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  1. Always enjoy your posts LGD. There is always hope and I'm seeing it especially in the youth! Many millennials accepting Jesus! Listen to them, at the grocery stores, restaurants lots of occasions of being said "Have a Blessed Day", online, in my own family!! I see God raising up an army of youth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Start a conversation of with one and you may be very happy to hear the direction it goes. I feel like I've have a mini service in the grocery many many many times. I love it, while the enemy goes around tearing down, God is raising up the youth!!! Try it, start a little conversation with them and see where it goes, most times you will like what you hear and be lifted up, and in turn I pray for them. I've cried on several occasions the beauty of it, God raising up the youth to join us in the fight!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I stand in agreement with you Ron! Amen and Amen. Say this pray out loud and with conviction walking in the spirit that God's will be done. Thank you Ron!
  3. Haha Have you seen HOW he is greeted on the rare occasions he ventures out.......with Trump flags and Trump supporters, and oh have you seen college football audiences, they are yelling F Joe B. My question to you is where is Uncle Joe's base, you know all 81 million of them, pretty quiet LARGE group of people.
  4. Thank you for bringing the news. It's hard to focus on this when America is declining but I thank you for bringing the news. Such a time as this! I am reminded of Isaiah 37:26 where God says that "l preordained everything from the time of old"
  5. Censorship so lame. Thanks though Yota. They ban and take away the truth............SCARED MUCH YOUTUBE hahahah it's almost laughable how much they try. WE ARE THE MAJORITY, DON'T FOR A MINUTE THINK WE ARE NOT, THERE ARE MORE OF US THEN THEM!
  6. FEEL, not felt. We are not a racist county even Kamala Harris said it. Biden sows division with his comments of systemic racism, dividing us, Trump NEVER did that. It's a very few loud voices that spew this, and the 81 Million count is really being challenged in several states now and I feel that argument will be going away very soon.
  7. DISTRACTION! The left is in panic mode over the audits and are simply trying to move attention from the audits. There is a move to Audit ALL states, check out National Audit Watch Channel on Telegram. The left is also scared that we are not getting "their" news and that they can't feed us the news they want for us to have. President Trump said it, WE are the Majority!
  8. Yes and I'll tell you why. I know people didn't like the manner in which he spoke, he was just blunt that's all, but what he did do was brought an enthusiasm to love America and to be proud to be an American in such a way that it energized more than half of America. If you've even seen his rallies, American flags EVERY WHERE proudly flying, people proudly yelling USA, USA, USA...what is wrong with that??? He did that, he made loving America ok again, and made people proud to live in America. You most likely have never heard him in a rally, but that's what he talks about, how America is the most beautiful county in the world and made me PROUD to be an American. But Joe Biden says American is systemically racist because I feel this way, why?
  9. Thanks Markinsa, I saw it! A lot of people saw it! HIGHLIGHTS -1000 of Missing Serial number on Ballots that are supposed to match the original Ballot -Suspicious logins...37,646 login queries for blank password -Ballot calibration was off by an average of 1000% -74,243 mail in Ballots with no clear record of even being sent out?!?!? -11,3226 people who voted do not even show up on the 11/7 voter roll out, but are listed in the 12/4 database!?!?!?!? -3,981 voted AFTER the registration date passes violating Arizona law -Over 18,000 people voted on Election day but were subsequently REMOVED from the rolls?!?!?!
  10. Some. Well this is what we have with Biden all of it factual, but most unknown to the American people. Are things really better with him? Honestly are they? He said he would bring us together, but he is labeling more than half the county as racist extremist and now wants to invade my text messages, how am I supposed to feel great about that and proud to be an American?
  11. -Americans unwillingly paying for abortions -Inflation OUT OF CONTOL -American paying for transgender studies......... in Palestine -Government spying on my text messages -Turning our back on the Jewish people by entering into nuclear talks with Iran on the very day of Holocaust Remembrance Day -Advocating teaching children that America is rasist There is so much more-ya'll add to this list. So out of this VERY short list (and there is MORE) what part do you see as "restored good"?
  12. Thanks Markinsa. Always so great in bringing us the news. I read in the Gateway Pundent-sorry don't have a link-that if Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania show President Trump did win, there are enough Electoral College votes to make (or re make) him our President. Everything is just so crazy now, two years ago we would never be seeing what we are seeing. It's a war between good and evil, what is bad is promoted as good and what is good is being labeled as bad! But God never loses!
  13. Thanks Markinsa. Gee what world are we living in???????? I don't recognize that time I'm living in. People are saying it, but I'm having a hard time believing it, are we in the end times????? Censorship, the hate of American, CRT, a stolen election, defund the police, kink in pride (and let kids know about it!), panic about the flu on steroids 99.9% recoverable from and there are treatments! and on and on! We were not here 2 years ago, think about it! The world is looking at goes America, so goes the world! I know how the story ends for me! Jesus saved me, but the multitudes who don't know Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't know what I am talking about, this is a fallen world and it will end, but there is an eternity of peace and problem free living available to you. Jesus died FOR YOU so you can live in paradise, the alternative despair for all eternity, all eternity! Where do you want to be!!!!! Chose peace for eternity! Say it out loud, Jesus please forgive of my sins I'm sorry, come into my life, I accept You as my Savior, help me to know who You are!!! Read John 3:16!
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