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  1. Maybe all I know is I wouldn’t want to have a heart attack and be on hold trying to get a ambulance no help now that would piss off civilians
  2. Agreed fire medical etc possible law schools I know here a lot of services in Canada are tied to same accounts
  3. Ohhhh its ready its been ready for 20 years vintage aged it’s a collector item now could sell it and profit before any rv thanks A lot Iraq
  4. Why put here if not to open like when your parents said don’t stick your finger in the car lighter ya ok dad oucccccccchhhhh
  5. No wouldnt be happy human nature would appreciate higher but if that’s all god allows then I would accept it
  6. Sounds like a adult rated movie and I don’t want to be the star and touched by him that is really wrong
  7. 53 yrs in this world reading that will add another 10 yrs long read is a understatement
  8. Ohhhh ok pack up my camal and go on a road trip thanks for the heads up your coming thanks ron i could never figure why some give notice of their arrival i would just hit you
  9. Ahhhh whats another 20 plus years time will fly by not
  10. Hate to say so is canada makes me sick where our country is at now not just USA the world needs trump or should I say trumps we need to reset the world bring back jesus bring back law bring back respect bring back being proud now I think about it adam has not been around since courts and running for prez by trump began mmmmm maybe Adam is trump
  11. Quick math hurt my guys you will be bombed to hell does the USA prez have it in him i believe trump would outsider opinion only pray for the soldiers who were killed or injured
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