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  1. I like your thinking! And I agree that it will come to pass! Wealthound
  2. As long as you are warm and dry nannab, just hunker down!!
  3. Beautifully written! Believing to meet sometime in the near future! Holiday Blessings! WH
  4. Would you believe Rodney Dangerfield went to my high school on Long Island! He was older than I . None the less, we went there! He was hilarious 🤣 WH
  5. I miss Mr. Limbaugh! What a true patriot. I learned much from him! Thanks for posting rw! WH
  6. Yes Mr. Snarky ( love this word) Will be sorry!! There's nowhere else to be than DV!! WH
  7. Heartfelt thanks Adam, enjoy the glorious day and of course, the pancakes!
  8. Omg, good info because I'm planning to move to the Phoenix area from Florida in the next 30 days or so!;
  9. Always thankful for you and your team! Thanks for dropping in, believing that things will necessitate you being back quickly!! I almost said that 4 letter word s***, happy I caught myself!
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