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  1. The Long Wait Is Nearly Over As Another New Long Wait Chapter Is Coming. It Is Just Like A Roller Coastal Up And Down, Up And Down,,,,,,No Ending But I Will Never Give Up
  2. There must be some basis that made he said so.
  3. C47B7C2D-D4B8-445D-B8D5-83E91238DD15.MP4
  4. In Malaysia thief (kleptocracy) is also called prime minister 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  5. Thanks for the news. Is there any significant to us as IQD holder?
  6. Thanks Adam for the update. A couple weeks is ok for me. I have been here since 2007.
  7. I dont know whether i got a feeling or not
  8. sy boleh tlg awak. lain kali awak tulis dlm bhs melayu kemudian sy tlg terjemah ke dlm bhs inggeris
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