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  1. It's amazing that we all vividly remember this. I remember being 5 years old and I was watching TV, black and white of course, and it was announced on the TV...I remember my mom crying.
  2. Yes Kristi D, I saw her video last evening. She would make a great president I do believe!!
  3. Awwwhhh, come on Pitcher!!! Can we guess!!??? Itchy _ _ _ _ _. Let's play hang man!! How many letters is it!!! LOL.
  4. Al-Khuza’i explained: The second reason for abandoning external borrowing is the lack of a budget need for cash in “foreign currency,” but there is a need for “Iraqi dinars” to bridge the financing gap until prices recover and maximize other financial resources for the government, noting: The government directs to external borrowing. For the fate of Iraq to international wills and a serious threat to its political, economic and social security, instead, internal borrowing should be adopted by tracking the financial flows flowing from Iraqi banks (Al-Rafidain and Al-Rashid and the Iraqi Bank for Trade) and other private banks, and the central bank will support these banks as happened in 2016 And 2017. Thanks Mary B !
  5. Let's get em going .......!!!!! Ok, it's Iceland but you get the idea!!😅
  6. We'll mix yours and Thugs together ..Let's call it PAYDAY FREEDOM, or, FREEDOM that point, who gives a Damn Dinar anyway!
  7. Perfect THUGS!! I love it! You are brilliant!!😂
  8. I bet there will be much more than that!! Let's see who's got the best idea to name "THE" day! What would YOU CALL RV DAY ???
  9. In the name of Jesus Christ!! We receive our blessings!!
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