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  1. Had to do sad damn that’s me thanks I feel real swell now in my feet haha great vid
  2. Sorry had to laugh just popped up in my news feed Guess none reads or research s news
  3. Yep rest i thought she was a classic
  4. To this day I still wish it was me that said pull the trigger be a lot more though if I say once I will say 1000 times over
  5. It was a joke we laugh at rams here every vehicle has issues just ram has a lot more enjoy what buy they all have issues just ram looks like a goat hit by a semi that’s all davis helps
  6. After you buy a ram then go to gm or ford and get a truck
  7. Watch me I will apply to be a citizen there me and my camal pepsi I will be a proper member of society might have a problem alcohol free times
  8. Haha same here just got into within last year and I am man enough to say I am bawling my eyes out for not listening or understanding another lesson in life
  9. Damn wish I was there minus 20 snow freezing back to vacuuming the igloo before xmas merry Xmas my friend
  10. I feel like I am on the roller coaster from final destination we know how that turns out
  11. 495 degrees this am is a little chilly right now but suppose to get hot mid afternoon
  12. Wow sounds like it’s time release the KRAKEN grrrrrrr merry xmas grrr
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