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  1. Thanks Ron ! Enjoy The Weekend like We enjoy your updates !
  2. I have been following the stock of one of the oil companies drilling for oil in Kurdistan for close to a year . When they show a raise although slight in value . I think it tells me when buget negotiations may be going well, Kurdistan pays them I imagine from what Iraq gives them ,the oil they secretly sold and from the raise of oil price . It's starting to go up in value .
  3. There has been talk of a " rider" to be activated retroactively .
  4. No . I don't think he's Robinhood . In the past . When government officials and Iran wanted to slow progress . They would send suicide bombers , do auction thefts , counterfeiters , assainate other officials , rob banks and armored trucks , steal from ministries . What was your reason for the theft again ?
  5. Once Iraq gives its people their purchasing power , share of oil wealth and a prosperous future. The people in power of Iran will be gravely threatened by their own people . Anything they can do to stall that they will do if they can .....? Go RV
  6. A theft like this could be possibly be used to give reason to groups that don't want progress to say we don't have stability to move forward with reforms. A planned theft with a purpose for disruption . Not personal gain.
  7. Thank You Yota . Perhaps a feeble plan to create instability ? No intention to steal for personal use ?
  8. Thank You Yota . GM DV's ...If there were one time they were keeping things hidden (like a signed hcl agreement) It would be excellent if it were now . I can wish
  9. Interesting video meant for the Crypto community. But what he has to show about what could be the announcement of calling for a New E SDR is very compelling. Thanks DWS112 GM DV's ...
  10. Watch "*BREAKING* *Ripple/XRP: WEF Reveals Plans For e-SDR Digital Reserve Currency*" on YouTube
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