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  1. So how “soon” is this Basal 3 expected ???? WH
  2. We’ve waited this long….. we will all probably be in a catatonic stupor when it occurs!! Praise God !! WH
  3. You know better than to use that profanity CL!!! lol!! 😂
  4. So I have been reading many articles on the world clock website. As far as the progressive steps laid out for a whole new banking system, and everything else attached to it, where do you think the world is as far as accomplishing these items? Excuse my ignorance! There is a lot of information there and U find if rather confusing at my pay grade, 😂!! wealthhound
  5. From what I recall, some good info came from Bond Lady’s Corner back then.
  6. Bond Lady unfortunately passed away several years ago and apparently someone else continues to manage her site.
  7. Very good thought! There are several individuals that I desire to stay in touch with.
  8. Betty, I have total faith that when necessary, he will “suddenly” be available with all promised to those that have participated! Merry Christmas 💜!
  9. Keylime, May your birthday be abundantly blessed, pressed down and shaken together! Wealthhound
  10. TB, I am also a believer! Praise God! If you follow “ Give Him 15”, it has been shared previously in on of the posts that there is a “ Spirit of Persia@ over the Middle East. God is currently breaking this stronghold, I believe when it is completely severed we will see the Dinar revalue. Everything in life is spiritual, whether we know it or not. There are so many good people invested in the Dinar that want to have the opportunity to bless others with the windfall, it will come to pass!!
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