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  1. Ok I looked at pic dont see how it is trying to stay clean I will figure it out i will study it
  2. davis411

    Go Iraq

    I use bromo sometimes
  3. Wow i hope to one day to have connections like these guys do i would be so rich when I get the nod from my chinese delivery driver about when to buy then the guy at the corner store blinks 19 times fast means time to cash out i will never have solid connections like that
  4. Few years ago my wife and had a doll made named it davis i thought was cute my head hurt back hurt went blind all types of stuff wrong with me old age I guess i did think all of the needles being stuck in the Davis doll was a bit weird
  5. Your all getting way off topic your suppose to decide who bunks with davis let the fight for Davis begin
  6. Hmmm who wins to bunk with Davis flip a coin
  7. Ohhh god i have to stop drinking
  8. I am a grower. Cbd is great finally being allowed cbd liscense I do thc production with a hint of cbd all pains headaches sleep arthritis etc people need help pharma companies and govt tried to stop to late now
  9. Been trying to add one says jepeg to big something like that no idea on how to do idiot on these computers
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