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  1. My 2 cents . The amount that remains to be paid ismuch smaller than the amounts stolen through the years . It would appear there are those that either drag out or have no intention of committing to their agreements in order to keep the corruption going for their own personal good and Iran's.
  2. I'm wondering what currency they will use to settle all the agreements and contracts in ?
  4. Thank You Again Yota . GM DV's . Have a Beautiful Day .The Scuttle But is or was . They would need to know the rate in order to know how much dinar would be used to repay the countries they borrowed from . Time will tell ?
  5. Thank You Yota . GM DV's....The Central Bank of Iraq announced, on Thursday, that it is discussing (((mechanisms))) to enhance financial inclusion with a number of international organizations.
  6. GE DV's ......Its a good idea to research QFS, Fincin , Fednow , Digital Dollar and what other countries are doing about their own Digital Dollar. Just the tip of the iceberg
  7. Thanks 6ly .GM DV's. They need to add. A Competitive and Strong Currency respected by the world
  8. Thank You Yota . GE DVs . Billions not Trillions and Shwani to "Dijlah": We will not refrain from marketing Kurdistan oil through SOMO after approving the 2020 budget....long time coming if so ...
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