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  1. Heartfelt congratulations!!! Extremely exciting!!
  2. Wonderful positivity to start the day with! Enjoy the pancakes! Enjoy the journey with thankfulness. May each of us have a blessed Thanksgiving!
  3. Awesome Adam!! Thanks for the continued optimism! All of us have many things to be thankful for, one is that we woke up today! We have the joy of life!! Thanksgiving, not only at this time of year but every day of the year, is an important key!
  4. Always thankful when you stop by Adam!! Our day is coming....!
  5. Great to hear from your Adam, God bless the Iraqi people!
  6. Can't wait til these weekly pre RV updates become post RV stuff! Forever thankful Adam!
  7. Wowzers!! Keep it coming. Thanks for the update!!!
  8. It will happen " SOON" for you Frosty Jack!!!
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