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  1. Could Iraq possibly be taking Russia's place as part of the G7 making it the G8 again? Am I the only person who finds this interesting?
  2. Hello Adam I have been a part of the dinar community for quite some time and have followed things very closely and have a few questions which I hope you can answer: 1st do you feel like we are closer to actually having the defense and security ministers set and active with the anouncement of the two potentials posted in tuesdays article? 2nd I know every one is bent on chap 7 but isnt article 8 what we are looking for? What is the significance of the un paying out all that money to kuwait and is that money paid by iraq to the un and from the un to kuwait? with all of the articles coming out over the last 2 months stating there would be a significant increase of the dinar to the dollar would you say we are on track for before sept? and considering how much more time its taking do you assume that the rv will no longer be at .10 but maybe at .86-1.20? Any feelings we could be maybe a few weeks out? Last why have we not heard very much about the hcl lately its almost like it disappeared?!? Thanks I know its a lot but I hope you find the time to answer it all! Your insight and level headed answers are always very much appreciated! Have A Great Day! :-)
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