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  1. sy boleh tlg awak. lain kali awak tulis dlm bhs melayu kemudian sy tlg terjemah ke dlm bhs inggeris
  2. I aslo had a dinar dream last night. What a coincident. LOL!
  3. 6,486,313,938 shares with a total value of 7,522,220,419 dinars. Very good news if true.
  4. Indeed it is their intention to drag the passing of HCL. The longer they dragged the more they can steal from the public fund.
  5. Mobile banking ended up with boob 😝😝😝
  6. How do we differentiate (classify) between big and small category?
  7. Nothing weird as it happened many times before. Cheers 🤣
  8. The headline of the news sounds like they are in hurry...
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