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  1. Well i heard a good one davis for Prez ministry that’s where I would put my holdings if I were you
  2. Thanks ron After reading I remembered to pop a pimpy that I got
  3. Turn that frown upside down instead of always seeing glass half empty try seeing it half full makes life better
  4. When in 43 years from now alot of studies to do first i will wait but my associate the grim reaper won’t release the kraken
  5. I did see those walls once the police didn’t see the humour of me being in there
  6. Yep every year same thing like a bad rash every year wonder if I should get it looked at
  7. Gonna say maybe one day the world will be fully connected to everything as it happens real time my buddy billy gates told me it may be called the internet or world wide web that crazy billy guy not in my life time would that happen
  8. Mmmmm i know I am canadian here it’s Saturday now wonder what day around the world everyone else on
  9. Ummmm i think I can answer cause I want it to large time other then that I got nothing release the kraken
  10. Not me i hope they take at least another 85 years so maybe my great great great grandchildren can enjoy yes I am be sarcastic if anyone missed it
  11. It’s the same here brutal the price gouging is out of control ya right govt said would not happen bunch of *** heads running the world
  12. Ummm way it’s going i will be a ghost with the most
  13. Had to do sad damn that’s me thanks I feel real swell now in my feet haha great vid
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