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  1. The Machine

    Adam Montana Weekly 21 March 2018

    good to see you too PP ha ha ha .....neither lol metal stocks are growing steadily (buy em while there cheap is my motto), no meltdowns but changed jobs back into the private sector for a while (there's a new nuclear power station to be built here in the UK) lots of work to be done.
  2. The Machine

    Adam Montana Weekly 21 March 2018

    Thanks for the update Adam 🤑
  3. The Machine

    I'm back ....... Again

    Yeah you could say that alright
  4. The Machine

    I'm back ....... Again

    I had to sell it, I moved house again and the grand piano was just too big for the new place coupled with lots of building work that was needed (150 year old townhouse) good to hear from you how have you been.
  5. The Machine

    I'm back ....... Again

    Been a while since I logged on, looks as if things are heating up a little. Adam, Love the new layout btw
  6. The Machine

    100 Note?

    all of the notes have english on them ...... check out the CBI website
  7. The Machine

    Questions For Adam's Update 9-28-2016

    I probably should have started reading this thread from the start lol ..... feel free to delete BTW Good to see you again TG
  8. The Machine

    Questions For Adam's Update 9-28-2016

    oil prices stable ish ---- yes gold price staying above $1,300/Oz and heading higher ---- I sure hope so Iraq has plenty of both ---- well we know for sure they have a lot of oil, how much gold they actually have at the moment is anyones guess. as for the rate --- 1c , 10c , 50c, $50 per dinar or even the current rate, it really doesnt matter to Iraq what the rate is life continues as normal, there are 120 factors that determine the value of a currency, everything from political stability to standard of healthcare, structure of the economy and population educational levels then the usual things like reserves, natural resources, workforce participation, interest rates, banking structure and policies, inflation rates and the volume of cash in the economy etc. "on par with the neighbors" --- I've heard this one for years and there is absolutely no reason one country can value its currency at a higher rate just because another country close by is at a higher value relative to the dollar. thats like me saying well bob down the road who is a CEO of his own company just got a new mustang ..... I should have one too ,even though I work part time in pizza hut (I dont work in pizza hut lol) with todays crazy lending policies I probably could get the loan for it in this scenario but long-term it will destroy me just like if Iraq jumped the gun and set a rate too high based on a false belief in thier ability to maintain that rate or deserve it. As mentioned above the factors that affect the value of a currency cannot be overlooked or dismissed just because one might want to keep up with the jones's (or Muhammad's in this case) its just an ego thing. I do think some day it will be on par, now whether thats because the IQD increases in value or all out chaos engulfs the middle east and everyone else drops to Iraq's current value I don't know but time will tell.
  9. The Machine

    I'm Back

    No chance of that, their scrawny bodies couldn't move a mountain like me lol So while I was AFK .... BREXIT happened what you ladies think of that ..... I'm all for it.
  10. The Machine

    I'm Back

    oops kinda went AWOL again lol .... good to hear from you all again
  11. The Machine

    I'm Back

    Aloha strangers ..... took some time off, which ended up being about a year lol. How have you all been, any good news lately.
  12. The Machine

    Why can't we just...

    Its all part of the plan ...... keeps people arguing with each other over ridiculous BS and stops them from focusing on the real problems in todays society, meanwhile the powers that be are free to rob us blind and sell our children down the river while everyone is looking the other way.
  14. dont you just wish people would just read the law as it was written, there should be no shades of grey. natural born = natural born, it's not Like I would ever think I could be president of the US but the way things are going it loks like it doesnt even matter. Any tom , **** or Mohammad can be president. this does remind me of the discussions about Obummer which are still ongoing, I doubt it would be any different for cruz if he actually got the nomination. every government seems to be running a one party system these days under the guise of a 2 (in Americas case) or multi party system for the rest of the world, the only person that gets in is the one they choose years before. If Trump actually gets in, I may change my mind to wanting to live and work in the US. Right now the US has no appeal to me and if Hilarious gets in, it will be a third world country before the end of her first term. One thing I will add to this is that if Trump gets in he will be the POTUS that has to preside over obummers ression/ depression along with the one that has to dismantle the social welfare state because it bankrupt as well as other services. sadly the greatest president the US could have in the past 50 years may be the most hated by the masses only because he is the one that has to cut the cord of government welfare.
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