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  1. Ok ok Lgd here is my issue with all this i told the wife I do this I get 1 pound of bacon well guess what no this no that no bacon thoughts
  2. Best thing I read all day love to the bacon joking congrats my friend still proud about the bacon
  3. Wow is this real? I like trump but don’t like crowds I be go trump go from outside the fence
  4. Hey whatzzzz up i got nothing to add just having a beer relaxing life Ahhh it’s ok god is good be good peeps
  5. Agree with you both this world is a joke that is not funny anymore we all bleed Red
  6. Mmmmm what if horse dies and falls over on you
  7. Haha ya plus sorry need 7 days property tax pro rated ahhhh govt what can you do
  8. Omg if I put mine into bitcoin ohhhhh i would be on tv buying islands
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