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  1. There's actually a 4. People (like me) who bought in and will just set and watch no matter what anyone says. If I win GREAT, if I lose (oh well). I've pi$$ed away more than I've invested in Dinar. I don't let it get to me and I won't count on it until if or when it happens.I don't think I've ever said this much on here before. I 🤔
  2. No need for the bad language. If I missed some post somewhere else I apologize. It was simply a comment and I don't believe it is your job to scold people. I have never insinuated that Adam is at my beck and call. This is why I rarely make a comment. You have a nice day.
  3. Been into dinar since 2007. For the first time in all those years I am getting a little worried. I have never seen Adam go this long without posting. I understand the family time aspect and can appreciate it but Adam is the leader here and sometimes you just need to hear from the top. His opinion has always meant a lot to us and even a short message would mean a lot. Hope to hear from you soon Adam. This is more than I have written in all the years of being part of this 🤪
  4. Bought my dinar at an exchange in Kuwait in 2007. 14 years ago. My wife thought it was stupid to spend money on that. Still waiting for the day I can tell her, " I told you so". I still believe that it will RV. It only makes sense. It was so valuable before the war and they have oil, gold, and silver to back it. It has to go up. No one has any idea how high it will come out or how far it will go but I beliebe we will see it soon. And this is more than I have said on here since I joined. I don't belong to VIP. I trust my decisions. And I hope that Adam calls me when this is over, would like to speak to Adam at least once
  5. After all these years it's finally looking possible.
  6. Most people out there never understood how long this could take, my wife included. She thought it was a dumb investment. I feel that I might finally get to rub it in her face. And I never make comments here.I just read and wait. Go RV and Go Trump😁
  7. Adam , Haven't posted in a while and this is probably a repeat question but here goes..... Been invested since Jan 2007, what do you think the chances are of something happening in the near future?
  8. Oh yeah, come and attack the hills and hollers of West Virginia...... PLEASE...... it would give us something fun to do for a while.
  9. Been on here for a while now. Pretty obvious I'm not trolling. Never brought any BS to the site.Been invested a lot longer than have been a member.
  10. I can't help but wonder if this isn't the smoke and mirrors we hear about. There is no way they will tell us ahead of time that they are going to RV. Could you imagine the rush on dinars if this was the case. No way. I still say we won't have any idea until the moment it happens. Guess I may have gotten a little gun shy over the last 5 years ( invested in 2007).
  11. His real name is Joe Biden. Or also know as Joe the Obama man. Totally misleading and doesn't have a clue, sounds like Joe.
  12. Getting excited about a bank recieving a De La Rue machine is like getting excited about a mechanic shop recieving an air compressor. One or more of the branches have to have the machines and most of the time they are not out front where you can see them. The banks can't run without them like a mechanic shop can't operate without the compressor. With all of the money problems through out the world today the banks are probably just being careful with all currencies. I'm sure they don't want to get stuck with worthless paper no matter what country it came from. Been in this since 2007 and don't think we will know about the RV until the moment it happens. Hope it happens soon though. The recent gold issue just makes things better.
  13. No. It was so we could study the reproductive rituals of the Camel Spider. Come on, everyone knows that. What oil?
  14. This is why I think about cashing out totally as soon as the RV happens. I'm almost afraid to wait and see if it goes up more after a short time because you never know what some of those fools will do. I guess I'm just afraid that the dream won't last too long before they turn it into a nightmare. I don't remember ever seeing a country, with this much possibility and wealth , screw up and keep with the in fighting for so long. They could be the most powerful country (financialy) in the world if they would act like they have half a brain and a little willpower.
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