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  1. remember jan. 1 starts iraqs fiscal year. maybe,just maybe our train ride will come to a screeching halt.
  2. jan. 1 fiscal year begins.???????? maybe/who knows.!!!!!!!! /
  3. looks like the Barzani clan has struck again, left the workers empty handed. what do you think?
  4. by the way, what has happened to ,finger in the air, sadr???? have not heard a peep out of him latley!!!
  5. once again ,sadr, is the major problem , him & his blue hats& militias,shooting& killing the demostrators at will, his azz needs to go. lmho !!
  6. they are all standing in line at the banks waiting thier turn to ........... cash-in ........dont ya know!!!!!!!
  7. no more billions of dollars for lran & the fest of the thugs to get thier hands on.
  8. out with sadr. out with ameri our with the pmf . out with mahdi , all iranian controlled, also the parlaments iranian puppets.then iraq will change for the better!!!!! lmo..................
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