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  1. Always thankful for you and your team! Thanks for dropping in, believing that things will necessitate you being back quickly!! I almost said that 4 letter word s***, happy I caught myself!
  2. “Deleting zeros” .. a government talk about two conditions for implementing the project Economie 2021-06-20 | 12:10 6,682 views Today, Sunday, the financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, set two conditions for deleting 3 zeros from the currency, while stressing that the option to delete is on the table to reform the cash payments system in Iraq. Saleh said in an interview reported by the Iraqi News Agency, "The Central Bank of Iraq has developed a project to delete three zeros from the Iraqi currency in order to reform the cash payments system, which has become burdened with the insomnia of the economic blockade imposed in the nineties of the last century, and put it into research and study long ago, after Examining about 54 international experiments since the end of World War II until the second decade of the twenty-first century, which took place in various countries of the world in which the monetary payment systems were reformed and made to work more efficiently, the last of which was the Islamic Republic of Iran and before that, Turkey. He added that "the phenomenon of increasing zeros in the monetary unit or adding zeros to a single monetary unit usually comes due to the exposure of economies to unruly waves of inflation or continuous sharp rises for years in the price level due to wars, sieges and conflicts, which lead to financing the deficit of government budgets through cash issuance." . And because the price means the value of goods and services expressed in cash, the continuous rise in prices without stopping leads to the erosion of the value of the monetary unit, which requires the issuance of larger monetary categories due to the lack of value of the smaller monetary groups and the disappearance of their ability to cover transactions and exchanges of high monetary value in the market. He continued, "Accordingly, the monetary value of things or tangible assets and others inflates, and when inflation ends, according to which prices have increased to three decimal places, or more or less, according to the nature of each economy, countries resort to reducing the artificial reproduction in numbers, especially in the numbers of accounts books, budgets and various numbers of tools Accountability, after two conditions are met. Saleh explained that "the first condition is price stability and global economic growth, and the second is appropriate stability in political life, so the importance of deleting zeros from the currency and slimming currency units as a necessary condition for reducing accounting numbers and facilitating arithmetic use and the cost of managing new large numbers and the absence of small numbers and fractions," he stressed. It is noted that the slimming of the coins comes because of their role in sustaining the calculation of huge numbers of financial values, which are not absorbed by ordinary computers due to the large number of decimal places and the emergence of many accounting errors, especially dealing in trillions, which means that one number in front of it has 12 decimal places. » Join the "Alsumaria channel" on YouTube now, click here +A -A Here ya go
  3. OMG, tears are running down my face...beautiful. Praise God!
  4. Thanks pitcher, that's a temporary relief! WH
  5. So true and I made a mistake, I spent about 20 years in Colorado, I love that state! Are you having any difficulty getting gas? I had half a tank but I drive sometimes 100 or so miles a day and want to stay ahead of it the best I can. I went to 6 gas stations today If I don't have gas to drive to see my patients, I don't get paid!
  6. Hey Sage, I don't mind. 1 1/2 years. My sister and her family live here. I probably will move by early next year. I came due to divorce and wanted support. I wouldn't let the current gas thing cause you to make a decision, see how it plays out. I'm considering Arizona, very hot but the upside is I know several people there and have a" side hustle" of which people there are part of....I'm still thinking about it. It is quite far from Fla. I believe God put it on my heart because 6 months ago I would have said you are crazy but I did that when I was only supposed to be in Colorado for 6 months and stayed 29 years!! WH
  7. Thanks Gypsygirl! BTW I changed my profile. Believing this to be true about Friday!
  8. Awesome! I'd love to meet you someday! I'm in Tallahaasee.
  9. At my 4th station ⛽⛽⛽ it runs out when it's my turn! Fingers crossed!!
  10. I believe it only affects the East Coast Karsten! WH
  11. Omg, mass chaos here in Florida! Gas lines at every station I pass, I'm in line now to top off! I'm a home care nurse and I use lots of gas!! Anyone else experiencing this ???? WH
  12. Thank you for the update. I can only imagine the multitude of thoughts that you and John many may have. Please remember the power of prayer and the community believing together for Jimmy's healing and deliverance . May God's peace and love hold each of you. We love you! WH
  13. Godspeed healing for Jimmy! God is the GREAT JEHOVAH -RAPHA.....GOD who heals!! The fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much! There are many of us in your DV family lifting Jimmy in prayer! WH
  14. He added, "Dialogue is the right way to solve crises. Our people deserve to live in peace, security and prosperity, not conflicts, wars, fugitive weapons and adventures." I love adventures, what's wrong with adventures !
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