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  1. I look forward to all the cheating bas***** sh****** in their pants! Tj
  2. I agree! I'll move over to Newsmax. I will probably watch some of my faves on Fox but I'm very disappointed about their recent coverage.
  3. A friend just sent this to me. For anyone interested! WH
  4. Shedagal, You hit the nail on the head! Generally, in my experience, even believing believers lack understanding that EVERYTHING in life is spiritual in the least common denominator. I clearly know little but I have been taught that the devil spirit realm is organized just like an army ... The big guys and the little guys. Big guys in the case of this election are the Dems in our government. All the way down to the evil minions in say the polling places screwing with things .. I could write for a long while on this but my believing regarding this election stu
  5. I pray that this proves to be the absolute truth! Don't know if anyone referenced where voters were given Sharpie Pen's to fill out their ballots. Sharpie pens won't register those votes, another fraudulent practice! WH
  6. Wow!! I have chills listening to this!! Very exciting ! Thanks CL.
  7. Thank you for your diligence!!! You are the best!
  8. I don't know what happened but I just got in with no difficulty! Sweet!! WH
  9. I attempted a screen shot in an email to VIP. I hope you have received it! WH
  10. I'm not able to get in the normal way either. I get a page that asks me if I want to download a zoom call. I tried to cope and paste here UT I am unable to. The only way I was able to get in was thru an email of topics that I follow! I don't know what to do!! WH
  11. All good on the RV train!! So good! Heartfelt thanks !
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