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  1. I love ya guys and gals saw him today brought oranges and bananas we are strong guys I have watched and helped a few of us go to god I hope i am hard all way around star I would love a good joke
  2. He is in hospital now not good just a little pissed off right now he may not come out
  3. Really beautiful
  4. Well down the path i saw article few months ago already testing in new borns evwrything on this chip bit bigger then a grain of rice excuss my term the world is screwed I do believe in the writings and this mark of the beast is real I will go down fighting i never follow orders very well or my wife says
  5. Who is this Adam everyone speaks of?? haha tricked ya
  6. Ya succckkkasss davis first in line pay up before a few of my unsavoury dinar vets pay you a visit aint gonna be nice
  7. Yep everyone knew it weird part is I just saw few articles where this will turn the people even more against them was a economic clip and this took a lot of their influence away with protests etc may them on board rest in peace they didn’t deserve what happened
  8. Shake it Batman you won’t break it twice
  9. Uhhhhh yesterday this goes much longer it will be the shortest party in Vegas cause we will be in wheel chairs and our age makes us party hard and be in bed by 6 pm right after meat loaf dinner take teeth out go to bed party on and hard
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