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  1. I would love to hear from Adam as well. Promised posts weeks ago never appeared. I don’t see any posts from him at all and I check every day. I have always enjoyed hearing from him and had a lot of confidence in his opinions. Just don’t understand such a long silence. I’m not in the VIP group - is that why I don’t see his posts? I check on our investment using other sources now.
  2. Waiting rather impatiently too! Really look forward to Adam’s insight!
  3. Very exciting news!! Thank you, Adam! When you’re hopeful and optimistic, so are we!
  4. Hi Adam - been following your posts for years now and always appreciate the good info and encouragement. I check every day now for your posts since you surprise us as to which day you’ll show up! A question: do you see the passing of the 2019 budget with the old rate in it as significant? Do you think we will now need to wait until 2020 to see an increase in the rate? Your recent post doesn’t address this and I’m curious as to your thoughts. Again, thank you for all that you do...and GO RV!!!!
  5. Encouraging news when I greatly needed it! Thank you, Adam! Well worth waiting for!
  6. Thanks, Adam! We continue to ne encouraged because you’re encouraged! We’ve waited many years for this and hope to still be able to enjoy it and help others before we’re too old!!
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