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  1. looks like there on the right track , just get/er done boys , then l think changes will be seen, lmo !!! good post thugs,
  2. soon

    Go Iraq Part 9

    1189.53 at present..........!! looks like up& down 😐
  3. soon

    Go Iraq Part 9

    1182.50 on fx ..........😐
  4. soon

    Go Iraq Part 9

    xe converter shows 1185.13
  5. when mahdi is out the parliament & saleh will be the caretaker gov. until new elections are held ,as to my understanding, the RV who knows!!!!!!
  6. hope malikis name is from top to bottom of the list.............!!!!
  7. soon

    Go Iraq Part 9

    lnteresting ........... !!!!!!! maybe sooner than one might think......... who the h**l knows.
  8. ltem #20, 500 dollars, that equals to 597,073 dinars, funny it stated dollars not dinars........!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. soon

    Go Iraq Part 8

    lncluding more tnan 400 officials,including former &current deputies&ministers on corruption charges exit points being sealed to prevent escaping lraq.
  10. soon

    Go Iraq Part 8

    correct me if l am wrong on this,smaller bills would mean a rate change, or the people would need a wheelbarrow full of the smaller notes to buy a loaf of bread & a gallon of milk at the current rate of the dinar...................!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. once again corruption jn the blocs not wanting to give it up. lmo.
  12. soon

    Go Iraq Part 8

    l sure hope ur right navira. just have to wait & see. !!!!!!!!
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