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  1. Hahaha ohhhh luigi thats not the sweet spot in my head
  2. Ok ok ok shake it out of my head Do you all understand how I can run with this ??
  3. Don’t know if they understand how to protect your pin number
  4. I thought I was only one who worked out like that can lift 60 lbs now
  5. Thanks ron there is truth to this one
  6. Well i guess over half of us here are out if sober is what they are looking for
  7. Well i heard a good one davis for Prez ministry that’s where I would put my holdings if I were you
  8. Thanks ron After reading I remembered to pop a pimpy that I got
  9. Turn that frown upside down instead of always seeing glass half empty try seeing it half full makes life better
  10. When in 43 years from now alot of studies to do first i will wait but my associate the grim reaper won’t release the kraken
  11. I did see those walls once the police didn’t see the humour of me being in there
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