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  1. Not only did they remove the video, but they even closed the posters account! Just like a scared little rabbit, YouTube again runs away from the truth....
  2. So now we are only looking at the HCL and Article 140 left to do? As best I can tell, the Kurds and Baghdad have already hammered out the HCL within the 2021 Budget. As happy as everyone seems with the HCL agreement within the budget, it is pretty much just needing a vote and a stamp of approval making it an official law. Correct? So Article 140 is the only loose end left. Right? It is another item not necessary to raise the rate either, as I understand it. Please feel free to correct me on these two points. 😄
  3. Who is the author of this opinionated, misinformed load of crap anyway?
  4. Not gonna happen, I call BS on them asking for it all when 250,000 barrels a day has been agreed upon for years now... 🤔
  5. You know CL, the thing that absolutely amazes me is how Kamala was knocked out the run right out of the starting gate because no one liked her, yet here she is. Also, with all of the far better choices out of the 20 candidates starting out in that presidential run, how in the hell did Biden beat out his opponents? Another thing I scratch my head over is how in the world did Bernie do well in any political process when he wears mittens like this:
  6. That whole POS-SOS/Gov mess was just a big ol’ **** Show all the way around. More proof in the pudding is the way they were all doing the exact same things to pull off the coup of the century. All of those states executive branches apparently have people in high positions who couldn’t be honest if their lives depended on it.
  7. Its always the hooks put out there to entice people to do your bidding. I suspect that if we get our way, there will be limited terms for all of them in the not too distant future. These people, Republican and Democrats, spending 20, 30, even 40 years in Congress is nothing short of absurd. New blood is the lifeline to good health. I feel as though America is officially stuck in the Twilight Zone now. Soon we will enter double digit inflation in the midst of a failing dollar, sitting in line at the gas stations waiting to see if any of that $5 a gallon gasoline is left in the drum, as we dodge
  8. I'll be amazed if Kamala doesn't finish out his first term for him. He just looks tired already...
  9. Like I said, 2024 should be a lot of fun as Everyone will now be riding the rails of " WeeeLLL MAAYBEEE... Lets just go for it! Its our state and WE CAN DO IT AS WE SEE FIT!!! Screw the Constitution!!! I cant wait to see who will be in court crying next time!
  10. Once again your homework.... The same nutty states that broke laws repeatedly through out the 2020 election process followed suit right up to the electors being chosen... And I quote " “And, Madame Speaker, in a number of those states that constitutional process was not followed and that’s why we’re here to object,” said Scalise. Article II of the Constitution says about the Electoral College: “Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as
  11. Truth of the matter is Shabs, I guess we will never really know just how many votes for President Trump received. As I pointed out before, the Democratic party stoops to the depths of hell to literally switch votes from Trump to Biden. The Dominion voting machines and the new rules of the game might just work to our advantage next time! New rules of the game being: Cheat, Lie Steal, Coerce, Extort, Bully, Intimidate, and my personal favorite, Breakin the Law over and over again! My guess is Trump probably got closer to 80 million then the 75 million CNN loves to report on, because all of
  12. Wise Crack or Dumb Ass? The jury is still out! 😄
  13. I don't know how much longer our counrty must endure having the Democratic Play ground exist within the walls of Congress, but you can be assured that 80 million Americans still stand behind President Trump! 80 million Americans are also fully aware of just how low the Democratic party had to go to beat our President, and they really had to reach down into the depths of hell to pull that one off. I am quiet certain that if this doesn't get straightened out and the real President isn't properly placed back in the White House, this country is in for a rough 4 years. All those empty promises Joe
  14. Wrong Again Shabs. Why don’t you pay attention and look at the information before speaking you won’t be wrong every time.. Trump Won Two-Thirds of Election Lawsuits Where Merits Considered Download our app to read more at
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