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  1. I'm thinking it would just be hilarious if the Iraqi **** members of parliament basically spit in Iran's face and voted this poor guy as the next PM. If top mullahs rushed over to Baghdad to speak their disdain of Al Zorfi (and spread the corona virus to the Iraqi officials)... might just make Iraq's parliament mad enough to get the mullahs kicked out on their keeisters, and for good! 😃
  2. Investigation...Thats pretty funny indeed...
  3. You all need get back over to your littlle demonstration square right now where we can more easily shoot randomly into the crowd!!!! 🤪
  4. Maliki should have been "Saddam Hussained" from an even longer rope after 2014. I will never forget how puny he looked in the pictures of him visiting as PM in Tehran with his little tiny hands placed perfectly on his knees , and looking down at the floor like a scared little rabbit.... He was never a leader, just a pathetic scared little man
  5. Look at the second jack arse from the left. So this group is a Sunni group? They are opposed to Alwani.. even after Alwani created all of the back up choices if they didn’t like the first one???
  6. That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in a week! Nincompoops couldn’t screw in a light bulb... They would just sit in the dark, kinda like they are this very moment! 🤣
  7. Storm Maliki and Amiri's house and string em up by their little tiny gonads!!!!! 😡
  8. Agreed, the people of both Iraq and Iran should storm the frickin palaces and drive stakes into those blood sucking vampires hearts. They should do it now hitting all forces policing their countries with Solemani out of the picture and before they regroup. The politicians are not leaders, but instead leeches living off of the very blood of those two countries...... 🙄
  9. There is always at least one troll, I mean one bad apple in the what it is. Misery loves company and will do all they can to bring others down to their level. Dont even give it a second look....... 👍
  10. I just find it so entertaining to watch Sadr try to do anything these days. Now that the curtain has been pulled back to disclose the Great Oz is just another Iranian puppet. The demonstrators don’t even like him anymore, specially since his little Iranian minions pulled back to stop demonstrating with the real hero’s of this story! The question of the century is of course Parliament, how will Allawi navigate it with all the little Iranians still there???. 🤔
  11. I call " BS" on this news! Even the pic of the soldiers leaving is Fort Bragg North Carolina. Even the pic is phony...almost as phoney as this news..... Iranian mullahs just showed their arse again! What is going on in their country with their protestors these days? Did Iran finally manage to toally close down all contact of the Iranian citizens with the world???
  12. These numb nuts really need to stop the bleeding to begin with. With Iran in Iraq’s “Control Center”, Iraq is like a top spinning out of control. How brotherly is that abuse towards your neighbors. Let’s face it, Iraqi politicians only listen if you have a sizable bribe in your pocket. The world needs to fix Iran to put Iraq in a position to clean the swamp. There will always be new pockets open to accept available money.... and if there isn’t, then Iran threatens your family’s lives, as well as your own. Very brotherly and thoughtful indeed..... They are the great Satan, Totally self serving and ruthless. 😡
  13. Didn't I read in an article in the past day or two that millions of dollars are being paid out to made up people on the Q cards to get money to Iran. Iran is nothing more than a pathetic little leech living off its host. They would be nothing without Iraq. It's no wonder they so desperately cling to Iraq There very ways are self destructive, as well as destructive to all the neighboring countries they want.... We can only hope they dont take Iraq down the shithole with then when they perish.....
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