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  1. The one thing Trump has always supported is the American way of life, created thoughtfully by our American forefathers. I won't sit here and tell you Trump has never made a mistake or stuck his foot in his mouth, but I will say this much... " Promises made. Promises kept!" The man has my vote for 2020!!!
  2. I'm with you and Trump on this one dinarham. Nixon did us no favors when he turned the USD into a bunch of Fiat money!
  3. Might be a great time for the protesters to just move into Parliament and literally take over, specially since it is sitting there so vacant! The protestors could easily take over the duties of the little scared chicadees with them on the run!!
  4. Swift code, The Bank of Baghdad now has a swift code...apparently... If that true, they can now wire money anywhere in the world....... Or not, That is Citibanks swift code. They aren't giving out their on Swift code, yet they are referring to it as their incoming code to use.... I think they are smoking crack again!
  5. Let me know if that works for you Da. My password expired like months ago and I have not been able too get response with a new password since. I have emailed numerous requests to numourous people cc eveyone else....My account is apparently dead in the water. I cant even check it.... 🥵
  6. When Trump refers to us as “Policing the region”, seems that is exactly what he means. We moved in and assisted in the quelling of ISIS in the region. Now here we are policing an ISIS prison, a bunch of scallywags so sinister, they are apparently going nowhere. Countries and their own courts are turning their backs to taking back their own citizens to be tried. Why isn’t Iraq trying any of these war criminals. Who is supposed to try all of these bastid children nobody wants? Is America supposed to just keep this prison of deadly foes forever? Trump even said let Turkey police the prison for a change. Turkey doesn’t want them anymore then Europe. So let Turkey have Syria, as well as the prison. It would be the same as putting thousands of Hannibles in prison here in America, but never ever trying them. The police can only apprehend them and hold them. That is pretty good reason for Trump to say WTF? Here’s the jail keys, all yours Erdogan! Maybe he can convince the other countries to try them, or just bury the whole prison in the desert somewhere. We are not going to do that.....
  7. A great place for Mahdi to start would be to end the auctions. Instead of protestors raiding Parliament, they should be going for the actually auctions. That and get those snipers guns aimed at Maliki’s head. If he is so powerful that he is unaccountable, as a protestor, I‘d be looking to settle that score first. He is like a giant Albatross tied around the people of Iraq’s neck. He continues to bring the country down, and will until he is either dead or tried for his crimes. Thousands of dead Iraqis would agree I’m sure!!!
  8. Don was probably referring to this: Los Angeles County has more voter registrations on its voter rolls than it has citizens who are old enough to register. Specifically, according to data provided to and published by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, Los Angeles County has a registration rate of 112 percent of its adult citizen population. The entire State of California has a registration rate of about 101 percent of its age-eligible citizenry. Eleven of California’s 58 counties have registration rates exceeding 100 percent of the age-eligible citizenry. We catch a couple stories here and there and at some point they all start to merge into one really big story!!!
  9. That nut case will bride one of those guys guarding this money to have it magically dissappear, for a forth of the total. Just get an Iraqi sniper to take him out before more money gets lost forever....
  10. This absolutely turns my stomach, even his party is owned by him. The whole party should be looked at under a microscope, obviously puppets of Iran, so Maliki can continue to help the Mullahs in their time of strife..... 🙄
  11. Maybe this is why they moved the next legislative session back 2 weeks... time to clean out the Iraqi Swamp! It’s almost as if they have saved the best for last. It would really make my day to see Maliki’s name thrown in there also! 😄
  12. Maybe this is why they moved the next legislative session back 2 weeks... time to clean out the Iraqi Swamp! It’s almost as if they have saved the best for last. It would really make my day to see Maliki’s name thrown in there also! 😄
  13. Obviously it isn’t all done. Maybe they just want to deal with what’s left of the corrupt whales. Thinking it is safe to say Maliki and his party are against an RV. It would be funny if Parliament wanted to through the trash out before Making Iraq great again! 😄
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