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  1. Communications and Informatics launches the salaries of its employees under the Master Card system Editorial date: • 2019/5/21 17:30 • 163 times scheduled {Baghdad: Al Furat News} The General Company for Communications and Informatics announced the salaries of its employees according to the mechanism of the new electronic payment system {Master Card} of the month of May this year in Baghdad and all districts. The director of the financial department in a statement, received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, "the resettlement of salaries came after a series of technical workshops hosted by the company a number of banks approved and approved by the Central Bank of Iraq, the number of 17 banks." She added that "six of them were selected by the employees and according to their desire, namely, the Rafidain Bank, the Rasheed Bank, the Iraqi Bank for Trade, the Commercial Bank, the South Islamic Bank and the Islamic Bank of Iraq." He pointed out that " To the instructions of the Council of Ministers for the settlement of salaries and the replacement of paper transactions with the electronic payment system. "
  2.المصارف-في-المنهاج-الحكومي..................From Al Nasiri . Todays date . I could not translate it . Help please . Thank You ...
  3. ttps://عمليات-بغداد-تقرر-تمديد-ساعات-عمل-الكافيهات-حتى-12?src=web-push&utm_campaign=Softimpact-Web-Push&utm_source=SI-Push-Documents&utm_term=Softimpact-Push-Documents&utm_medium=SI-Push-304753.......... BAGHDAD OPERATIONS It is decided to extend the working hours of "cafeterias" until midnight at night Localities 2019-05-19 13:02 Source: Alsumaria News 3,586 views Baghdad operations chief Lieutenant General Jalil al-Rubaie announced on Sunday that the working hours of the coffees will be extended until 12 pm during Ramadan. Al-Rubaie said in an interview with Alsumaria News that "it was decided to extend the working hours in the coffees until 12 pm during the month of Ramadan," without giving further details. The Baghdad Operations Command issued on January 30, 2019 a resolution requiring all cafes to close at 11 pm, noting that after this time the owner of the cafe will be held accountable.
  4. Thank You Buti . GM DV's . I assume several things . Guesses ? We just moved into the new phase . Iran's influence both militia and corrupt powers must be removed during the beginning of this phase and their ability to threaten Iraq's ? Secure borders and its my huge guess mostly all foreign personnel is being evacuated but will return in the future under new entry or customs guidelines ? And the huge assembly of the worlds greatest US Military might to insure this phase transitions on schedule without problem . I've tried to imagine what would take place at the time of the event we wait for . I did not guess such a huge presence or evacuation of people . Not saying that I think its time . But to me it sure looks like they are preparing for it . Have a Blessed DV's .........
  5. the main page economic economic The International Monetary Fund is preparing to hand over Egypt $ 2 billion 18:00 - 17/05/2019 0 Information / Baghdad .. The IMF mission reached an expert-level agreement with Egypt on the completion of the recent review of the economic reform program that began in November 2016. A team of IMF experts led by Supair Lal visited Egypt from 5 to 16 May 2019 for the fifth and final review of Egypt's economic reform program, supported by a three-year agreement under the "Extended Fund Facility", a fund statement said Friday. This agreement is subject to the approval of the IFAD Executive Board. Upon completion of this review, Egypt will receive SDR 1432.76 million (US $ 2 billion), bringing the total amount disbursed under the program to US $ 12 billion. Supril Lal, head of the fund's mission, said in the final statement of the review that prudent monetary and fiscal policies and a flexible exchange rate are the basis for achieving macroeconomic stability and strengthening Egypt's resilience in the face of external shocks, while social protection measures have helped ease the burden of economic reform on citizens.
  6. Thank You Yota .GE DV's ....................prevent violators from confiscating the rights of others....sounds like something that should be said to some GOI members as well ......
  7. Revealed a secret meeting between Sulaimani and leaders in the crowd .. This is what he told them a wish 17/05/2019 484 Revealed a secret meeting between Sulaimani and leaders in the crowd .. This is what he told them +=- The Guardian published a report on the Iranian file of its Middle East correspondent Martin Chloff on the front page entitled "Iran asks militias to prepare for proxy war in the Middle East." The newspaper learned from intelligence sources that the commander of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Qassem Soleimani, met with the leaders of the militias under the influence of Tehran during his recent visit to Iraq about three weeks ago and told them to "prepare to go to war proxy" against the backdrop of the US escalation against Tehran. "Although Sulaymani has been accustomed to meeting militia leaders for five years, this last meeting was very different. It was much more than a call for the release of weapons," one source said. The author explains that the US administration evacuated its employees from Baghdad and Erbil following the arrival of this information to the US Embassy in Baghdad, and raised the level of alert in the military bases in Iraq and in various locations in the Gulf after I felt that their interests may be at risk. "Several militia leaders operating under the umbrella of the popular crowd attended the meeting called by Soleimani, according to intelligence sources who said one of the senior officials met with a Western official and expressed concern about what happened," Chloff said. He added that a convoy of Iranian military supplies and rockets passed through western Iraq to Syria and arrived successfully to the capital Damascus, according to the newspaper from Western diplomats, stressing that the convoy of supplies succeeded in overcoming Western censorship and hide from the eyes of the Western intelligence services, which did not know it only after arrival Syrian capital. The idea that Iran emerged from the fighting with a bolder advocate dominated the recent dialogues between US President Donald Trump and his hawkish hawks, such as National Security Adviser John Bolton and Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo, two of the pillars of the escalation against Iran.
  8.تعزيزات-من-الشرطة-الاتحادية-تصل-إلى-كركوك?src=web-push&utm_campaign=Softimpact-Web-Push&utm_source=SI-Push-Documents&utm_term=Softimpact-Push-Documents&utm_medium=SI-Push-304423.... Federal police reinforcements arrive in Kirkuk security .. 2019-05-16 06:06 4,533 views A security source in Kirkuk, on Thursday, the arrival of reinforcements from the federal police to the province to support the security file in the outskirts of Kirkuk. The source said in an interview for Alsumaria News, "The reinforcements of two brigades of the federal police arrived in the province of Kirkuk." The source, who asked not to be named, that "this comes to support the security file in the outskirts of Kirkuk." The cell of security information announced on Wednesday, the killing of four officers and a member of the federal police, "terrorist attack left" in the Riyadh district of Hawija province, southwest of Kirkuk
  9. Not sure its posted yet ..... future ... begins now.. ............ The future ... begins now Samir Nusairi The future begins with the slogan of a joyous and joyous celebration held in a Ramadan evening organized by the Iraqi Pioneers Organization for the awarding of prizes which were won by nine pilot projects presented by the promising youth from several governorates and the winning projects selected by a jury of experts and experts. These projects were distributed in various fields that dealt with problems Environmental, agricultural, service and technical, including the smart container projects and Akvl Nakhla and my friends and plant tissue culture and electronic capsule and the application of the garage and shops and speed and service 6262 and all these projects are pioneering and innovative projects and provide great services to the community. The most important event in the celebration is the initiative of the Central Bank of Iraq and the Association of Banks to sponsor and support this celebration in line with the achievement of the objective of community initiatives in empowering young people and entrepreneurs and helping them to secure the appropriate business environment to start projects and finance and develop them to contribute to achieving sustainable development. The Governor of the Central Bank, who was present at the celebration, announced that the projects will be supported by special funds from the Tamkeen Fund. The Fund will also contribute to the financing of some pilot projects in order to start and develop. Thus, the Bank of Assyria financed one of the winning projects to encourage and motivate the young volunteers. The energy and creativity and build a new future only sons and national entrepreneurs in it. And work to provide business incubators to support young people and develop their skills and build their capacity to develop their small and medium enterprises and achieve the goal of development and economic. And the most important Malft my view and looked at the celebrants in the celebration are the situations of joy and hope and the future that has now begun. Yes, this national sense of the moment when the youth triumph and achieve the dream that he saw him on the ground. The youth were delighted by the Governor of the Central Bank, Ali Al-Aalak, and his great gift was the adoption by the Central Bank and Tamkeen Fund to announce the readiness for care and continuous support to motivate and empower our youth. The celebration emphasized that such initiatives are national practices to serve the national economy and serve youth to take their leadership positions. . Because Iraq is about to move to a new stage in overcoming the stage of the financial and economic crisis to a new stage of the post-urgent. The lessons learned from the experiences of the peoples and the developed countries politically and economically relying on the Iraqi youth are efficient and ambitious and enlightened in leading the institutions of the national economy and in particular the economic market a new methodology depends on the vitality and determination to overcome the challenges and focus on young people insured by his homeland Iraq beloved Iraqi people and the father in the sound construction of the economy In a new spirit that carries all the aspirations of the youth and provide the best services and products to the public in accordance with a vision of the development of the policies and programs and visions and be the slogan of all Iraqis (the future begins now). Views 288 Date Added 05/16/2019
  10. Baghdad sends a huge amount of territory Local 14/05/2019 299 A source in the Ministry of Finance, the arrival of 453 billion dinars from Baghdad to the Kurdistan region. The source, who declined to be named, said in a press statement that "the amount allocated as salaries to the staff of the region arrived in the evening, explaining that the ministry will continue to pay the salaries of employees starting Wednesday from the new batch." He added: that the arrival of the amount will end the delay in the payment of salaries of staff of the region, "stressing that" the salaries of all the remaining ministries will be disbursed before the end of this month. " He stressed that "the lack of the amount allocated as salaries to the Peshmerga so
  11. Guess where $2 Federal Reserve notes are circulating Ecuador embraces the $2 denomination, where some residents see the note as an omen of good luck By Arthur L. Friedberg , Special to Coin World Published : 05/13/19 The $2 Federal Reserve note may not circulate widely in the United States, but it is now entering circulation in Ecuador. Coin World file image. A little-used denomination of Federal Reserve note is entering circulation more broadly, just not in the United States. Instead, the notes will be used by residents of Ecuador. The 1999 economic crisis in Ecuador led to the sucre losing 67 percent of its value in one year. Then, in January 2000, the currency lost an additional 17 percent of its value in one week, leading President Jamil Mahuad to announce on Jan. 9, 2000, that the U.S. dollar would become Ecuador’s currency. Even though the crisis resulted in Mahuad being overthrown in a short-lived leftist military coup on Jan. 21 and replaced by his vice president, Gustavo Noboa, the dollarization of the economy was allowed to proceed. On March 9, 2000, Noboa signed a law that, effective on March 13, replaced the sucre with the United States dollar at an exchange rate of 25,000 sucres to $1. Both currencies circulated at first, but the dollar was used in all but very small transactions. By the end of 2000, sucre notes were no longer legal Nineteen years after the changeover, one glaring gap in the introduction of United States currency has been corrected. El Universo, one of Ecuador’s largest daily newspapers, reported on April 26 that for the first time, a delivery of $2 Federal Reserve notes would arrive and would be available for distribution in major cities at the windows of the central bank. None of the denomination were included in previous deliveries of Federal Reserve notes, and in some circles, their absence created an obsession and mythology about them. El Universo mentioned that some Ecuadorians consider them omens of good luck. It also says that “on social networks” they sell to collectors for from $4 to $15 each. According to Bureau of Engraving and Printing reports, no Series 2013 $2 notes were printed from July 2016 until November 2018. In that month, 12,800,000 were printed for the Atlanta bank and 38,400,000 for the San Francisco bank. None have been printed since. A picture in the April 30 issue of El Universo showed an Atlanta note printed in July 2016 being exhibited at the note’s introduction. In the future, El Universo added, if the demand for the $2 bill increases, the Ecuadorian Central Bank will consider additional imports. Connect with Coin World:
  12.سياسة/304133/الكشف-عن-وجهات-مليارات-الدولارات-التي-نهبت-بالعراق....... Revealed the destinations of billions of dollars looted in Iraq 12 years ago Policy 2019-05-14 07:03 Source: The New Arab 13,071 views A government official has revealed various destinations for the billions of dollars looted from Iraq over the past 12 years, stressing that most of them turned into commercial complexes, residential and commercial real estate, land, banks and satellite channels. "The majority of the looted funds are in different forms with officials and their relatives, MPs and leaders of political blocs," Al-Arabi newspaper quoted the official as saying. "The largest looting of state funds took place during the years 2006-2014 He added that "billions of dollars have been smuggled abroad, while investing another part of the looted funds inside Iraq ," noting that "the previous government, did not reduce corruption, but to a lesser extent because of the financial crisis that was hitting the country at the time." He added that "these funds were distributed to officials and former presidents who bought property for them and registered the names of relatives to escape the prosecution," pointing out that "some of them established the banks in Baghdad, which are run by politicians." "It was not only that but the media," he said. "Some former officials have set up local media agencies to promote their projects." The official pointed out that "the head of a parliamentary committee previously established a large commercial complex in the neighborhood of banks east of Baghdad ," explaining that "some private schools are also owned by politicians, and generate large sums of money annually." The official said that "this is not limited to Baghdad , as the Iraqi provinces are witnessing an extension of the strength of those involved in corruption cases." The Iraqi parliament has been debating the draft bill "Fund for the recovery of Iraq's funds. " According to an earlier statement of the Integrity Commission said that it discussed with the Integrity Committee in Parliament the draft law, noting that the Fund is supposed to be managed by the Integrity Commission in cooperation with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and oil and finance and justice and trade. The former member of parliament for the alliance of victory Faleh Zeidi That the need to legislate the law because it will contribute to the recovery of billions of dollars that fled in the time of the former regime and after 2003 by corrupt and illegal smugglers. Editor: Ammar Tariq
  13. Financial inclusion and sustainable development Monday, 13 May 2019 Abdul-Zahra Mohammed al-Hindawi A year ago, the Central Bank of Iraq launched its national strategy for financial inclusion in Iraq, and witnessed the debate of the financial and business community at the time of a wide debate and various speculation, perhaps most of which was blasphemy towards the achievement of the objectives of this strategy, to the extent that some counted as "bird dreams", In the context of the facts of the Iraqi reality, which is experiencing a lot of problems And contradictions. One of the most prominent of these challenges is the absence or lack of trust between the citizen and the bank, as a result of certain circumstances and policies, which caused the existence of a general state of financial decline, represented by the reluctance of citizens to deal with banks, to the extent that the phenomenon of "home compactness" has become prevalent, Which led to the suspension of the financial and economic cycle of a huge mass of cash, estimated at 77 percent of the volume of currency traded, was outside the walls of the banking system, chunky at home, with the risk of risk of loss of these funds, And development. .... It is natural that such indicators would paint a pessimistic view of the financial sector in Iraq , And thus represents an opportunity for pessimists to launch their predictions impossibly or at least difficult to pursue the objectives of the strategy of financial inclusion, which aims to provide banking and financial services to different segments of society, to achieve one of the objectives of sustainable development, United Nations. Iraq went on the knees of the international community to achieve those goals, and in return the optimists were unleashing their dreams unleashed, stressing that the scene will change, and that confidence will return, and we will get rid of the phenomenon of hoarding money home, to come to the owners to deposit in Banks. Between the teams of pessimism and optimism, the Central Bank has been working on the implementation of this strategy, in cooperation with government banks and private banks, and the latter, may enter the first time in the arena of competition with government banks, and was the result of this competition, in the implementation of the strategy of financial inclusion , The project to settle the salaries of state employees, and private banks have a good area in this resettlement project, to the extent that some of them outnumber citizens, the government, the result of privileges and ease of procedures provided to customers, it is very clear that there has been a positive change in the scene Financial and Monetary For the Iraqis, after the launch of the strategy of the Central Bank, and indicators of this positive change, is the rise of the proportion of banking industry to 23 percent at the end of 2018 after the ratio of 11 percent in 2014, "as announced by the Association of Iraqi private banks in a report issued recently. When we talk about an increase of more than 50 percent in the number of customers with banks, this is an important indicator, confirming that the signs of improvement continue to emerge, and the extent of financial coverage in a constant expansion, without forgetting to say, the proportion of (23) Is not large at a time when the percentage of those who have bank accounts around the world to more than 70 percent of the adult population, but can not in any way compare our situation, as other countries preceded us in this regard, while Iraq faced conditions that were not easy Has caused a decline in many development sectors, including the sector Banks. In summary, what we can now diagnose is that there is an improvement in the type of relationship between the citizen and the banking sector, which would enhance the policy of opening up the trade by investing the monetary mass, which was absent due to lack of confidence. There is no doubt that the return of this confidence and steps may seem slow, but it will be established to open the horizons and bridges important to expand the scope of financial coverage, and I think we are close to watching small ATMs , And spread everywhere, in the vendor of greenery, and in the oven and the barber at the barber, and certainly that the prevalence and spread of this scene requires great efforts by all concerned, to achieve comprehensive financial coverage, in the pursuit of the goals of sustainable development, as the banking sector One of the Their most important paths. link Select Language▼ by Taboola Sponsored Links From the Web 1 Thing All Liars Have In Common. 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