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  1. No idea been in so long i forget my name ahhh unicorns dancing damn you Iraq
  2. Better get moving i ordered Chinese food a hour ago they say madam wu has the best balls Chicken balls Hurry wu before I eat my cat
  3. Can’t say mine will put me behind bars long time if I show you then I have to kill you
  4. Uhhhh sorry thought he crashed his plane into a boat got to a island monkeys took him made him a bride then ate him wow he is back
  5. I thought I was to old also my wife reminds me everyday that I can handle more
  6. Ahhhhh hotdogs smothered in mustard and ketchup don’t wake me
  7. Slow down slow down My heart can’t take the excitement
  8. hate to say it they got it right on this
  9. Maybe add a davis to that list
  10. I hope so i would buy the first round of camal ballz soup
  11. Ahhhhh the old oct 17th trick again I see
  12. Possible heard of a pay site 29.99 per month he has all the intell davisabbbalala I can vouch this guy sounds legit mail your funds to me umm I mean davisabbbala
  13. Ahhh the first time I heard this line on this investment like 13 years ago memories
  14. I dated her great summer i still limp on one side
  15. Well i can promise I don’t need to worry about that with my accounts saving right now to buy a stick of gum
  16. Ohhhh but I can be bribes booze drugs guns and my dog will show you how they do the corruption
  17. That’s as good as me saying i have see a b c d and e lined up but I can’t figure out where f went
  18. That’s way it’s done here in Ontario they estimate based on last years numbers so if I make 500,000 last year many times they estimate this year at same If I only make 200,000 this year i get credit back on the over taxes of 300 but if I show that guarantee I am getting a audit again
  19. Don’t fret You still have a davis
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