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  1. If the potus would act as if he knew what he was doing on a daily basis instead of acting like an adolescent, bipartisan agents would not need to ride herd on him.
  2. A very Merry Christmas to all at DinarVets with hope that at this time next year our wish for an RV will be fulfilled. Be happy and Goooooooooooo RV!
  3. In a world of greed, Adam has helped us focus on helping others...thank you Adam and this community for bringing out the best in us.
  4. Personally,I love it when my husband brings me flowers,and, he does it often. If he brings chocolates, we share them. We have been together for 14 years and continue to consider ourselves lucky to be with each other. Sometimes, I bring flowers for him. After the RV we will continue to appreciate our lives. Sorry that everyone does not enjoy this frame of mind. We sometimes have to work at it like everyone else,but the pay off is immeasureable.
  5. Thanks Adam and Moderatoers. This has certainly been an interesting ride and now, I'm even allowing myself to get a little excited about an imminent RV. Whatever happens, you are all the best!
  6. Hi Adam, I also want to say thanks for everything are the voice of reason. My question involves FOREX. Have you seen or heard of any interest by Forex in recognizing the IQD ?
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