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  1. Not too sure about that Art. I do know they are wasting their time if they are updating their Constitution. These nutty little things, along with laws are only as good as the frail paper they are written on. Easily manipulated, only as good as the people and courts enforcing them, and easily tossed in the trash as needed.
  2. I'm no guru, but there appears to be a lot of checked off stuff on their list of things to do before the RV!!!!!! I'd rather be ready, just incase!!! 🙃
  3. Nothing happened? I think what we are fixing to witness is Biden all bent over looking like he is hiking the football to Iran with both of them nekkid. Iran is going to be too busy to mess with Iraq coming out of the starting gate. And Iraq is ready to RV anytime now!
  4. 2 countries that have the most to gain, Iran and China. Oh Boy for them! I know Obummer must be tap dancing right now.
  5. At first Trump was busy with Nancy and co. Then it was Irans BS. Next on the list was bring jobs and corporations back to America. Then North Korea, right before China Trade deficits, lest we leave out the China Virus. Plus he was kinda of in a hurry to knock out 4 Peace treaties in the Middle East before he leaves. Much to do for a man that knows how the cogs of the machinery actually work. Infrastructure would have fallen in his second term.
  6. Like we are not already there. Biden will never be accepted as a President. The man is an idiot. "This is a nation of law and order, not of the people! ????
  7. And that little newsy tidbit comes from Iraqi CNN, not even realizing just how true that statement is, thanks to all of these fine state’s Governors and SOS’s butting the state’s Legislature right out of the Constitutionally correct way of doing things. And those Executive Branch Kings and Queens even broke their own State’s laws to make this **** happen! Plus that also comes from Iraq who prefers to just shoot their protestors! But hay, at least they didn’t fire on any of the protestors as they were destroying their Hall of Representatives buildings. They are a step ahead of us on that one! T
  8. For a brief moment I freaked out. But then started tap dancing knowing good and well this has been the only movement of the IQD in decades. It has to be something good. They are looking at Biden winning and OPEC being placed firmly back in the drivers seat with a destination of $100 a barrel oil again! 😄😂
  10. I haven’t given up on Trump either. I had family that voted for Biden and I couldn’t even get mad at them because it really didn't mattter if they had of voted for Trump. The fraud was so immense that the whole election was for nothing, other then China’s folly! It is because of China’s deep ties with the democratic leadership that I feel the same as LGD. Many of us are against everything China has to offer Americans Don’t be surprised if you see Texas leading the way on leaving the US to its misery and high taxes if indeed this isn’t fixed, and fixed soon.
  11. Wish that **** had of worked the same when Hilary crossed those “Security Sensitive” borders and she had of been fired and lost any security clearances! That bi-otch needs to be placed in Gitano immediately. That whole crapola of her operating US Govt business off of her own private servers out of her house is treasonous enough. As Secratary of State that nutcase knew good and well she was operating illegally on behalf of the US. That witch needs to be burned at the stake for her transgressions..... And this happens to you. The double standards of the Demonic Party are just plain terrifyi
  12. Sidney Powell is working for the greater good of this country and everything it stands for. People die trying to reach our shores to experience the freedoms we enjoy, yet many take for granted. This brave lady should receive the Medal of Freedom for her steadfast and determined character throughout the harassment and intimidation imposed on all of these attorneys. These are special attorneys working to preserve our Constitution. Her moral compass is impeccable and her soul is fearless. Trumps campaign may say she is not on our payroll, but I bet Trump is providing any support Sidney might nee
  13. It all sounds good to me! I just don't want to see our Trump card going down in flames. I'm not even sure I want to be reminded just how dangerous and close we always stand to edge of no return.
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