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  1. Horsesoldier your a great man! The military in this country is all I look up to, nothing else. I’m angry, but I can’t imagine your anger. I pray everyday for the guys like you and thanks to God for the men and women in uniform. I really wished this currency would revalue. But a revaluation wouldn’t come close to justify why we were ever in that hellhole in the 1st place. This ranks right there with Vietnam. WTF for????
  2. This is why IMO, this currency will never be revalued. Still hoping something happens but Iraq is being completely destroyed by corruption. This makes Mexico look like the United States and we all know how corrupt Mexico is.
  3. Hi Adam, I've been keeping up with you and also with world news specific to the region and I'm very excited! This is the 1st time I have felt this confident about this actually happening. Thanks for your work buddy!!!
  4. M Goat is so full of **** his eyes are brown. Imbecile
  6. Exactly pokerplayer! It blows my away how these low-lifes protest Trump and cheer when when their Muslim was in power.
  7. Now I understand why rubio's ears are so big. I'm sure his ears came in handy for his boyfriend in the park!! Ha
  8. People like this are scumbags that deserve the worst of the worst. Hopefully hell will come their way soon.
  9. Trump worse than obummer? Don't think that is even remotely correct but thanks for the warning as I'm going to early vote for Trump here in Texas today!
  10. As stupid as Arabs are, they are not this stupid. This would be suicide.
  11. I have been holding gold & silver for many years. I hope it works out.
  12. Sick world we live in. Our Police & Military are being spit on by this government. Sad state of affairs!
  13. Thanks Adam. I pray for everyone here something good happens. 2015 was a disaster for me and my family. I pray this year is different.
  14. RV me thanks for who you are! I just wished there were more people like you in this country.
  15. Sarge, I think we have a better chance to win the Power Ball than getting an RV. Believe me I want an RV as much as anyone else. Not trying to be negative.
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