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  1. LOL, Thug you're too funny you make this investment entertaining. Thanks for supplying humor bro. Let's go bro
  2. Thugs thanks for the cliff notes version. Get those coins out, bring those bills back in. News has been exciting today.
  3. .86 then up from there back to their glory days.
  4. fancy

    Go Iraq Part 6

    Bro so what does this mean for a RV? Any effect on it? Are you saying that Iran is in control, just trying to figure out what you mean dude.
  5. IMHO ISIS is always gonna be a threat in the ME and that's never gonna change, but, I don't think that will disway Iraq from rising above.
  6. And I stand in agreement with you! Let it happen this time!
  7. fancy

    Go Iraq Part 5

    Emeralded you my friend
  8. Thanks, I've always liked Kim Clement and I believe him.
  9. Maybe it's smoke. Getting us to think there will be no RV. Adam did say to watch for this. We need to watch what they actually do, not say.
  10. Thanks Yota, you are the rockstar. "Running out of patience" huh. Now we all are, come on CBI.
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