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  1. davis411

    Go Iraq

    Damn i am looking fine eh ladies?? ladies? anyone fine Davis uhh
  2. My bank called late also on a sunday just to remind me how broke I am then he laughed and hung up
  3. davis411

    Go Iraq

    Am I rich yet nope just checked my bank
  4. Who is this bettyboob you all are talking about?? can I get her phone number
  5. Now why neg our bro mo green for the fun of it
  6. You all know what kids its gods plan not ours if it’s meant to be it shall if war it shall happen love ya all but it is what it is davis for prez
  7. davis411

    Go Iraq

    I do to when I have a itch
  8. Go Davis on a bike fuel out of reach no car no rv just got to get to run for prez
  9. Wait to I become prez you will bow and then be whipped and bow again hahaha being where I am I love the donney but it will say many in Canada dont but damn I do he is kicking azzzz everywhere what the world needs just kick a lot harder
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