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  1. I find that many people on this site have different views on many topics, including politics. I took a long hiatus many years ago when this site started to turn more political and less about currency investing. With all due respect, I'm interested in Adam's opinions on the dinar not his or anyone else's political views. Given the current political climate it'd be nice if we left politics to the politicians. Just my .10 on the matter.
  2. Hello Adam, It seems like there was a plan or some type of blueprint or checklist that you ascribe to that often informs your optimism or excitement in regards to this investment. From day one there was a belief that if certain things happened, then Iraq would likely RV. (i.e. Stable GOI, Chapter 7 sanctions lifted, HCL being passed, oil reaching a certain number....) (1) Where did this checklist come from? (2) What makes you believe that once the final items are checked off, there will be a RV? Couldn't there be several more items that must be accomplished that you are unaware of or in the dark about? Ultimately only Iraq will decide what they want to do with their currency but (3) what led you to believe that the HCL would be the trigger for a change in the value of their currency? HCL is a profit sharing agreement essentially, agreeing how to split up the spoils...... but was there some economist, or historian or banker who figured that the inevitable result after an HCL would be a change to strengthen the currency to pre-war levels? Has this ever happened before? Or is this checklist possibly wishful thinking??? I'm not rebutting the belief or logic of an RV, I'm just asking questions I do not know the answer to. Thank You
  3. With the recent killing of a journalist at the hands of Saudi Arabia and with the strain that puts on U.S./Saudi relations, do you feel that this may open the door for Iraq to become more of a player if Saudi relations sour? What is the interplay between Saudi Arabia and Iraq? Is this an opportunity or a non-event? Thanks
  4. I just read an article about a slew of new electric vehicles from companies I've never heard of, that will hit the auto market in the next few years. If there is a push away from oil, when do you think that time will be such that it would affect our investment in Iraq's oil supplies and currency? thanks!
  5. Just passing this on, I'm not the author. I found it helpful!!!!! I’ve created this post to explain just how an increase of the Iraqi Dinar against the US Dollar (the world’s currency standard) can be justified and created literally out of thin air. So many have bashed the Iraqi Dinar, not knowing WHY so many believe it will increase in value one day. Some have said it will provide an increase in the realm of 1000%+ return, others have said it will increase gradually, maybe by 20-40%, and continue to grow over time as Iraq’s economy develops a base through oil exports and other industries that will ultimately justify the currency’s value. Please know this is theory and conjecture I’m presenting here, but it comes from very knowledgeable economists who know what they are talking about. I’m simply passing along the logic and concept behind the claims of something major happening. If you think the official currency of Iraq is a scam, think again. The only ones scamming anyone are those who lie to get gain from others during the WAIT for something better than what the Dinar values offers at present, which happens to be 1,162 IQD for every $1 US Dollar. The reality is that the Dinar (IQD) isn’t going anywhere because it’s the official currency of a real country! Whether those in control of currency values in the world and over Iraq choose to increase the value of the I QD immediately (revaluation) or slowly (still a revaluation) isn’t the point of my writings. What IS important is there is a way to make it all happen, even in the ways speculators have aggressively stated. Enjoy the speculation! CONCEPT EXPLAINED: I’ll use the exchange of a 10,000 IQD note as my example of the scenario I’m presenting within this post. To help explain the economics of this cash-in example, I will use a 1:1 cash-in ratio between the USD and IQD, that is given a two-tier payout, and a 2% bank spread. WHAT YOU COULD RECEIVE: In this scenario, if you were to cash in your 10,000 IQD note with a bank that charges you a 2% spread, you would personally receive a net take-home of $9,800 credited to your bank account in exchange for the 10,000 Dinar note. WHAT YOUR BANK COULD RECEIVE: In this scenario, your bank would receive a $10,000 credit to its Federal Reserve Account. They will also be able to add the $200 profit to their “capital account”. If you don’t understand the “Fractional Banking“ concept that runs our country, you may want to, as that is what this is based on, and is what is behind this entire concept and plan. Ultimately, the bank wins because they are able to gain $2,000 in lending power under the 10% “Fractional Banking“ model. WHAT THE US TREASURY WOULD RECEIVE: In this scenario, the US Treasury would receive $3,950 in estimated taxes in the quarter after the exchange, because each Dinar holder would now be in the “rich” category for taxes and will enjoy the priviledge of the 39.5% tax bracket. This lowers the “net cost” of the IQD exchange to the US financial system to $6,050 USD (i.e. $10,000 out – $3,950 in). Furthermore, the US Treasury’s rate is higher than the banking rate (we will use in this example 1.25), thereby further reducing their “net cost” from $6,050 to $3,550. OIL NOW ENTERS THE PICTURE: At some point, a Fed-appointed agent orders $12,500 worth of oil from Iraq. Payment will consist of a $12,500 transfer from the Fed’s foreign currency reserve IQD account to the IRAQ Oil payment account at the central bank (CBI) in a form otherwise known as Petrol-Dollars or Petrol-Dinar. Even though the world spot price of oil is defined in terms of USD, the actual transaction may take place in any internationally recognized currency agreed to by the parties. For example, Iran only accepts Yen from Japan for their oil orders, because they don’t want USD in their foreign currency reserves. HOW IRAQ’S CENTRAL BANK “RECAPTURES” THE MONEY: The $12,500 order is filled with 250 barrels of oil based on the spot price on the date of the sale (for this example I’ll use a $50 USD spot price per barrel for explanation purposes only). What does it cost Iraq to produce the oil to fill this order? Well they have negotiated productions agreements for approximately $1.50 USD/barrel. From that price $.50 USD goes to the national Iraqi oil company who is the partner in the field the oil came from. Out of the remaining $1.00 the other oil field partners have to pay the Iraq government a profit tax of $.35 USD (35%). The net cost to Iraq to produce a barrel of oil used in this scenario is $.65 USD. (i.e. $1.50 – .50 – .35) WHAT DOES ALL THIS MEAN? It cost Iraq $162.50 to bring back a 10,000 IQD note into the country, having purchased it back from someone outside the country (i.e. a bank, currency dealer, exchange counter, etc.)! Could they afford that? I think so! So, instead of paying out $12,500 for a 10,000 IQD note, they would only pay $162.50! That doesn’t add to the money supply much at all does it!? They receive their IQD back and place it in the CBI, or destroy it for the purpose of diminishing the amount of IQD available, thereby maintaining the currency’s value. The transaction is completed with the Federal Reserve exchanging foreign reserve credits which are equal to $12,500 USD (which had a net acquisition cost of $4,000 USD for the US) for 250 barrels of oil (which has a TOTAL COST to produce of $162.50 USD for Iraq. More completely explained, and simply put, it cost Iraq $162.50 USD from their foreign currency reserve accounts to redeem the value of 10,000 IQD, which goes into their operating accounts. At the same time the US got $12,500 worth of oil for a net cost of $4,000, not to mention the banks being bolstered with new reserves and the Federal Reserves being paid… no pun intended… all the way to the BANK! That’s how it was originally explained to me as to how it was planned for Iraq to revalue its currency at a 1 IQD for $1 USD rate, OR HIGHER, with the variable being the political element (i.e. UN Sanctions, GOI actions, IMF actions, World Bank actions, other powers that be, etc.) The crazy thing about all this, is we aren’t even talking about the fact that Iraq originally SOLD the IQD sometime in the past to a dealer for $800+ dollars!!! That dealer than took it out of Iraq and to another country (mostly to the US), and sold it to you and me! So, the net, even after having purchased the dinars back in this scenario, is STILL a positive for Iraq all the way through! Iraq was able to start rebuilding their country NOW off speculators and dealers’ money before they were ready to handle a complete financial bank overhaul and launch their new financial system, involving all the central banking intricacies required. Thus, we see how the greatest redistribution of wealth in the history of the world is justified and can actually be understood! Are you suppose to know this? I don’t know, but this is how it was explained to me many years ago. That, my friends, is how money could be created out of thin air while eliminating concern over too much IQD hanging out there in circulation. Eliminate the notes… create wealth for less… many sins are forgiven! No rate… No date… Only confidence the country of Iraq will one day officially rise from the ashes and become one of the wealthiest countries in the world, leading us into a new millennium. I expect the exact way it will all be done will not be as many have explained it. We will, in my opinion, be lead through various hoops and challenges to get to that point (i.e. re-denomination, currency exchanges, timelines, etc.), but I believe it will make it there eventually. The question is… can or will you wait for Iraq to develop? Or… will you let the crazy prognosticators discourage you by listening to their claims it’s happening tomorrow at a massive, and really unbelievable, rate? If you do, you’re sure to eventually call it a scam because you’re disappointed it didn’t happen the way someone you don’t know and who’s information you have no way of verifying turns out to be wrong. The choice is yours to handle this speculation (make no mistake purchasing the Dinar is exactly that) professionally and responsibly. This is speculative, yet logical, and hopefully true! Fast, instantaneous, massive revalue… or a slow grow… either way Iraq won’t be ignored, and is coming on to the world stage.
  6. I've been thinking about this for a while now. As a student of human psychology and verbal and non-verbal behavior, I noticed something very telling way back when. Do you remember when Shabibi was in D.C. a couple years ago and he was answering questions from the audience. One audience member asks Shabibi straight out, "Will the currency RV?" Now, if anyone still has the video of this event, please watch it again. You will notice that Shabibi pauses, looks surprised at the question , and the first thing he mutters under his breath is the word "No." His first response is the true response, and being that he was caught off guard, he had little time to reflect and utilize guile to misdirect. At that time, Shabibi felt that the currency would not RV. I decided not to post my opinion at the time for various reasons, but I always remembered his first response and his answer of No. I urge you all to review that video and post it again for others to review. I feel that Shabbibi being removed from the picture may actually be the key to this whole thing. When I read Adam's chat today and when he indicated that Shabibi was against the RV, I tend to believe that statement. And Shabbibi proves it by his own words. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts . Be well
  7. I am very interested to know what level of information is being disseminated to the Iraqi people regarding a possible change in currency. Do any of your Iraqi contacts have concrete info on the education campaign that may or may not be going on. It seems to me that it is the Iraqi population that will have to be educated before any change in monetary policy takes place over there. thank you very much
  8. Describe in as much detail what Adam Montana looks like. We all get a sense of him from reading his words and get a feel for his personality. Now we have to put a face to the words and describe him in detail. Mustache, no mustache, hair color, slim, heavy etc..... The winner is the person who describes him the best and Adam is free to then post a picture of himself for all to see.
  9. There is no person or group of persons more vilified on this site than the pumper. I get it, somewhat. It's because they lie and create false hope and have ulterior motives. But here is my point--we all hope that this currency RVs and makes us a lot of money. For every dinar that a pumper induces a newbie to purchase, come RV time, that newbie, thanks to the pumper, is now a lot more rich. For every one million dinars a person buys based on bogus intel, come RV day, those dinars now equal a lot more wealth for the innocent purchaser. So my point is, who cares if a pumper induces a person to buy more dinar. Wouldn't we all like to purchase more dinar. What is the ultimate harm? Now, I know you're thinking, well, it's the people who can't really afford to buy that are duped into buying and they are harmed. Well, that's not really the pumpers fault is it? Each one of us must take personal responsibility for our own actions especially financial ones. So how about if we ignore those pumpers, or at least thank them for putting a little excitement into this stale speculation we are all partaking in. One last point. Come RV day, if any of you were led into buying more dinar based on pumper info, and now come RV day, you find yourself cashing out and walking away with more dollars, won't you thank those same pumpers that you want to crucify today. I'm just asking for us to use a little forethought before we start grabbing the pitchforks and storming the castle. For every person that becomes more wealthy because of Okie's nonsense or whomever else, Okie is a hero. I've been induced to buy more dinar, and I'm glad I did, and when this RVs, I'd sure like to thank a pumper. Bashing pumpers is just getting old, let's focus our attention on more positive pursuits. Have a nice night.
  10. I took some good advice and opened up a Warka account. My plan is to let the Dinar in my Warka account just sit there for awhile, post RV. Just sort of forget about it and watch the value rise until I need it one day. Once there is a RV the value of that Dinar in USD greatly increases.My question is: what are my tax ramifications and or reporting obligations to the IRS regarding my Warka IQD once there is a Revalue? Do I need to report anything at all if I simply let the Dinar in the account sit there, post RV? Do I need to inform the IRS post RV that I am now in possession of a lot more valuable DInar than I had 2 months ago? Am I correct in assuming that the taxable event only happens once I exchange that DInar to US dollars? And that at that time, once there is an exchange of currency, then I am responsible for paying tax on it? As long as I don't exchange the DInar to anything else, post RV, there is no taxable event, right? thank you, anyone for the input and advice I appreciate it very much. M.A.S.
  11. Did you hear the one about the agnostic, dyslexic who suffered from insomnia? He'd lay awake all night wondering if there was a dog.
  12. There are varying levels of sophistication in regards to the members here. The most well- versed amongst us in economics, finance, business and commerce seem to pinpoint some essential things must happen first before an RV of Iraq currency, namely, HCL, GOI, Chapter 7. My question is this, let's assume that we find ourselves at a place where GOI is seated, HCl and ch 7 lifted, yet there is no RV? Is there anything else that you
  13. I'm going to paint a picture for all of us. Imagine that our day has arrived, Yes, the DInar has RV'd and we have all cashed in and are extremely more well off than before the RV. Life is great. And we happen to all be at a DV convention in Vegas. All of the anonymous people that spent years behind the computer screen are unveiled, and we all meet each other face to face. It's a day of celebration and whatever differences we had on-line instantly disappear. I'll even bet you 100 Dinar that at this point in time, when the biggest pumpers walk in the room, they are not vilified, but even the pumpers are lifted up and everyone is buying them drinks. Why? Because we are all happy, we have money and lots of it. We all laugh about all those years spent bickering and bashing. What is my point? My point is that there has been a very ugly energetic shift that has appeared on this site. People are becoming mean and using the anonymity of the computer screen to launch attacks against one another. The root cause of this is frustration. Some of us become so frustrated with the ups and downs that it feels good to attack another person. The answer lies in managing expectation. When one can adopt the following attitude: "if it RV's great, my life is wonderful and if it doesn't RV, great, my life is wonderful, then one can truly escape the emotional roller coaster. Sonny1, I don't know you, but your comment was out of line. It carried with it a very powerful negative energy that was sent through the computer and touched everyone who read your words. All of the great work you have done here on this site had been a bit tainted by your recent comments. I am deeply sorry for the trying times you are going through with your friend and you know how the members of this site have rallied behind you in the past. Allow this site to be a place of support and comfort for you. As each person contributes their thoughts and energy to this site, the site evolves and takes on the character of the majority of energy that is fed into it. Let this be a place of respectful interchange of ideas. If we disagree, let them be constructive disagreements and let us each respect each other and play well together. Light dispels darkness, so let us bring light to this site by treating each other with respect, support and love. And although there may be those amongst us who have ulterior motives and are working to cause strife and unrest, let us allow them to play their games and always maintain our composure and dignity. I don't know if the Dinar will RV or not, but I'd bet that when we start treating each other like family, then our dreams are much closer to becoming reality. Every thought and word carries with it an energy signature. Allow my thoughts and words to reach out and touch each and every one of you, and embrace you all with the warmth of a Great Big Hug. Have a wonderful night my friends.
  14. For those of us who have opened a Warka account and funded it with less than 10k USD, there is no Federal reporting requirement necessary, of the foreign account. Once there is an R/V, the amount of IQD in our Warka account will not change, But the conversion from IQD to USD will change and will most likely equal an amount greater than 10k USD. What are the tax consequences, or reporting duties of this situation, when the amount in a foreign (Non-US Bank) account suddenly appreciates and exceeds the 10k reporting requirement? thank you
  15. For those of us who have opened a Warka account and funded it with less than 10k USD, there is no Federal reporting requirement necessary, of the foreign account. Once there is an R/V, the amount of IQD in our Warka account will not change, But the conversion from IQD to USD will change and will most likely equal an amount greater than 10k USD. What are the tax consequences, or reporting duties of this situation, when the amount in a foreign (Non-US Bank) account suddenly appreciates and exceeds the 10k reporting requirement? Appreciate some guidance from ExecConsult. Thank you
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