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  1. And they are there to set more meetings and committees to talk about what ifs then agree on another 3 extra weeks of holidays starting now
  2. Ok cracking champagne nothing going on lets get tuned
  3. Ok I am on standby all I can afford to do
  4. Hahaha saw this on news what a bunch of meatballs Colour or race has nothing to do with being a disrespectful person meatballs but on other hand I have been to disney my wife knew what point of the day to make me get out of there to many ignorant running around haha she knows when I get tired of being run into
  5. Medicine Hat this is where we need thugs moose joke
  6. Hahaha i mean hahaha help me out dog why the hahaha i am a semi smart but simple man i don’t know If I am ready for hahaha hope god proves me wrong
  7. What simpleton would Rubie this wow good thing i am not mr adam i would ban your negative idiot ways so quick rubies don’t hurt but it shows your thoughts and character you whoever are really a simple simple creation of god why I don’t know but if you want to talk pm me i am a good listener and we all got problems i have a ton davis out
  8. If it’s not it who do I beat with my belt
  9. Ohhh man I am sorry if I were you get to a doctor now unless your in jail then I understand the pucker
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