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  1. Well i know enough crazy ass Canadians like me i know I will be first to be taken out but I will be first in for the fight we are nice but like every country we are not all sheep
  2. Help me out here i see articles like this great but funny our news in Canada just stated trump is losing more votes to the re counts how hard is it to count
  3. Ohhh god I have been here a long time i have seen many site upgrades
  4. Hate to say it my friend but trump out is a very big mistake for the USA right now Don’t need to like a guy as long as he gets the job done my personal thoughts usa blew it and will pay for the mistake
  5. It’s vaccine news dude thats it in Canada they sent smoke singles so we get news here also even in Canada opps unless Your a teacher politician welfare civil servant anyone on the payroll of a tax payer you can see this election is not right the working man or lady who pays all the wages sees 👀
  6. Wow serious 25 years old my boots are older the. That happy bday
  7. That is many of us trump the world needs right now i can’t vote But if I could it would be trump the whole world is scerwed up its a joke look at what’s happening we need the change and yes a good start to change comes from the USA
  8. It's your site you can use unicorns leaping over psychedelic rainbow Paisley if you choose Did that on weekend still playing with them
  9. Uhhh just checked it is climbing on ebay not retirement but a boat load of beer plus my money back
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