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  1. Thank You Yota . GM DV's .Barham Salih, said that a prime minister or a republic in Iraq after 2003 did not end in prison or the gallows was among the "positives of the new phase in the country.....Is this a veiled threat to Maliki and his trouble makers ?
  2. I also see it difficult for the bad guys with Ababi back in the picture . Much harder to remove 2 possible PM's instead of 1 if you are the enemy
  3. This by No means is a disagreement . But it is interesting that Iraq had a class on XRP..... XRP Training in Iraq Course Catalogue Blockchain Training Ripple Training XRP Training XRP Training in Iraq Online or onsite, instructor-led live XRP training courses demonstrate through interactive discussion and case studies the fundamentals of XRP. XRP training is available as "online live training" or "onsite live training". Online live training (aka "remote live training") is carried out by way of an interactive, remote desktop. Onsite live XRP trainings in Iraq can be carried out locally on customer premises or in NobleProg corporate training centers. NobleProg -- Your Local Training Provider Erbil Erbil Rotana Gulan Street Erbil - Kurdistan 44001 Iraq , See map: Google Maps IQ Learn XRP in our training center in Iraq. State of the art 7 fully equipped meeting... Read more
  4. Posted March 2 Saleh: proposals to establish a sovereign wealth fund money and business Economy News _ Baghdad The financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, revealed, on Tuesday, positive proposals to establish a sovereign wealth fund in which funds equivalent to the current compensation for the Kuwait war would be deposited, in line with the reform white paper..................Thank You Yota . This article is from March . Seems to me they can ?Or could have already established ? This fund without annoucing it and quietly eleminating the compensation file ? If so ? Lets Roll !
  6. Thank You Yota GM DV"s . the Central Bank's actions increase the size of the national reserve (for foreign currency.....but no statement of how much . Could be huge. I wonder is it also a digital transaction ?
  7. .The measure taken by the government is incorrect because it will lead to the displacement of thousands of employees and thousands of families will be affected," noting that "this matter, which will also include Al-Rasheed Bank..Thank You Yota ,Carrillo and Laidback. GE DV's. I remember years ago we were told to look for the restructuring of both the Rafidan and Rasheed State banks . We are in a fantastic place it seems ...
  8. we will work to raise the level of the Iraqi dinar to be in the ranks of global currencies gradually."......We as in Sadr also taking credit for the raising of purchasing power gradually .
  9. raise the level of the Iraqi dinar to be in the ranks of global currencies gradually." me this sounds as if Sadr is familiar with the CBI's plan of currency reform .
  10. "The physical bolivar and the digital bolivar will coexist in a process aimed at rescuing their strength and their benchmark as an expression of our economy," the information added."....I find this statement interesting .
  11. Thank You 6ly410. GM DV's .First, the citizen will be greatly affected when this news is promoted through his income and how his money will be used in the future, so waiting is the decision taken by the government. ((( Kiss. ))) I remember them using the word Kiss in articles years ago when referring to the new exchange rate . " It will be like a great Kiss to the Iraqi citizens "
  12. Thank You Yota . GM DV's ........................the humanitarian spirit...........................thats rich coming from iran
  13. Thank You Yota . GA DV's . The articles speaks as if The Marshall Plan of Iraq is in past tense as in Its Now Over and it was a Success restarting factories and giving woman opportunities. Now let's roll.....
  14. I approve this message . Today's pizza 🍕 is Anchovies, onions 🌰 and mushrooms 🍄.
  15. Good Morning DSW112,DV's....I also wonder is our 1 to 3.5 trillion dollar infrastructure bill about to be digital or would it need to be digital if the imf transitions to digital SDR's ?
  16. Thanks Again Artitech. GM DV's ........Let's Roll !
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