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  1. This is so true! Had it not been for DV I would have never been exposed to crypto. I'm not saying that I understand it that well but I certainly get the concept and have dipped into it a bit. Isn't it crazy to think that as we await our BLESSINGS, we have other major opportunities ? There are such amazing smartie pants on here that are so willing to share their insights and expertises. If it weren't for this platform, do ya think we'd have " met" our friends here! Awaiting the RV has allowed MORE opportunities for those that choose to take part. Who would have thought this
  2. Great idea CL! I'm thinking that I would enjoy hearing that he has taken some time to reboot and refresh... Maybe not new or different, but I would bet that he says there's much going on behind the scenes in Iraq and that he previously mentioned that the ride may be bumpy and that he's shoring up programs for us here that choose to take part in! WH
  3. OMG, tears are running down my face...beautiful. Praise God!
  4. Thanks pitcher, that's a temporary relief! WH
  5. So true and I made a mistake, I spent about 20 years in Colorado, I love that state! Are you having any difficulty getting gas? I had half a tank but I drive sometimes 100 or so miles a day and want to stay ahead of it the best I can. I went to 6 gas stations today If I don't have gas to drive to see my patients, I don't get paid!
  6. Hey Sage, I don't mind. 1 1/2 years. My sister and her family live here. I probably will move by early next year. I came due to divorce and wanted support. I wouldn't let the current gas thing cause you to make a decision, see how it plays out. I'm considering Arizona, very hot but the upside is I know several people there and have a" side hustle" of which people there are part of....I'm still thinking about it. It is quite far from Fla. I believe God put it on my heart because 6 months ago I would have said you are crazy but I did that when I was only supposed to be in Colorado
  7. Thanks Gypsygirl! BTW I changed my profile. Believing this to be true about Friday!
  8. Awesome! I'd love to meet you someday! I'm in Tallahaasee.
  9. At my 4th station ⛽⛽⛽ it runs out when it's my turn! Fingers crossed!!
  10. I believe it only affects the East Coast Karsten! WH
  11. Omg, mass chaos here in Florida! Gas lines at every station I pass, I'm in line now to top off! I'm a home care nurse and I use lots of gas!! Anyone else experiencing this ???? WH
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