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  1. Got ya beat barrie ontario -17 today and wont stop snowing soon since last week
  2. Amen I was at church also but my church is a little differant its for the non believers but you believe its for the lost its for me to bring me back to my father i wish I was as good as all you but I am not so enough of my jibber love yas and can’t wait for the party davis in Canada has faith
  3. Happy bday wish I got you a rv for a present they told me soon its in the mail let me know when you get it
  4. What that mean ??? fuzz out funn out fraz out ohhh I don’t know
  5. Ummm are we rich yet
  6. Not sure i wasn’t invited to meeting busy with billy gates and buffet hotdogs and hot tub fun trump dog had a meeting he missed it
  7. Wow god bless you and yours bit of humour if haven’t seen called instant family on Netflix yes I know not real life but it is based on adopting a teen girl just a light movie Cheers and good for you
  8. bro thug: sounds like A new word for a Brazilian wax no no ma’am don’t want a Brazilian wax i will take the bro thug special for 9.99
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