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  1. Thank you Sir! Amazing how our President is making things happen but, it's sad that the lame stream media won't talk about the the good things he's done, employment on the rise, the rebuilding of the military and all the other accomplishments we've seen-and I'm enjoying my pay raise. He is making America great again! The wall will be built, a promise kept and he'll get re-elected. Blessing to you all my DV family. Pray for wisdom on what to do once we are blessed with this RV.
  2. Did y'all hear President Trump last night on Fox during the New Year's Eve broadcast? Pete Hegseth had a one on one phone call with him. I remember President Trump saying there would be great wealth for the nation. I'm looking for the transcript.
  3. Yeah we were told that they were going to meet later on. So they had a closed-door meeting huh. I really hope this is what we've all been waiting for. President Trump is just the most amazing president. He'll get his wall! Promises made Promises Kept! Like he says he wins! We got to stay grounded though it really could be anything, but with news like this it's really exciting!
  4. Cool! Add me to the list please!
  5. I'm game, come on Texans anyone else out there?
  6. Yes, I saw it and then it was moved and I looked for it. This is hot stuff! Thanks 6ly410!
  7. It is off topic. But if you've ever heard Kim Clement Trump's not getting impeached. That's a prophets View PS don't watch CNN.
  8. I know our great President can't control this, but hey I'll go with it-promises made promises kept haha. MAGA & MIGA. President Trump 2020.
  9. Yes, haven't heard from any of them. Hope all is well. But I understand we all need to get off this rollercoaster every once in a while. News has been good, better now than it seems like before. 2019.
  10. Thank you! You are one of the people that make this site for great!

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