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3 bucks new rv rate

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About 3 bucks new rv rate

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  1. yee haa. we are going to get a good news from Adam s#$n. hopefully Adam will announce the date and the rate for the " RV ".
  2. exactly. no food, no drink, and no sex during the sun comes up. when the sun comes down, they can eat, drink, have sex as much as they like.
  3. between kuwait, saudi arabia and iraq, iraq has the lowest rate. hopefully, iraq is pegged between saudi arabia ( 0.26 usd ) and kuwaiti dinar ( over 3 bucks usd ).
  4. hey kaperoni, what we really want is a revaluation, not a floating.
  5. hey Breitling. if a revaluation and a reinstatement are the same meaning, then did kuwaiti dinar revalue or reinstate or none of those?
  6. hopefully, their master is kuwait, so the iqd are pegged to kuwaiti dinar which is over 3 bucks.
  7. d#$n. it has been a long time, i miss watching " the fresh prince of bell air ". what were you happy about carlton bank? you got a date with a jazz's cousin who is so bossy., are you dancing a lambada? that is forbidden dance. are you doing a happy dance because you graduated with 4.0 GPA? oppss, did someone else see you while you were dancing? look, behind you, it's will, your cousin.
  8. thanks for your advice Longtimelurker. actually, that depends on how long are you going to wait patiently for the rate to float from 1:1 to 3:1 or rv's again to 3:1? if i say if it is going to take 10 years or more in order to float the rate from 1:1 to 3:1, then what are you going to do? do you want to wait that long? if it is going to take approximately 1 year to float the rate from 1:1 to 3:1, i think most iqd holders will be happy to wait for 1 year or less, is it right folks.
  9. then, the iqd got infected with covid-19 or even worst. therefore, run run run and don't even think about touching them.
  10. what about between 10 cents - 75 cents, will you take it or not?
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