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  1. I tell my wife that all the time she says I lie
  2. Ohhhhhh i am doing this ship ahoy i will be so drunk I will release the kraken
  3. Who is that??? Mr Ed
  4. US moves to advance prisoner swap deal with Iran and release $6 billion in frozen Iranian funds I think Iran just got a big enough pay day
  5. That is how it is done then the sheep with their head in the sand or up their ass says ohhh ok you are here for us???? same every where canada just as bad
  6. I am giving you every pray I have i need you better To see the fruit god lay a hand please We are all asking enough we can’t do it but you can davis
  7. Weird thats what my wife says to me??? wonder what it means
  8. I believe that should be much higher expense they throw their shoes at everyone they disagree with no way they can find at the end of a shoe throwing fight
  9. No idea this deal has beat me down like many but i have online met a lot of solid boys and girls learned things didnt know you could have friends online lets get the rv meet in vegas fuckin drink to who we loss in the process to this day I still ask why?? I love you guys
  10. Yes took hours if not days searching and investigation I have figured out Frank 26 said this
  11. I got in hair dark strong back no glasses now hair grey sore everything Blind as a bat
  12. Damn i am moving to Iraq this is the end canada has it just as bad as USA really becoming a sick sick world we are doomed
  13. Not me ward will be mad and take it out on the beaver
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