economy to our prime minister but I don't know if their still in plan to go up. You can follow my fb normala rashid.
  2. Banks gain the trust of the people to save. Iraqi people are borrowin Give works to umployment
  3. Iraq need replacing the circulation for corruption in economic and gold reserve for new notes or coin. Development country and investor to government should have to rise up dinar market. I think Iraq will move to decimal after chapter 8 ( International trade).
  4. How can Iraq raise currency? 1) Gold prices rose 2) Oil prices surpassed 100usd. 3) Banks gain the trust of the people to save. 4) Iraqi people are borrowing 5) Iraqi currency in more countries than abroad 6) Export exceeds imports
  5. How? By jet? How much. 25000dinars
  6. Central:You want print your money or lower or higher denom. Give you GOLD now. But if your country inflation.. Why you want do something to COUNTRY first to make your currency being demand. Because CENTRAL BANK PRINTING MONEY BY GOLD. Imo economy is very bad. So central bank just holding without nothing.
  7. Gold rate is depend on the world economic. Economic in bad situation then gold will go through the same . Imo. Iraq already get their asset if their waiting economy burst. 😊 We need wait global reset currency.
  8. ok bro . free time maybe 😎 . i think iraq will be lop before article 8 or hcl agreements . stanby get cash at money changer. i just look iraq shares at that iraq using lower price to trade . Save your receipt before gov give one hundred reason for income tax 😂
  9. thank you adam . i want join vip to get exclusive information😊
  10. Yes, Malaysia Mali la. I TALK TALK wakili Malaysia. Lol. By the way, don't forget if we put money a lot into stock better than cash. How iqd will be revalue their currency without company going global . Look at the vietnam. I'm waiting tun mahathir change their perspective from Japan to iraq. Imo
  11. After article 8. Is trade aggrement . You look at at stock. Iraq don't have public any company to be shareholder.
  12. Iraq will revalue by entry market first to stable economy Iraq will RI if demand more than supplier ( iqd) Iraq will lop to solve inflation and big money in the market by using digital currency and give limit to people. We have seen cbi get something for improving a lot banking
  13. Countries bought Gold like crazy in 2018 . Something is going to place with Gold .It could be for stability and security in an unstable economic environment ? If it is used to help raise currency values ? That remains to be seen . I'm for whatever they use to RI and RV the currency . Thanks Normala  Iraq and quwait have different situation to revalue. Quwait already stable economic but have problem with Iraq only. Quwait just entry after Iraq got hit..BUT Iraq environment totally are really bad. Iraq going one of developing country under imf. They get back their ASSET. Private and public sector in another country have lot join venture and imf give loans to Iraq. Asset get back. Will get back 3usd But if gold and oil rise will get more 3usd lol Thank you to people sharing with ME
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