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  1. Thug .... I just noticed . You got over 60k post . That's alot of much needed news and Surprisingly Good Entertainment through the years. And for Free . Thank You Very Much !
  2. GA DV's Umbertino. I sure hope so. But at present ? I believe they are doing everything they said they are doing . I sincerely hope they are done sooner than 2020.
  3. Thank You Buti, Yota . GA DV's . I remember a Speech late in the GW BUSH Administration . President Bush was before what looked to be a large amount of excited Investors and Wall Street types all on their feet Cheering Loudly as Bush spoke boldly of Free Markets and a Free Market Society around the world as we were still Liberating Iraq . This Free Market agreement between Iraq and Kuwait must be a Huge agreement in remembrance of what Bush was trying to achieve while in office .
  4. I agree and Good Afternoon Pitcher .Qatar . Is this not the same country that hired Olympic weightlifters to relocate to their country from various parts of the world . Then change names to an arabic name . Winning gold medals for Qatar in a past Olympics ? Sounds like they are trying to repeat the process in the Higher Education Field ???
  5.محليات/310995/هيئة-المنافذ-تعلن-تسليم-رفات-إيرانيين-في-الشلامجة........ The Port Authority announces the delivery of Iranian remains in Shalamjah Localities 2019-07-11 5:56 5,413 views The border crossing authority announced on Thursday that the Iranian side had handed over the remains of 44 "victims" of the Iraq-Iran war at the Shalamjah border post. The authority said in a statement Alsumaria News received a copy of it, that " the remains of war were exchanged under the supervision of the Directorate of the receipt and delivery of martyrs in the Human Rights Directorate affiliated to the Iraqi Ministry of Defense and in the presence of the International Committee of the Red Cross ( ICRC) ." She explained that "21 remains of identity information (among the 44 remains) and 23 remains unknown," indicating that "the remains were found joint excavations between the two sides in the provinces of Maysan Basara
  6.سياسة/311118/المالكي-اسقاط-الحكومة-لا-يخدم-احدا-والعراق-لا-يمتل........ Advertising Maliki: toppling the government does not serve anyone and Iraq has no real opposition Policy 2019-07-11 15:15 5,391 views The head of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, on Thursday, that "toppling" the current government does not serve anyone, and pointed out that Iraq has no real opposition, the view that the current government government technocrats "exaggerated." "We can not talk about a successful government unless there is a state of political stability and a state of understanding and exchange, as well as integration between the government under its leadership and its ministers and the political forces that form the ministries and committees," Maliki said in an interview with the program "Special Encounter" Especially since the government and its ministers are returning to parties. " Maliki said that "the saying that the current government of technocrats exaggerated and not at this level and the parliament and the Prime Minister and the government itself have the view that some ministries need to rethink a change of some of them," noting that "Yes there are in this government technocrats successful and good side Ministers need support, some to reconsider. " "Maliki said," Iraq should be a high degree of stability at the present time relative to the circumstances surrounding it, there is no objection to change according to legal and constitutional methods, but the overthrow of the government does not serve anyone, "pointing out that" the way some say that the government Fall through sit-ins and demonstrations are very dangerous to Iraq And the Iraqis and the political process because the street has a weapon and penetrated from forces that do not want Iraq to good, in addition to the lack of harmony of political forces, I am not part of the opposition front to change the government, but a part of support and correction
  7.سياسة/311120/المالكي-الحشد-الشعبي-لم-ينته-دوره-ولست-مع-دمجه-ضمن.......... Maliki: The popular crowd has not finished its role and is not integrated with the army and police Policy 2019-07-11 15:30 6,896 views The head of the coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, on Thursday that it is not with the idea of merging the popular crowd with the army and police, considering it "guarantee and safety valve," while noting that the fires that get to wheat fields, "a sabotage and terrorist." Maliki said in an interview for the program "special meeting" broadcast by Sumerian satellite, " Iraq now has pockets to destabilize the security, and have links at home and abroad, and began to express itself, the fires that get to the fields of wheat work as a sabotage infrastructure as it was for electricity poles and oil wells It is all terrorism, in addition to assassinations and bombings, but it is not possible for these pockets to regain control of a province or a city. " Maliki said, "Today we have forces that can resist the strongest terrorist institution can move in any area, but I say so as not to repeat the previous experience, the guarantee and the safety valve popular crowd ," pointing out that "the crowd has not finished its role and did not end the need, Honor him for what they have done and achieved. " He explained, "We are talking about the need for a crowd and no one speaks to keep the crowd without the organization or arrangement without restructuring teams and brigades and units and a device from the state apparatus, which under the authority General Commander of the Armed Forces", stressing said , "I'm not with the idea that merges Aoivob the popular crowd with Army and police. "
  8.سياسة/311124/المالكي-حزب-الدعوة-نجح-في-تجربة-البلاد-ولولاه-لما.... Maliki: Dawa Party succeeded in the experience of the country and if not for what was called Iraq Policy 2019-07-11 15:45 8,291 views The Secretary-General of the Dawa Party and former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Thursday that the party "succeeded in the experience of the country and to him was not a thing named Iraq," while noting that Iraq can not be a party to the conflict between the United States and Iran. "The Dawa Party, since its founding in 1975, has adopted the principle of majority, we have a space of freedom, and we feel that the party needs to renew and introduce new blood," Maliki said in an interview for the "Meet the Hess" program broadcast by Sumerian satellite. "They said years ago that we are willing to give up and support the youth and support them, but they rejected the principle of the departure of all leaders and handed over to another generation." "I do not want to be renewed as secretary-general of the Dawa Party, but anything can be a strong point for the party," Maliki said. Asked if the Dawa Party had succeeded in running Iraq , al-Maliki explained, "Yes, the party succeeded in trying Iraq . Without it, we did not have a thing called Iraq . The Dawa Party received a disjointed Iraq, many areas were dead and people were ghosts. He could not get out in Baghdad, and many can not go to Karbala or other, "adding that" we received an unstable Iraq, but massacres, the number of bombings every day to more than 10. " On the escalation between the United States and Iran, Maliki saw that "through the follow-up and the calamity, the war has become far away and almost fell, but returned again and again and moved away," noting that "the approach and move away based on Iran's response and the strike, Iran was able to prove itself through what "The battle today is the battle of Aradat. Iran's will was strong and its ability, as strategists said, was capable of responding." He said Maliki, that " Iraq has warned that it would be a war if it broke out the battle between Iran and the United States, because the Iranian reaction would apply to the Gulf countries and also Iraq through the presence of facilities and camps for the United States and other countries account calculated it within the US behind it, how can keep Iraq away from The battle? ", Noting that" Iraq Would be a party defending itself if the war between Washington and Tehran. "
  9. Maliki talks about al-Hashemi and al-Issawi and confirms: the withdrawal of the army from Mosul was sectarian Policy Policy 2019-07-11 16:57 Source: Alsumaria News 18,494 views Speaker of the coalition of state law Nuri al-Maliki, on Thursday, the issue of Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi and Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi, while noting that the withdrawal of the army from Mosul in 2014 was "sectarian." Maliki said in an interview aired on Alsumaria Vzaih "when the cases of former Vice President of the Republic took place Tareq al - Hashemi and former Finance Minister Rafie al - Issawi , I was abroad, specifically in America , " noting "I was in my office and I received the judge super Zidane, along with another judge and officers of the two, "Jaafari was visiting me." He added that "Zidane told me that he had a decision to inspect the house Hashemi, but I told him that the latest Vice President of the Republic and this causes a problem , " adding to that , "Zidane told me that this decision is under evidence, statements and confessions , and we want to inspect his house , and if prevented us may issued arrest warrants for charges of disabling work Elimination ". He added that "Hashemi prevented from traveling based on confessions emerged television, and when he wants to travel by plane prevented him military intelligence and told him that it prevent , " pointing to"I contacted Judge Medhat al - Mahmoud and told him that al - Hashemi wants to travel , what is the verdict, where he told me that if he wanted to travel outside Iraq may not be, but if for Kurdistan latter part of Iraq and possible to travel and this is what happened. " "I knew he would not be back, but I do not have any reasons to prevent him from traveling to Kurdistan ." "I am the case Rafie al-Issawi , what happened is the arrest of one of the wanted in the door of the Green Zone, which recognized the protection of Issawi and others until the issue included Issawi himself," explaining that "returned al-Hashemi and Issawi through the judiciary did not object to it." On entering the "Daesh" to some provinces Maliki said that " the provinces sons are taken control of their areas before Daesh , who was not present where, where the rebel tribes and the Baath Party and Naqshbandi , " pointing to the "Daesh control after that." Maliki said that "the withdrawal of the army from Mosul was sectarian because 90% of it of the year," explaining that "there is a movement arranged the withdrawal process." Maliki pointed to the "who made up the incubator next to terrorism from abroad, now left this work because they did not win anything , but have hurt themselves and their families and their areas , " pointing to that " the issue of the control of terrorism on the city in the future , it is impossible." Editor: Ammar Tariq
  10. GM DV's . In the back of my mind . Once the GOV. is completed . Pandora Box is open .I feel like we have been watching the enemies fight like hell to keep that box closed like it has been for a very long time . It would seem the money stolen in all its forms from Iraq has supported evil and oppression through out the world for many years . It would be good for it to finally stop...
  11. Thanks For posting this , I have not heard this song in a very long time . Perhaps my childhood . Thank You ...
  12. Thank You Buti . GM DV's ..... All the good news is great. But this corruption. Seems difficult to go forward without it all being removed first . They are removing it though
  13. OH...... "some experiments reduced temporarily to overcome the crisis and returned afterwards, do we have the potential to adopt such a ?.......This sentence also stood out to me . Could this temporary reduction followed by " and returned afterwards " be the initial lower rate we all heard about..... then sometime later the "former glory or returned rate " ? Who knows ? GN
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