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  1. lets us wait to see what the investigation reveals, instead of speculation. it is sad to see our youth take there own lives, a very tragic situation.
  2. LOL, i am sure Trusted will figure out a way of this one. I am sure the evangelicals of S. Carolina won't abandon him.
  3. For 8 years people have been hollering about President Obama and will be for the next 20 years. Get over it folks, he will never be brought to justice for crimes some folks say he has committed. Some said he would never be reelected and if he could run again he would win due to the confusion in the Republican/TeaParty/ Mad American Dinar Vet party. Unfreaking believable..
  4. Well you have to be careful where you are. When you are on the CIA payroll, you take that chance of getting caught. If you do, you suffer the consequences. Some of us always has the answer but the real story will never be known. Oil is in the tank, no one is making money so we need a flare up in the middle east to push up the price of oil. Just my opinion.
  5. We would never know about Sandra Bland, if she had done the following. Cop stops you and ask you for your documents, you give the cop what he ask for. Run your information, you have a boat load of tickets, you refrain from going off like a roman candle and she probably gets a warning or a ticket drive on cuss out the cop in your car. No, i make a complete fool of myself get yanked out of my car, cuffed and stuff. Now if she had used common sense and she would have been driving on her way no issues. But we choose to make our decisions and the dash cam told the story. Now the family lawyers up looking for a big payday. That is the why Karma turns around and bites you in the ass. Merry Christmas everyone.
  6. Well, it was John Bohner and now Paul Ryan. I guess since this is happening now, wait until the convention. This party just got started. Stop crying and figure out a way to make things correct. Whinnning about Obama is not going to fix snot. Come up with other ideas to ensure the supporters stick with party. Or it will be hello President 2nd from Arkansas.
  7. best way to stop this flood and agree DV which i never thought would happen, sink those boats bringing those refugges or turn their asses back to turkey or whereever. Nothing but men and few women and children? Yeah right take your asses back home and fight.
  8. Well nyk I look at it this way, no one will always agree and I have chose to ignore those who believe they are above others that is my thoughts. No one's feelings get hurt no one riding to the rescue. I keep it simple, I have seen people get mad and take their ball and go home here at DV. If i do not anything good to say about someone, then I keep it to myself. Do I call the potus every name under the sun? No I do not because my military experience does not permit me to nor do I choose to even though I am a Republican. I give respect when due, do like all of his policies no I do not. Anyway new York I like to keep it simple, if you disagree with me that's fine No harm no foul. Have a great day, if you choose to have at it with a mod, then you have have chosen the path you wish to walk. Adam choose his team and i respect them even I disagree with them. Have a good one.
  9. As you have seen how some posters can be when you have a difference of opinion. Tjokie, thank you for your response. I think it will be smart for me to hit the ignore button. When dealing with those who tend to disrespect a moderator. As I have said I walked those very streets in Paris thast massacre took place and for fury to just pipe in and claim a divine right to do so well I am going stay above bs. If you never been there why run your mouth. It is NOT always about politics.
  10. Will all of you Armchair Quarterbacks, still be speaking when they deploy thousands of troops to battle and they are killed and disabled. Will you still be hooten and hollering about Obama? 128 people lost their lives to some hairless, balless follow along dumbasses who will rot in hell. Instead of banding together, we talke about President and politics. A sad state of affairs, i walked those streets in the mid 80s and i still have friends and loved ones there. Maybe we should think about them instead running your mouths about politics. No respect for the fallen i see.
  11. can you please post the link for the entire article? thanks
  12. OK, Mark since she ended up in the pokey and those from the cheapseats didn't rush the jail and free her then i guess she didn't break the law. Oh well, i guess on monday we will see if she choose to impose her beliefs on her staff. Last Comment from me thanks.
  13. No need to be more specific, i think you are trying to be a wise ass sir. She was ordered or better told to do her job by issuing licenses to those who are requesting them. She chose to impose her religous beliefs on those in her office and those who are requesting a license. She is being paid 80K per year to do a job. She is not doing her job. If all of you who are high and mighty and quote the bible like i play fantasy football, i believe it is a verse that says to the fact, Vengence is mine says the Lord. Not sure why everyone is trying to do God's Job but i think he can do it by himself and he does need our help. So when she comes back to work and tries to prevent her clerks who are willing to follow the directive from the highest court in the land she will end up back in the clink. What i have observed from all my years on this forum is this, if the rulings and decisions are in favor of a certain group of folks all is good. But when it goes against your will or beliefs all are in a uproar. IMO those who choose to marry into a same sex relationship will have to answer for their decision one day. I have my beliefs and you have yours Mark. Kim will return to work next week and we will see if Mike Huckabee will come and take her place in the county lock up or is was it just a political stunt..
  14. Failed to issue marriage licenses to all who are requesting them. DIsobeying an an order from an appointed judge who is a republican appointee to follow the opinon of the SCOTUS. The Supreme Court says all can be married. I know alot of you who think the SCOTUS is full of dung and when they rule and offend some of you all of you that it applies to you get mad and say all kinds of crazy things. If she does not want to issue the licenses then step down. Should she be allowed to impose her beliefs on all? Sorry Divemaster not replying to you or reading your note.
  15. I am sure Mrs Davis didn't think by not following the rule of law that should be in jail. Well, when you fail to follow the law and in some opinion think she is right by not issuing the licenses. Well when you are a government employee and took an oath to uphold the law you cannot impose your beliefs on others. I think she is in for a long stay in the pokey but she will make a boat load of money on book and speaking fees though. As nelg says this is not about politics as some try to spin into an anti obama issue. Either she issues the license or request her name to be removed from the license and not impose her religious beliefs on other. Just my opinion. Now, God will have his vengence and we should not try to take it for him.
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