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  1. I'm starting to re-imagine the US in the New World Order as a third world country. I am quiet certain they will not be happy until the rug has completely been pulled out from under us.... and it is our own US citizens doing this to us. The rich to gain more power and the not so rich for money. A lot of people hate Biden, I hate Mark Miley. I would put money on it that he is putting illegal aliens in the US Armed forces as he knows US soldiers will not fire upon American citizens. But you give some people 3 squares, a great monthly paycheck, and clean linens on a bed ever night and they will do what you ask of them to do.
  2. Although I must confess, this certainly does not sound very brotherly or Martyr like.... In fact it sounds an awful lot like Iran just took over Iraq again.... No wonder the US Government is very happy to comply. They seem to love doing business with Iran, Russia, and Venezuela.... "He added, "That government can go ahead and continue with certainty," noting that "any coup in Iraq will not happen with the presence of the supreme authority, Ali al-Sistani and the Popular Mobilization."
  3. The corrupt rarely have any vision of what can be. And they often die with a bunch shite they can’t even take to hell with them…. 🤣🤣🤣
  4. I’m hoping we can get all republicans (no RINOs) put into place in Nov.! It won’t fix everything, but it might stop the hemorrhaging….. With 30 Democratic Senators retiring this year, I’m thinking even the moderate Democratic Senators are hoping and praying Congress can get back on track and go back to work for America. Screw Iran, China, and the Ukraine. With Pelosi, Jill, and Bono with Edge all running for the Ukraine, it must not be too big of a threat if all the women visiting!
  5. The fact the UN keeps insisting they get this ironed out once and for all speaks volumes. It seems to be key to Iraq actually moving forward. You have to admit that Iraq was moving mountains and kicking arse when Kazami first hit the scene. Even he is twiddling his thumbs now waiting on Sadr to clean up on isle 9 and the UN to convince Kurdistan to get off their High Horse!. We already know if Kazami has anything to do with it on his part, it will get done!
  6. KOOKY ZUCKY is the rat that works with Gates, Soros, and the Abella Advisors. He is not getting involved in Iraq for no reason. We can only assume he wants to also try to destroy Iraq to take over their oil.... Evilness with a capitol E!
  7. I want to say "What a bunch of idiots! When are they ever going to get rid of Maliki and Iraq's inability to move forward into the 21st Century?". But then I look at America and wonder "When are we ever going to get rid of Brandon and his side kick Kamala?" The Geriatric/White house looks kind of like The Walking Dead TV show starring Brandon, Kamala, Pelosi, Nadar, and Shifty
  8. I have never seen them talk about the exchange rate as much as they are this time around. So why in the world are they still talking about it? What a bunch of dingle berries hanging off the very arses of their constituents…. 😡
  9. It sure reads like it! Estimates this year with an actual count starting end of 2022. With everything going on right now, I’m thinking they are not thinking of waiting till the end of 2022 to kick Iraq into the bright lights!
  10. Tater Head is all talk. His greatest contributions to Iraq will forever be written in the books of history as "The Rapist"! The man raped the Iraqi people of over 800 billion dollars, 50,000 ghost troops getting paid to soldier (that never existed), and ISIS moving in with him to help run the country..... He will never be considered a leader, he is nothing more then a puppet for the Iranians.
  11. I went to the Dollar Tree Store last week and everything there is now $1.25! Does that mean inflation is up 25%?? 😂🤣
  12. I have never seen such despicable self serving arses in my life. How embarrassing for him to call himself Pres of the US. I know I never will…. 😡
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