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  1. "From the outset, local and state authorities carried out a campaign to criminalize Brown: video footage was released of him allegedly shoplifting at a local grocery." The video actually (not "allegedly") shows Brown taking the cigarillos without paying, and then shoving a much smaller man who was attempting to stop him from leaving the store. "Still many held out a glimmer of hope that a process leading to justice would prevail. Instead the worst fears of decent minded Americans were realized. Once again a deadly pattern of racist police murder of black and brown youth was upheld, a pattern that almost guarantees immunity for the perpetrators in blue." This opinion writer (and apparently you, Umbertino) thinks justice only exists in this case if the police officer was indicted. Justice exists when the evidence is examined and a decision based upon that evidence (not popular opinion) is achieved. In this case, justice was served. How did Brown's DNA (blood from the thumb wound) get into the patrol car? How did blood find itself over 50 beyond Brown's body (away from the patrol car) if he did not turn and come back towards the police officer? The "pattern of racist police murder of black and brown youth" garbage completely ignores the fact that Brown confronted and assaulted the police officer. If Brown does not punch the officer in the face while seated in his car, and then attempt to forcefully take the officer's firearm, we never hear of this case or either the officer or Brown's name. Even if after doing the previous, Brown had obeyed the command of the officer and surrendered himself, we would have never heard of this case. Brown is solely responsible for repeatedly placing himself in that position. "The tragic events in Ferguson, beginning with killing of Michael Brown at point blank range…" None of the three autopsies, including the private autopsy paid for the Brown's parents, support this ridiculous and incendiary statement. The only wound on his body from "point blank range" was the wound to his thumb he suffered when he reached inside the patrol car and tried to take the officer's firearm. "The spate of police murder of young black and brown men is at new level. Nearly 400 are killed yearly by police, exceeding the numbers lynched during the height of Jim Crow." This absurd statement assumes that all of these 400 were killed solely because of the color of their skin (because that's what was happening under Jim Crow). This is not only incorrect, but incredibly irresponsible. Besides, there have been over 400 murders in Chicago every year for the last 40+ years, the vast preponderance of which are "black on black" murders. That's more in one city every year than under Jim Crow… Is that racist? The writing of this garbage is bad enough, but purposefully sharing this tripe from the safety of the other side of the pond… there are no words. Shame on you.
  2. Funny how some are calling for a "change in the system" after the grand jury's decision - they didn't want justice... they wanted justice for Brown. I haven't heard anyone call for people (black or white) to not punch a police officer in the face while he's sitting in his patrol car, try to take his firearm, and then charge the officer when he exits the patrol car...
  3. You seem to have missed this in your cursory viewing of the article: "And what about this notion that Republican presidents have issued similar executive orders? A remarkably brazen lie considering only a five second Google search debunks it, but you largely get away with it because it makes for a convenient talking point. As you know, Reagan and Bush wrote executive orders meant to enact and implement immigration policies legislated by Congress. You, on the other hand, have handed blanket amnesty to millions of illegal aliens directly in defiance of the legislative branch. You said so yourself. You’re only acting ‘because [the Democrat] Congress failed to act.’" Next time read past the title... you might in fact learn something useful besides name calling...
  4. How many young ladies like these are in institutions of higher learning in Islamic dominated countries? Since "American Imperialism" has only been around less than 250 years, perhaps these "best and brightest" from Harvard would care to explain this:
  5. Thank you very much, Adam, for your frankness - it's quite refreshing! I am entirely in agreement with your assessment. Especially, with regards to governments (US in particular)… If you have a rudimentary knowledge of the Founders, you will see that you are very much in line with their perspective, as well. The reason I am VIP and OSI is because of the major political shift that has taken place over the last 50 years in the US. My family has volunteered and fought in the Revolutionary War, Mexican/American War, the Civil War (both sides), WWI, WWII, and Vietnam, and it wasn't so the elitists could usurp the authority of the People, rob us of our life, liberty, and property, and politicize the Executive Branch and its departments for political gain. Once again, thank you for your efforts, and thank you for making the benefits of your hard work available to folks like me. Go RV!!!
  6. "According to the police, Chicago had 172 homicides through June 30 — nine fewer than the same period last year and 82 fewer than during the first six months of 2012. After the city recorded a total of 415 homicides last year, the six-month total puts Chicago within striking distance of recording fewer than 400 homicides for the year for the first time since 1965." Over 400 hundred homicides a year since 1965 in a city with the strictest gun control laws in the U.S. That's over 19,200 homicides... There is no excuse for Police brutality; however, in that environment one can understand how officers MIGHT be just a little on edge. Perhaps Mr. Chapman's community action group's time would be best served seeking justice for the over 19,200 murder victims and how to prevent another 40 this month, and the next, and the next, and the...
  7. so stressed competent in economic affairs Hadi Hndas that Adoption of the local currency in international trade enhances confidence in Iraqi dinars, especially that most of the country's trade organized with neighboring countries and that they accept to deal in the local currency of Iraq, and in this aspect many positives, mainly to facilitate the supply of materials to the country, where access to hard currency subject to a time through organization requests go through a series of references and this delay deliveries of materials. drew during his speech for the "morning" that this approach will enhance the prestige of the local trade internationally, having gained currency process international acceptance, citing that it supported a financial reserve a big added its weight to a new After stages ravaged by inflation. Great find, Yota!!!
  8. Biden the best VP in history? Because he stood by Obama's side during OBL and Obamacare? The standards keep getting lower every day... Hillarious is one of the finest SoS in history? As compared with who... John Jay? Thomas Jefferson? James Monroe? James Madison? Or Madelaine Albright? If Matthews was a journalist and not a cheerleader he would have asked the president to name 1 foreign policy accomplishment by Mrs. Clinton... For those keeping score at home, the answer is none. Saying something doesn't make it so...
  9. I don't see the connection... it's a long way from "we started the rumor...see how the gurus ran with it," to "the IQD will never RV." The gurus abuse of the IQD situation does not de-legitimze it... Go RV!!!!!!!!!!!!
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