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  1. After all of this COVID passes, let's get together and purchase an island far, far away that is self sustaining. I have no desire to live out my " golden years" a slave to concerns. WH
  2. This is absolutely the truth. 2 young people I know went to get tested. They filled out the paperwork necessary then proceeded to wait on line for 3.5 hours. After that they were fed up and left. THEY NEVER GOT TESTED...5 days later they got a letter stating they are positive. It's political, cooking all the numbers. FEAR allows people to be controlled, IMO, that's the objective here. WH
  3. Heartfelt thanks!! Increased train speed, hold on!! Let's go!! WH
  4. God bless those poor Iraqis!! I've been bitchin' about 100 decrees here in NYC Florida with AC. This info definately keeps me humble...thanks for sharing!
  5. Thanks for your time and for answering all of the questions and comments above...we so value everything you have provided for us here on DV..can't wait to reach the next stage ...WH
  6. Cute story here, when I was a toddler my dad worked for a big airline at JFK. Every year they hosted a Christmas party in one of the hangers. One year my dad was Santa for the party. I got to take a helicopter ride with Santa to drop into the party with him! I still remember it clearly. It was a very unique experience and the kids loved watching Santa come in with tons of toys and goodies! Oh, memories. WH
  7. Well said Hey Jonesy Many on this site have a heart to bless others, I expect we will have great impact!! Can't wait to start making decisions!!
  8. Of course we are going shopping, that's a no brainer!! Lol!!
  9. After, then he can celebrate the good Ole USA way, wearing a mask, gloves and whatever! Maybe some socially distanced golf at Trumps place !
  10. That was good!! If I could give you more than 1 smiley face, I'd give you many!!! WH
  11. I tried my best CL. Actually, that is pretty amazing for me!! I'm not savvy techy...WH
  12. I found this an old chat from 2010 : Maybe this is what you were referring to Karsten!?? I searched for CBI Trucks and this came up! WH Adam Montana Chat Sun 3/21/2010 part 1 12:19 through 12:25 By luckylucy, March 21, 2010 in Chat Logs PREV 1 NEXT Page 1 of 2 luckylucy 5 Posted March 21, 2010 12:19 PM [Adam Montana] hey everyone! 12:19 PM [tommy17] BBdentman thanks 12:20 PM [gemini305] hey adam 12:20 PM [desimo] howdy adam 12:20 PM [hypr2001] babysnake yep, I will send ya a few company names hopefullt tomorrow. 12:20 PM [Azianangelz] gm monday 12:20 PM [babysnake] mi17mech . hypr has our address 12:20 PM [Azianangelz] adam ** 12:20 PM [***ucme1stnow***] Adam Montana hey again 12:20 PM [babysnake] hypr2001 can you give m17 our address 12:20 PM [hrbytammy] hey Adam!!!!!! 12:20 PM [Azianangelz] hello everyone 12:20 PM [mi17mech] babysnake yes I will send it to him 12:20 PM [Den56] Adam - is your 110 day intel from your CBI contatc or elsewhere ? 12:20 PM [hypr2001] babysnake np, will do 12:20 PM [sue4toos] Hey Adam! 12:20 PM [babysnake] mi17mech ty both very much 12:20 PM [Adam Montana] Den56 both 12:20 PM [new] the 10 days that your contact mentioned last week still good? 12:20 PM [Den56] Adam Montana -TY 12:21 PM [Adam Montana] new that's what he emailed me about this morning 12:21 PM [hrbytammy] what is it!!!! 12:21 PM [Adam Montana] you all see the email I got from him yesterday? 12:21 PM [northern norm] Hey Adam, you sound pretty chipper today, is it because you have good news for us? 12:21 PM [Den56] yes 12:21 PM [gemini305] yes 12:21 PM [Wicked24] Adam Montana - yes 12:21 PM [babysnake] hypr2001 he sent some stuff to fleur yesterday, requested pending contracts 12:21 PM [winchell99] No! 12:21 PM [Adam Montana] northern norm I am VERY chipper today 12:21 PM [britney] yes 12:21 PM [Adam Montana] basically 12:21 PM [Adam Montana] teh email yesterday 12:21 PM [Adam Montana] and you can look up the exact email in the forum here 12:21 PM [Adam Montana] at 12:21 PM [***ucme1stnow***] Adam Montana glad to hear it, chipper 12:22 PM [hypr2001] babysnake i wil keep my fingers crossed for him then 12:22 PM [northern norm] Well, Praise the Lord!!!! 12:22 PM [Adam Montana] in chat logs I believe 12:22 PM [dman] Adam can you recap i got kicked off and just got back on 12:22 PM [Adam Montana] the email said he had some firm reason to believe that with the amount of lower denoms being delivered 12:22 PM [Den56] Adam Montana - Did he add anything new today ? Since last night ? 12:22 PM [Adam Montana] dman sure 12:22 PM [Adam Montana] Den56 yeah, this is awesome too 12:23 PM [Den56] Adam Montana wow !!!!! 12:23 PM [Adam Montana] this is the best confirmation of ANYTHING I have ever received 12:23 PM [babysnake] hypr2001 ty 12:23 PM [Adam Montana] ok so last week we talked all week 12:23 PM [Adam Montana] about 2 emails 12:23 PM [kstanx3] i missed it . what is teh best? 12:23 PM [britney] awesome 12:23 PM [Adam Montana] 12 emails* 12:23 PM [tommy17] oh boy 12:23 PM [Adam Montana] about how the trucks are bringing in lower denoms 12:23 PM [gemini305] Adam, My friend, it is with great concern I am writing this tonight ... I have reason to believe our previous correspondence has led us to exactly what we seek, which is the culmination of this extraordinary event. Will be communicating with you early next week on events at home that lead me to believe I can determine the exchange rate in the very near future, nearly $ 1 in the price of the new Iraqi Dinar! I will tell you a little more, as soon as I get official confirmation of this amount from the category of small trucks had arrived. 12:23 PM [Adam Montana] which is absolutely necessary 12:23 PM [Adam Montana] thank you gemini 12:23 PM [gemini305] cool 12:23 PM [Adam Montana] they ABSOLUTELY NEED lower denoms to keep doing business 12:24 PM [gemini305] thought i might get in trouble thks 12:24 PM [Adam Montana] you cant buy a candy bar for 1 when you only have 5000 notes 12:24 PM [mell] gm adam 12:24 PM [Den56] Adam Montana - Is he 100 percent sure the smaller demons are in the trucks ????? 12:24 PM [Adam Montana] Den56 calm down lol! I'm getting there 12:24 PM [Adam Montana] 12:24 PM [Den56] Adam Montana - sorry my friend 12:24 PM [Adam Montana] no probelm bud,. this is exciting! 12:24 PM [Adam Montana] ok . 12:25 PM [Adam Montana] so we emailed all last week - it started with a 10 day deadline to SOMETHING, but we didn't know what 12:25 PM [Adam Montana] turns out he was keeping an eye on the activities of certain freight and security companies 12:25 PM [Adam Montana] tracking how many trucks were coming in, and how many were scheduled to leave guy's :
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