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  1. I would love one of those hide from the wife wont tell her where it is
  2. Got a pm from a friend never mind delete i will pray for his return
  3. Hope spelled right where is he she what the hell happened yes put in news no idea where to ask
  4. I take your 10 k and raise you 1 million dinar this is serious now we have .33 cents on the line win it all or lose
  5. To late my friend I am on it twice
  6. Yes looks good for buy a bit of strength coming in
  7. Yep cant fight a computer a profit is a profit i should get 50 percent as a motivator fee
  8. Ahhh come on You can do it play the scared
  9. Haha yep it is a rush even when I said no need a break ahhh I was back in the rush and nerves shot was something you don’t feel unless your in where if you lose gonna hurt keep in mind I do prefer the rush more when I am winning
  10. Agreed i use to play more pre and after market wish I had a million dollars kicking around mid yesterday my thoughts were for a quick up Rick this am then yes switch over i believe coming down thats why I took a break rollercoaster can be hard on nerves when you drop 100 grand in 2 seconds
  11. I just signed up twice paying more then Iraq
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