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  1. Thanks a feature I think some of us older guys need is brail
  2. mr Maliki please come back for your tie fitting appointment out of silk but good supply of nylon to choose from please pre pay before fitting
  3. Had to get my windsheild done today great guys dealt with them before never knew they were from iraq well they were talking about everything going on in this world brought up their origins great talk but not a great talk hope in hell they ever get back to where they were family friends etc suffering everythjng we read here they said theft govt Iran etc told them what I bought in dinar and when ok this hurts to say they told me I pissed away my money investing n
  4. Free wife my butt In beginning looks free and a good deal but man oh man do they cost then kids dog dont be fooled by this ad guys nothing is free but funny thanks for bringing
  5. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/money/topstories/ge-signs-power-agreements-worth-over-1-2-billion-with-iraq/ar-BB18ajGd?li=AAgh0dA
  6. Mmm something I haven’t tried where to I buy this
  7. Well the problem is you throw your shoe at someone you will break your own monitor
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