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  1. The number of Iraqi migrants in the world 19 March Community ....... The United States of America announced that Iraqis are the most Arab people to obtain US citizenship in 2018, with 8047 people, and Iraq has witnessed several waves of migration due to deteriorating political, economic and security conditions. .
  2. Does anyone have any thoughts , ideas or opinions on what might happen on this date ? When supposedly The Bank Of International Settlement (BIS) moves forward with Basel 3 and initiates how Central Banks around the world can use the Gold they have in there holdings . I'm not looking for an RI/RV . Just Ideas on the implementation on this action and how it may affect Central Banks and their Actions . Thank You and Good Evening DV's .....
  3.شرطة-البصرة-تعتقل-عشرات-المتهمين-بجرائم-جنائية-ومت/ar ........ Basra police arrest dozens of accused of criminal offenses and accused of "terrorism" March 18, 2019 security 0 0 0 - 255 Sumerian News / Basra The Directorate of Police in the province of Basra, on Monday, that its forces arrested dozens of accused of criminal offenses, in addition to a defendant of terrorism. The Directorate said in a statement seen by "Alsumaria News" that "the detachments from the police arrested in the past hours 68 defendants wanted criminal cases and issued judicial warrants against them," indicating that "including a defendant required under Article 4 of the anti-terrorism law, Accused two non-Iraqis on charges of trafficking in narcotic substances. " The Directorate said in its statement that "the detachments of police rescue and joint control seized 116 cars in violation of the rules and regulations of traffic." Basra police announce the arrest of those accused of murder in different areas Basra police announced the injury of an associate and killed a man accused of murder during an attempt to arrest him It is noteworthy that the province of Basra is characterized by its security situation in general stability, and witness the various criminal crimes, including murder and theft, and also get in the province clan differences sometimes develop into armed clashes
  4.الجنسية-تهدد-بمحاسبة-اي-جهة-لا-تلتزم-باعتماد-البطا.... Nationality: There are procedures against any party that does not adhere to the adoption of the unified card March 18, 2019 The Iraqi street ....... Alsumaria News / Baghdad The General Directorate of Genes threatened on Monday to hold accountable any party that did not abide by the adoption of the unified card in completing transactions of citizens, indicating that this card is issued by order of the Prime Minister. The director of the central audit department, Brigadier General Sarmad Hassan Kazem told Alsumaria News, during a press conference held today, that "the lack of adoption by some departments of the state unified card in the completion of transactions citizens, due to lack of database," stressing the need to "adopt the card because it is ordered From the prime minister. " "Anyone who has not complied with the standard card will be held accountable when the database is complete," Kazem said. Video: Interior continues to issue the unified national card at a rapid pace The Directorate of the National Card denies the intention of the Interior to stop the work of citizenship and certificate of Iraqi nationality It is noteworthy that some state departments do not adopt the unified national card in completing the transactions of citizens, where they are required to show the identity of the previous civil conditions that were destroyed after the delivery of the unified card.
  5. There is an interesting rumor that the CBi was giving a set of formulas . one was from the Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) .The over was 3 times the amount of their SDR amount . Rumor speaking that would put us around the amounts speculated on this thread ? .....
  6. URGENT Interior Ministry clarifies some legal provisions on granting Iraqi citizenship....What I found interesting was this is the Ministries actions . No mention of Mahdi...I would think you would need to have a Minister in place to make an official clarification ???
  7. URGENT Interior Ministry clarifies some legal provisions on granting Iraqi citizenship Editorial Date: 2019/3/14 13:42 • 566 times prescribed (Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The Directorate of Civil Status, Passports and Residence in the Ministry of the Interior clarified some legal provisions regarding the granting of Iraqi citizenship. "The Iraqi Nationality Law No. 26 of 2006 is still in force, since a person who wishes to be naturalized is not married, he is required to stay for ten consecutive years in accordance with paragraph {c} of Article 6 (I) Of the above law ". He added: "As for the duration of the year of residence contained within the draft amendment to the first law of Iraqi nationality mentioned above was contained in paragraph (c) of Article {6 / first} as the text of that paragraph stipulated the length of stay for foreigners wishing to acquire Iraqi citizenship by naturalization that Has been residing in Iraq for ten consecutive years prior to the submission of the request has been added to the exclusion of the displaced (Almzfrin) forcibly under the former regime and have transactions in the Directorate of Nationality was not completed then because of their deportation and a large number of them was registered in the records of 1957. He noted that "after 2003, the Council of Ministers issued a decision to lift the flagging and freezing of their restrictions and obtained the identities of the civil status and were unable to obtain the certificate of Iraqi nationality because of the absence of modern residence for ten years and for the purpose of half of this limited group has been this exception to them that the Shall have a residence not less than one year and shall not include others, as the ten-year requirement remains valid. "
  8. The paper and metal currency after 2003, which did not succeed in trading and was canceled March 14, 2019 Economy and business Alsumaria News / Baghdad The Central Bank published pictures of the currency and metal issued by the Central Bank of Iraq to trade after 2003 did not succeed, which was decided to cancel. The paper currency was withdrawn in the category of 50 dinars, which is from the issuance of 2003, which was the front face of the Basra silo and the back of the palm leaf. With the withdrawal of the currency with the issuance of 2004 of circulation for categories 25, 50 and 100 dinars for not circulated by the public. The following are the pictures of these currencies and drawn by the Central Bank of Iraq: ..بالصورة-العملة-الورقية-والمعدنية-بعد-عام-2003-التي..
  9.بالصور-ما-خلفه-حريق-سوق-الهوى-في-الزعفرانية/ar..... Pictures .. Behind the fire of the market of fancy in Zaafaraniya 13 March 2019 - 23:02 Pictures 530 0 0 - 5.1K Alsumaria News / BAGHDAD - Civil defense teams managed to extinguish a fire that broke out in four shops in Al-Hawa market in the Zafaraniya area. According to a security source told Alsumaria News, "This fire resulted in causing material damage to those shops without causing any casualties."
  10.اخماد-حريق-نشب-في-ثلاثة-بساتين-جنوب-غرب-ديالى-صور/ar A fire broke out in three orchards southwest of Diyala / Tire 14 March 2019 - 12:15 The Iraqi street ....... Alsumaria News / Baghdad security source said on Thursday that the firefighters Akhaddmt a fire broke out in three groves south - west of the province of Diyala. The source said that "the fire brigades of a new area Shattab managed to extinguish a fire incident that broke out in three orchards in the area of Al-Huwaish of the area of New South Shat south-west of Diyala." "The firefighters prevented the fire from reaching the nearby role and in a very record time, despite the strength of the wind," he said.
  11. You give Trump what he wants . He will then let North Korea ,China and Iran run their silk road to pull themselves out of hock.
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