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  1. Mmmm goat gonna be eating goat soon on bbq covered in sauce let’s go okie fly that plane like you stole it
  2. Not sure who she is but told my wife this couple months ago they collapsed many areas in the world to get rid of current leaders usa being the biggest
  3. That’s what I was thinking like .67 or dare to dream .675
  4. No but I do know a lot are still closed due to virus like 1 branch out of 7 is open
  5. Well if your doctor says gonna give you one run the other way
  6. .66 all you will see is 💨 from me running to the bank
  7. Well you can come to canada staybin my igloo
  8. Love to visit threeway but will probably end up in wankers corner i don’t follow directions well
  9. serves the interests of all Iraqis. thats nice think they meant to say davis
  10. Haha he has 0 in his account also like me
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