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  1. What about my dong I am holding and yes agree with me thugs Adam just brought some very big insight and many of us appreciate
  2. Thanks bring it to us question on the dong hasent moved in a long time should I see a doctor joke joke vote
  3. That’s why sunglasses were invented
  4. Amen the men and woman I can’t say it as a firefighter i bow my head and show the up most respect brothers and sisters run towards hell to try and protect who is running or innocent be blessed world
  5. Uhhh serious i just met a guy in a trench coat in alley he said he was vp of imf i would be first plus 3 tier 28.50 he will text me in 25 hrs at 2 33 am to meet in same spot will let everyone know when I get paid out
  6. Last time I did that I put my name in for being the first Canadian to become USA prez thong pics were released checked on my dong holdings and it shrank so my advice don’t drink to heavy vote for Davis
  7. Bam boom bam me ok what’s going on
  8. Or pull my finger funnier then a trigger
  9. Your welcome i am sleuthing every where where is that ice cream girl dont really care about anything else
  10. Ahhh I am waiting for my dong to rise terrible pic you can’t see my thong
  11. I rent a igloo to them they don’t pay rent on time but no joke govt here would pay them give benifits throw a old person out on street and give them their house ita a joke here time and time again
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