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  1. Congratulations and heartfelt thanks for your AMAZING contributions to this site!! Don't know where we'd be without you! WH
  2. Ditto and Amen! Keep on keeping those good vibes a comin' ! Thanks Adam!
  3. "Rather predictable but I'll be happy to be proven wrong - Just Once" That's all we need TYL, just once! WH
  4. Thanks Adam! We always appreciate your words! WH
  5. click·bait /ˈklikbāt/ Learn to pronounce noun INFORMAL (on the Internet) content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page. "these recent reports of the show's imminent demise are hyperbolic clickbait" Definition of clickbait!
  6. My bad, was trying to help! Thought it was about changing a password, sorry!
  7. Hey Ken, Go first to the three lines at the top of the DV page on the upper right corner. Then click on account Then click on settings and there you will find access to change your password. WH
  8. Keep on hoppin' along Iraq! But, please move like the energizer bunny! Blessings to all. Thank you Adam and all those in DV land! WH
  9. Amen and Amen! Blessings DV ERS. Male some beautiful memories this weekend! WH
  10. Blessings to all today. May we take some time to remember the significance of what was accomplished by Jesus willingly completing the will of his Father. From Jesus the crucified to Jesus The Christ! Happy Easter!! WH
  11. Swwwwweeeeettttt! Thanks Adam! Looking forward to the resurrection of my finances.... Of course those who celebrate Easter, remember THE RESSURECTION.. Blessings to all !
  12. wealthhound

    Go Iraq

    Ok , I've never heard of him!WH
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