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  1. Yota thanks for all your hard work Daaaaaang this is getting real now.
  2. COOL!! EXCITED!! I passed the test! Always like banging my head....ROCKER!✌️
  3. Thanks 6ly410, now on to reading it.
  4. Thugie your the best! Been watching all the news you're bringing! Go on with your bad self, sparkle and shine you're all that and a bag of chips!!! Thuggiegroupie 4 evera!
  5. Come on let's get it done so everyone can prosper, feels like we are close. Thanks Yota you are non stop!🕶️
  6. Yahoo!! I'm right around the corner. I live in Central Texas!! Par-tay!!
  7. Invite me invite me invite me I'm a proud Texan! And good for you!!!
  8. You named them. They operate in the USA as the Federal Reserve but are not a part of the US government. One day they will answer for their depiction to the One who sits on the Throne.
  9. Kurdistan why don't ya'll just RV the Dinar....someone else has been on a forever siesta and it's way past being old
  10. Is Iron Man his brother haha take a look at the pic
  11. Thank you yota. Influence all you want, It is God that allows someone to rise in power, and it will be President Trump in 2020.
  12. gee that's stretching what you posted. And another unnamed group of people.....................really, is this where we are, the left is freaking out trying anything to discredit the President, but it won't work, the vast majority (you'll see when we come out and vote) see right through all the left's desperate efforts. President Trump rebuilt the the military after Iran loving Obama gutted it. This is such a frail argument, but I guess it's not beneath the left trying anything, they know they are in trouble. President Trump loves the USA and especially t
  13. Many are coming back from around the world, I personally support just one of these groups, If any one is interested all you need to do is do a search for Christians and Jews united and bringing Jews back home.
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