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  1. Looking forward! Adam thanks for your time. Can't wait til it's appropriate that you drop everything ! WH
  2. Hey, I'm lurking in the Crypto space. I read a lot posted there and watch a bunch of videos. I sure am thankful for the plethora of knowledge there. In all honesty, a lot of it is over my understanding. I'm not wired that way! If I had time to study regularly, that would be a different story. I know best practice is for one to practice due diligence when investing... I must be honest and say I have spent a little found off of others writings. Perhaps not the wisest but I figure that I'm not spending money that will change my life so I'll take the risk! I'd love to educate in thi
  3. Happy,happy birthday!! Hope there's lots of clowning around scheduled for you today!
  4. adjective 1. (especially of change or action) relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough. "a radical overhaul of the existing regulatory framework"
  5. Thugs, you know that, you little silly, silly clown!! WH
  6. He moved the weekly chats to sometime over the weekend. WH
  7. EVERYTHING has an expiration date all except God... Hang in there. Hindsight will be soooo sweet! WH
  8. That's just not fair! Most of us have no idea all the time, years and tons of money that Adam has spent to make DV the BEST dinar site ever! I think your comment is pretty ignorant, just my opinion. Ya think perhaps at times he needs to take care of other business??? Geeesshhh .. kinda sounds ungrateful in my opinion WH
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