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  1. This is like the twilight zone or a really bad version of ground hog day
  2. davis411

    Sterling Currency Group

    Are you talking about my funeral Or the rv
  3. Wish that rule could be applied to marriage i keep losing
  4. Okie and ray ray said it will happen thats who
  5. davis411

    7,000,000 25k notes

    I could see my wife doing same thing to me my problem is knowing her it will be a cheque placed with me not cash
  6. Yep guaranteed only way you walk even in canada cut a deal for dirt on higher guys these guys would of been offered same deal but maybe there was no higher guys to get?? except okie but he is in a plane or a boat they can’t trace him
  7. davis411

    Adam Montana Weekly 10 October 2018

    I got my bags packed and ready also just don’t tell my wife
  8. I called that 800 number before said hey sexy what’s up in a mans voice nightmares ever since
  9. Brazillion i had a brazillion wax before i ended up in depends
  10. davis411

    CBI News 10/07/2018

    Not sure if matters canada had a 1000 also i just sold my last one they are fully getting rid of it no value at all soon say the dark side like drug dealers etc is all that uses them like I said not sure if matters just some good ol Canadian history

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