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  1. Thanks for posting this. Yeah we're not surprised that they were going to push Kamala Harris to the front. I always believed that Biden's was gonna be a short-lived event....IF they made it to the White House. Trump doesn't lose. I've said it before and it's worth saying again President Trump loves Israel, the apple of God's eye and he's a true Patriot. And by the way did you all know that it's been 400 years since the first pilgrims landed in America, 11/1620. Timing! And because of President Trump being a true Patriot and loving Israel I believe God's hand will remain on us and God will give
  2. Newsmax, OAN, no Twitter, no Facebook. Been trying for days to get on gab. I have Rumble and that's were I saw the video about emergency broadcast system. I have a smart tv. I have DV and you have been giving me a lot of information I appreciate you very much!!!!🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷
  3. Thanks Markinsa, you are finding great stuff. I feel cut off, right now I'm leaning on DV for President Trump news. I've been hearing about the emergency broadcasting system being used by the President do you know anything about that??? Glad I have family here, very strange time.
  4. Thanks Markinsa. Explosions IN the Twin Towers, weather manipulation, CIA agents posing as news reporters and JFK assignation, Investigations of satanic cults.......
  5. YUP! I'm in Texas and it's all over the news, and she had a TEAM of five other cohorts.
  6. Not so fast there utah rock. There is a law out there signed by Clinton for the NESARA. Did you bother to research it before you were so fast to say it was false? POW POW to you Rmc
  7. Rmc I like when you post and respect you. I had never heard of this before- Nesara/Gesara. I researched Nesara and found that it is the National Economic Security and Recovery Act (NESARA) and it is a set of proposed economic reforms for the United States suggested during the 1990s by Harvey Francis Barnard, and On October 10th, 2000, former President Bill Clinton signed the NESARA act into law, but it was never implemented. Turns out farmers in the 1970's were tired of being ripped off by the government which got this all rolling. Really interesting stuff. It's a long list of laws incl
  8. I couldn't even read past that. President Trump lived with that for 4 years, and Kavanaugh.......Why is it right and convenient now?
  9. Don't stop! We need to hear everthing. President Trump's supporters are basically cut off. We need the information.
  10. There’s also a notable amount of National Guard service members all around D.C. too: SIGN THE PETITION: Completely DEFUND Sanctuary Cities Now! DC looks more like a warzone instead of our nation’s capital right now, they’ll definitely not be any field trips there anytime soon. Good find thanks Markinsa. Preparing for something!
  11. Angels on assignment! I've seen stuff too. The spirit world is real. With Parler gone, this site now serves another purpose for me. So thank you all for bringing what you hear. Such a crazy time.
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