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  1. Okay come on our President is dealing with a pandemic, a PAMDEMIC and can still deal activity in foreign policy I am so proud to be an American right now. President Donald Trump God's David
  2. Agreed LGD. An RV will be the answer for both the USA and Iraq, no other way to recover. Who would have thought out of the devastation of this situation the world is in now, what we've all be waiting for will come to correct it and be a blessing-just my opinion, the timing seems so right. But that's how our God works right, what satan tries for bad, God makes it good. Be safe everyone, we'll lose some but we'll get through this.
  3. President Trump is the best president we've ever had. He cares about America and her citizens
  4. Wait - Isn’t 4,000 Dinars Per Dollar Going In The Opposite Direction Of The Dinar Being Worth 380 Pennies ? And I’m Pretty Sure That A ‘No Corruption’ Disclaimer Is Null And Void When Discussing The Middle East... Wuzzup Bro ! Thanks Thuggie for all the news today, something gonna give. And thanks for the cliff notes version you are the best. ##Thuggiegroopie
  5. Thought the very same thing LGD and Chuck.
  6. The Iraq economy is not in a place to handle a further plummet, an RV would be a robust jolt.
  7. I'm listing to FOX News with Maria Bartiromo talking about the fall in oil around the world and the correction that needs to take place, some type of stimulus so that the oil market won't collapse...........easy fix for Iraq RV! Sorry wasn't able to get a link.
  8. Okay who is in control of all this design father God has it suposed to be. Yes I know Mystic Meg I have friends sucker draw
  9. Let's all agree to pray, and ask, that on March 22, 2020 we will see an increase in value of the IQD..! I stand in agreement with you Ron and hawk-eye-view for March 22, 2020 to see an increase in value of the IQD.
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