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  1. love you brother and remember to just smile.
  2. why should I be concern about Iran dropping their zeros? I could see if this was Iraq. Is the hype thinking Iraq will follow?
  3. I hope things work out as soon as possible, but don't forget this is Iraq and working yourself up on possible some good news isn't always healthy. Yes, I would agree things are looking better just not letting it control me.
  4. I don’t say it much, but Thanks Adam glad to be apart of DV family for over a decade. Go RV.
  5. Always wanting something, what's holding them from just RV'ing and purchasing Sh*t. I just don't understand at all.
  6. Now this is the start of peace and harmony i have been looking for
  7. Words are worth millions and Dinars are worth pennies. Still hoping for the best
  8. ChuckFinley you just need to your KNEES IN THE BREEZE
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