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  1. Wait til Sadr starts blowing things up......It's going to get a lot worse over there!! Bad thing now is that he knows the in and outs of the government lay out. He has a Very very large following of people/army. Keep watching closely!! I guarantee those other politicians are worried and nervous. Dinarbeleiver I truly hope you are correct and that this is a smoke screen, but I doubt it. We are dealing with the "Kicking of the can" Politicians continue to get paid and line their pockets (Corruption) while we and the citizens of Iraq wait for our day!
  2. Trust me sir....I'm hoping you are correct and I am wrong...14 years later..still here!!
  3. ChuckFinley I hear you loud and clear, but sadly we are still at least 1-2 years from seeing what we want. It's just the way Iraq works!!
  4. I'm with you on this one!! I'm sure we'd both enjoy a surprise tho!!
  5. I truly hope you are right! My name says how long I've been end this and it just seems like it's never gonna happen.
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