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  1. davis411

    cbi down

    What’s down my hopes my dreams my life yeppers
  2. davis411

    Adam Montana 7 November 2018

    Ahhh thank you muchio burrito
  3. davis411

    FBI forms Iraq dinar scam team

    Oh oh i gave my future detail prez davis country unknown possible White House please send end all notifications to the above
  4. davis411

    Adam Montana Weekly 31 October 2018

    I crossed something else damn that hurt hope this comes through gonna be a hard knot to untie
  5. Be happier if I saw in the head lines millions transferred to Davis
  6. This is like the twilight zone or a really bad version of ground hog day
  7. davis411

    Sterling Currency Group

    Are you talking about my funeral Or the rv
  8. Wish that rule could be applied to marriage i keep losing
  9. Okie and ray ray said it will happen thats who
  10. davis411

    7,000,000 25k notes

    I could see my wife doing same thing to me my problem is knowing her it will be a cheque placed with me not cash

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