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  1. jcfrag

    CBI News 10/22/2018

    The Swiss are obviously prrsenting Iraq somthing here in this pic and either it is a joke or they are all giddy....about what remains to be seen. But it definitely has something to do with currency and my guess is the new Iraqi currency that has been spoke of repeatedly. What else would this be, other then some kinda joke. Who is the guy accepting the framed currency.. he looks Saudi to me🤔
  2. That is a lot info to process in just 14 comments, actually only counting 8 of those to pack the most info... So is this the HCL, going by another name???????
  3. They’ll vote him out if left up to the House of Representatives. None of that retired group are technocrats, hence on their way out of current positions! Pretty sure things are changing as Iraq now has groups of demonstrators that are not leashed by Sadr. What took place in Basra with tainted waters for drinking and no electricity should have been classified a crime against humanity. They had it, then. it was purposefully taken away from them leaving them sick and in the dark. The war is over in Iraq and the people know it. So much of what happens in Iraq these days is the govt of Iran and it’s militias taking poops in their regional litter boxes. Iran and it’s supporters are quickly evolving to dastardly neighbors and politicians that truly only serve their own needs. The “Information Highway” has pulled the blanket off their intentions, their corrupt activities, and off their threads of infiltration in the region! They can deny, but they can no longer hide.....
  4. Money isn't going to Iraq but persecuted religious groups???? 😲 Are they going to go buy arms with that money to keep them safe? Build walls to keep them separated from those who persecute them???? 🤨
  5. Wouldn't it be fun to watch the Mullahs loose control. Wonder if Maliki would hang then??? 🤨
  6. I’d have to say throw them ALL in jail and pick out random ordinary janes and joes with a degree in anything and throw them in positions. I bet the country might just gain a fortune from the ill gotten booty being retrieved from Alibaba and his 4,000 Thieves! Let Iraq know the days of pilfering, begging, and whoreing them selves out are over! It’s just a shame that a country with so many treasures and so much wealth only see and speak in dollar signs.... They aren’t all like that over there, seems to be primarily religious zealots and politicians... kind of like hear in America! It'll never happen, but fun to day dream!
  7. jcfrag

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    Apparently, to be an Iraqi is to be a sellout, only devout to the All American Dollar. They may never learn that if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.....Iraqis tend to even let Iranian Militias decide everything for them, or at least be in the middle of it all negotiating. I sincerely hope like hell the CBI can decide on its own.... GEESCH....
  8. Agreed! It has never gone unannounced before hand.... 🤔
  9. jcfrag

    Oil falls below $ 80

    Somebody has to make up the difference if Iran is in time out!
  10. I love this guy! I could read this one over and over again! He just made my day!!! “ Karbouli asked: ”I would ha ve accepted that your name and signature be embossed with gold; I would accept that you put your picture on the coin if you made the dinar equal to the dollar," Karbouli wrote on his Twitter profile. ” 😄
  11. “Karbouli asked: "Who is responsible for the ongoing haemorrhage of the hard currency and selling it by auction, opening up wholesale banks in a way that is disproportionate to Iraq's exhausting economic reality?” We are obviously not the only ones exhausted from Alak’s marathon... 😄
  12. jcfrag

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    We are all so ready for this decaying carcass to pop, agreed! But Abadi will forever be a stand out in my book. Just hang in there. I''m certain we are surprisingly close to the end of this investment!
  13. jcfrag

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    Did ya'll forget that even Maliki was awarded a Vice President seat in that government, yet Abadi is barred??? I am now officially concerned as to who is at the helm of this new vessel. NOBODY did anything about Maliki, not even Sadr who hates the man..... but lets just throw Abadi under the bus and blame him for Maliki's current freedoms.... Never mind the Iranian Militias literally have their noses right up the arse of the Iraqi politics trying to treat Iraq's figure heads like a bunch of Iranian puppets. Where the hell did the Kurds go when their guy didn't get the Iraqi president position. Still much up in the air. Abadi is a very small part of a universally large dysfunctional political shite show that continues to evolve with or without Abadi's help. But lets just throw him out like yesterdays trash....GEESCH Guess its okay if Maliki takes that Vice President seat again.....
  14. jcfrag

    CBI News 10/07/2018

    There has to be a new sheriff in town, that isn’t bound by all the political BS amongst the tribes. They said next week, and it actually happened “next week”!!!! 😎

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