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  1. Great to hear from your Adam, God bless the Iraqi people!
  2. Can't wait til these weekly pre RV updates become post RV stuff! Forever thankful Adam!
  3. Wowzers!! Keep it coming. Thanks for the update!!!
  4. It will happen " SOON" for you Frosty Jack!!!
  5. Wow Presence, good for you for holding your ground for so long AND for doing it on your own! That takes some brass ones!! WH
  6. That's hilarious! I'm originally from Long Island! Perhaps you should consider some tanning product to apply to your pasty buns! Yup, us North Easterns are pretty straight forward and personally, I like that but I am biased!
  7. I can't wait to meet my DV family! Shortly, we will be filled with an abundance of awesome possibilities! It's will be weird, in a good way, to meet each other face to face! I'm starting my diet right now! LOL!
  8. Hey CF, I'm originally from Long Island! Previous neighbors!!
  9. Reading this thread is killin' me! I got to thinking about when we meet in person it is going to be hilarious to see who is behind the Avatar used here!! Do you think we'll need name tags?? What a hoot that will be to see who the " real you" is....WH
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