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  1. I am still here in the armpit of the world. I am not in Kabul. I am ok, but thats all I can say. Thanks for asking.
  2. It is now approx. noon Tuesday 24 July 2012 in Iraq. I smell something fishy here. It says they met Tuesday evening and discussed various items. Which Tuesday did they meet?
  3. Posted 08 March 2012 - 05:40 AM This may be what your NOT thinking of. lol 15 days to post the ratified budget would be 22 March 2012. POPULAR Presidency of the Republic to ratify the 2012 budget 03.08.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment - Baghdad (news) Riaúsh Republic ratified the financial budget of the state in 2012. A source in the presidency (of the Agency news) said on Thursday that the president approved the budget of 2012 that passed the House of Representatives late last February. Read more:
  4. See you soon, or is it in the coming days? Well now i just feel urgent. HisHands..... bless you and thank you. Thanks Stryker. Will do I have a few hours too kill between flights.
  5. Morning gang. Stryker I start movement tomorrow. No wise cracks from anyone either. Yota you guys go ahead and get this done while I am traveling.
  6. Baghdad/ NINA/-- MP, Ashwaq al-Jaf for the Kurdistan Alliance said any one has no right to suspend Kurdistan region's share of the state finance budget because it is a legitimate right and not a gift or grant from any party . She said in a statement to NINA today: "Everyone knows even those who demanding suspending provincial budget that budget revenues from oil extracted goes into the state treasury and thus it's distributed to all the people. Regarding what circulated about Kurds claims of secession and the declaration of a state , al-Jaf made it clear : "The position of the Kurds from this issue embody through their votes on the constitution and their choice to stay within unified Iraq ,since the Constitution is the protector of the rights of the people and equalize everyone." End
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