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  1. WB will only support Iraq if they do have internationally traded currency. Very simple logic.
  2. For me, it is a big mistake if Adam would wait until Wednesday to give his opinion on this
  3. yusofsabri

    Adam Montana Weekly 17 October 2018

    I was thinking the same thing 🙄🙄
  4. 9-26-2018 Intel Guru Frank26 Article: “Intelligence sources: unknown parties behind the crisis of small currencies and the Central Bank reveals the truth” Quote: "He said that "the scarcity of small groups of the Iraqi currency in the market is a temporary situation because the central bank cut large amounts of them and once it starts pumping in the markets gradually ending the crisis." [WHY CBI WILL DO THAT?] ONE REASON...TO CONTINUE TO EDUCATE THE CITIZENS AND TO TELL THE INTERNATIONAL WORLD...TO HAVE CONFIDENCE IN THE CURRENCY AND THE MR [MONETARY REFORM] OF THE IQD.
  5. yusofsabri

    Adam Montana Weekly 12 September 2018

    Interesting weekend but it doesnt means this coming monday RV 😀😀😀
  6. yusofsabri

    HCL news quoted by Delta

    9-5-2018 Intel Guru Delta Article quote: "Parliamentarians and economists and the Iraqi street are expected to sign on September 5, the date of announcing the activation of the law of the National Oil Company, which set 10 percent of the sales of oil to put in special funds for distribution to the Iraqis." NOTHING MATTER ANYMORE ...JUST WATCH CBI IT'S COMING...(Big Grin)
  7. yusofsabri

    XE Heart Attack

    Does it means that IQD is 1 to 1 against USD now in XE?
  8. yusofsabri

    CBI News 03/12/2018

    Real currency? Real exchange rate? No more programme rate?
  9. yusofsabri

    The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    Come on IQD. Lets join BTC. HODL to the moon
  10. yusofsabri

    CBI News 01/31/2018

    Tomorrow RV
  11. If it is based on the current rate, it doesnt make sense

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