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  1. As Mr numb balls tries to save his skin from the rath his God is fixing befall upon him for his sins against his own people. Just look at the desperation in that caddy blokes eyes.... 🙄
  2. Maliki is strategically pushing for those 3 things to be resolved to keep the new PM from focusing on corruption! 😂
  3. Thanks Adam! My fingers and toes are all crossed that June 2020 is our time to shine!
  4. They have all been existing in the matrix apparently....... 😐
  5. This one is enough to cause me to loose some sleep at night.... "Russia, China have hypersonic missile tech that U.S. can't defend against StratCom chief warns"
  6. What ever Maliki wants, Iran has made happen. This time could well be different as Iran is doubled over in agony with all of its own problems these days. Soleimani’s absence doesn’t hurt a thing either!!!
  7. A picture is worth a thousand words, and that picture of Salah and Maliki holding hands leaving a meeting was not reassuring, fickle pickle politics in Iraq as usual!!!
  8. I still would not invest in Iraq again. Too many things can go south in a heart beat. The whole Middle East will forever be a bunch of bull riders, certain they can all hold on to the rope. Saudi Arabia, as well as Russia just proved how quickly you can, and will get thrown to the ground. Why were they even riding a bull named Brahma Bank Breaker in the first place???
  9. Alibaba and the 40 thieves over and over again. 😑
  10. They aren’t nuts, but definitely ignorant. Pretty sure they couldn't tell the difference between a hole in the ground and their arseholes. How many of the thieves will step up to even try to save Iraq? They can’t run to Iran to save Iraq. Iran has gotta be pretty well beat down by now, between US sanctions, Corona virus, and now the oil money all dried up and no longer in the bank..... they just fell into the well of despair......
  11. 🤣 It’s legal for the politicians to steal, sellout their votes, their services, their balls..... but now those protestors better not do anything illegal!! 😄 Let’s make sure the cat stays in charge of the canaries! 🤪
  12. This whole process would be the same as the US basically allowing our Congress to decide who will be the next President, and I wouldnt even trust their decision these days. Seems Qatar is currently the owner of some of those baboons...... Until the mullahs are beaten, the circus in Iraq will continue... and as long as Iran needs Iraq, there will be no RV. Iran will make sure of that, as they have been doing for years.
  13. Does anyone remember the days when the HCL was one of the big things we were all looking for? HCL blah blah, HCL yada yada, HCL, HCL, HCL...... what ever happened to the HCL and "suddenly" what part do the Kurds even play into any of this grand plan? I have a friggon headache......
  14. This will be a Ramadan with Covid raining on their parade. Iran has not been very good at all about trying to prevent the spread of it. I would think with Iran's heavy finger on Iraq's pulse, Iraq is right behind the dastardly Iranians. Iran sure did a number on Afghanistan's people..
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