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  1. Thanks for saying it lol. To me it's would be nice to not have to read all that profanity and I hate it when people say God's (the article reads "his deity"-shameful!) name in vain. Shabs would you be surprised if Mike's "lies" turned out not to be lies? At least it's a place for like minds to gather. Frank Speech
  2. Because I didn't see it, and some may not know, and since I can't promote other website-I'll do my best...... The CEO of (you rest your head on it at night) created a (singers stand on it when the sing) for FREE SPEECH.His name may or may not be in the above article. Rhymes with Tank Teach haha. Comon' someone be braver than me! Starts tonight for VIP (not DV VIP) and debuts Monday. GOD BLESS AMERICA!
  3. Thanks Markinsa, Gee....................We really are in the middle of a war between good and evil. I wish more people would open their eyes to what this really is. Satan seeks away to divide, and he has done it. I think the rough road will continue, but good always triumphs over evil and God always has the last say. I don't make predictions and I don't have any inside information. But I do know numbers have meaning to God. The number 8 speaks to a new beginning, August. I don't have any Intel, and I'm not making a prediction, just looking forward to a new beginning when the
  4. It's getting pretty sloppy there Uncle Joe and geez I thought ya'll were better at deceiving people than this lol
  5. After everything that has happening in the last year and still happening, I've come to get used to the fact that anything can happen.
  6. Now it starts Georgia Judge Indicates He May Unseal Absentee Ballots for Fraud Probe A Fulton county worker continues to count absentee ballots at State Farm Arena on November 6, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Jessica McGowan/Getty Images) By Jeffrey Rodack | Tuesday, 16 March 2021 08:07 AM Comment| Print| A A A judge in Georgia is sig
  7. Medication cost high......check Turned his back on Israel...check Crisis at the boarder...check Job losses...check Says he's for the blue collar worker and is not...check Taxes going Yeah "America is BACK" Bumbling idiot...check
  8. Thanks Markinsa. I like Perry Stone. He mentions swamp John Kerry? Hmmmmm
  9. You forgot the "A for effort" part when you quoted me hahahaha
  10. That's not one of the big ones, this is mail in ballots. But A for effort Shabs hahahaha. Wait for the cyber proof. *BOOM*
  11. Dude back to the beginning of this entire thread how can he be duly elected if there's a question of fraud and Proof of fraud and there are several cases going to the SC. But if you choose to believe it or not a lot of people doubt that there was a fair election a lot of people believe that there was fraud, proof enough that it's in front of the SC right now. If a lot of people have questions and if there is proof of fraud, wouldn't you want that to be examined to really know? If the Supreme Court rulings show that Biden is President and won in a fair election I'll accept it. Right now I don't
  12. If fraud is proven, then there is no other recourse than to take the fraudulent vote away. The Election results will not be allowed to stand if fraud is proven. We are country based on principles and the Constitution which the Supreme Court is duly sworn into follow. A shaking for sure in the United States. But haven't we already been experiencing this shaking: a non-politician becoming president of the United States, new policies and executive decisions that totally go against politics and corruption allowed to thrive in our government and now exposed, a pandemic, months and months of riots a
  13. fancy


    Fantastic! I'm glad you're able to logon. I just tried I still can't. I believe it's the traffic everybody want to get back on. Enjoy Parler!
  14. Here's a few more, don't have can ice scraper, a putty knife works just as great. Want to keep your windshield from freezing over? A shower plastic curtain liner will do the trick. And a mixture of one part apple cider vinegar 3 parts water will melt that ice right off your door handles and windshield. And your car is heavy enough to drive on Ice if you go slow enough, I'm talking snail pace. I'm from Texas I've had to learn my enemy.
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