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  1. i dont want talk advanced about economic in public . Is dangerous. Because people are controlled by someone have planned for along time ago . People cant know the secret . By the way , We are invest the right currency . Iā€™m lucky that iraq just going to the top and buy more gold means their country improves a lot and already going to global šŸ’• .
  2. Economy collapse at 2018 and many country get much calculations in their country . No demand for fiat . The gold price depand the higher demand money supply. We economy is boosting and gold will much better rise up . I dont saving gold fiscally for investment. Just to prepare for any war . I think the world is so much black power controlling behind gov . We will be the victim. So better prepared to ourself.
  3. Country buy gold to stanby for small denom to issue . Iraq get so much inflation. their need rise taxes for good and services and rise money supplier to let gdp growth. people dont put their money in the bank .Gov are forcing to stannby with reserves gold . IMO . i hope will get revalue in end september so i can buy gold
  4. They need starting to global to first step . But Iraq can have struggle in global market . People are really tired with politic people . Society is victim from politic people . So many country and bankers get really struggling with economic. Planner , mixing or free system economic is really die . I told you the politic people make the private company and bankers struggling now . Government just thingking about the power and try make them good then understand want society really wants . i was planning project crypto to presenting with bankers in my country . People said .. bank is number 3 power into the country. I have make lot research. I dont know if people learn about astrology because we are going to age of aquarius means can be happens to change the old system to revolution. aquarius means technology and economic. Crypto revolution can be happens . Basically crypto or coin can replaced fiat money to around the world. I cannot give details because this not confirmation because i need approach to the bank how this system can contribute with society. Bitcoin just foundation to starting new revolution but more will become . I hope people will look at the crypto is important and look at the future and will be use it .
  5. i thought erdagon is good leader to the world . We are exhausted from old political monopoly . We want peace of trade and following the rule of law. We happy liberalism economy but when dictator manopoly ... nothing cool economic
  6. Iraq need show up iqd more worthy than usd . I hope september can be revalue at international. Iraq need make their money to global before iran attack their economic.
  7. means iraq and iran will go with flow 1:1 rate . We are get chunky money 2 in 1 . oyeah .
  8. normala rashid

    Adam Montana Weekly 22 August 2018

    Thanks adam . I would enjoy the fresh beef that been cooked. Really delicious eating the fresh beef . I so excited we are get closer timeline to RV/RI . I wish can make contributions with iraq in the economy for someday
  9. i dont think so iraq can be corrupt currency if get support many country . Its like fake news or propaganda make people just sale their dinar .
  10. I hope donald trump stop using the power . Dollar can fall and other country start to establish the local currency than trade with international and ofcos crypto the big tools to 21 century .
  11. you so extrovert so your sense of human are so good . You need to know that many people in investment are anti social so dont make sense to thinking more than money . I hope you life can be better with your beautiful soul .
  12. be the miracle at right time . We buy went iraq rate is fall at 10years ago than 10X the real rate ($3) if not war then the asset must good worthy right now .
  13. normala rashid

    Adam Montana Weekly 1 August 2018

    thanks adam your effort for writing and send email to us . Maybe rv at august and september this all law will prove it . imo . Btw dont forget send email if revalue
  15. Iran must understand well that peace with america is the mother of all of peace, and war with america is the mother of all wars . where is my rial !! i need to find back before rial get gains after this hate love relationship get all of peace from drama šŸ™„

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