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  1. I can’t believe an Iraqi sniper hasn’t taken this nut case out. He has done nothing for Iraq. Just sat on his duff, stealing his country blind... what a sack of crap that man and his family are....
  2. 1190. It pretty much been at 1190 every time I have looked at. I rarely look at it though.... Only now am I interested with everything going on...
  3. Just checked XE currency exchange and it was reporting the dinar at 1186.50 earlier. Most recent check was 1187.15. I don’t really watch the exchanges, so not sure if this is relevant. Every time I have looked at XE in the past it was running at 1190. First time I have witnessed movement. Is this normal???
  4. jcfrag

    Iraqi Law Gazette Website

    The site is still down! So it was down for a few days in 2014.. and then now. 2014 was the year ISIS rolled into Iraq. That was big news around the globe. Fingers crossed that the site is down for some happy global news this time around!
  5. jcfrag

    Iraqi Law Gazette Website

    Gazzette site appears to still be down!!
  6. Well it’s not their stupidity, cause it’s shining through boldly right now! 😄
  7. jcfrag

    OOOTAH Says The RV Process Has Started.

    Will ya just look at those fools standing around scratching their heads and cursing the snow... as it just keeps getting deeper and deeper! Bet there was some “Evolution” going on there that day...
  8. I don’t see one name on that list that should of earned even 1 billion dollars for their half arsed attempts at leading Iraq out of its misery.... Shame on them all.... Who is Happy Dlimi??? 😄
  9. jcfrag

    Barzani meets with Mahdi re: HCL (?)

    I don’t remember things getting this hot since Iraq was released from Chapter 7.... But what is going on today is just a whole lotta news articles pointing in the same direction >>> Kurdistan and Iraq working together and getting things done. Maybe they are finally looking down the road to what can be as opposed to the same old Shite Storm both Maliki and Abadi seeded.... 🤠
  10. jcfrag

    Barzani meets with Mahdi re: HCL (?)

    😂 Will try to stay positive??? LMAO ERBIL — Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani met (yada yada yada)... “The two premiers reportedly discussed bilateral ties and ways to resolve the remaining disputes between Erbil and Baghdad What in the world do you think the HCL is??? 😄😉👍
  11. jcfrag

    Adam Montana Weekly 5 February 2019

    Excellent NEWS!!! Ecstatically OPTIMISTIC!!!!
  12. Think Adam has already spoke about his warm fuzzy feelings with current events! 🤗 “For this week, the Briefing will be Friday morning. Or sooner, if events warrant. We’re on the cusp of a good number of significant possibilities, so I’m not ruling anything out!”
  13. jcfrag

    30 January 2019 Weekly - stay tuned for Friday!

    Right there with ya Cutter! Monday will be my b-day. This year I am asking the Universe to make this week a very prosperous week for me, as well as all of my Dinarian compadres! It’s past time for this deal to be done!! 👍😉

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