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  1. Well I guess your spot on. I have pride in what I do Seriously though it's just a chat forum. So there you have it. This site is not for a job application or a homework assignment.
  2. His hands I'm typing from a smart phone with little buttons and I have no real reason to worry about being Mr punctuation. My phone spell check is always on and will not turn off so if it bothers you so much you can replace my phone for me ok! I do numbers buddy! Which is what matters and that's the only thing I need to get right .
  3. The reason for my post is also take a look at the last paragraph before the talks of Isis. Right in the same section where the rant goes on about opposing any government he makes a duel citizenship comment. That sounds like it's presented In a whole different light. It didn't get posted during his talk about VIP benefits and protection rant. It was posted after the not trusting any government rant. And there is no quick way to explain that one away to me. You know sometimes it is what it is. And that sounds exactly the case.
  4. I understand been a VIP prior in 2011 and I've heard the whole thing. I've even looked into it waka,oversees offshore accounts I'm a banker on a corp level and I still see ways to get caught on tax issues. So these hundreds of hours of expert analysis who could they be? Iraq and many other countries put together a teams of experts for many different reasons. But on thing is true just because they are a team dosnt make them any better. My point is really this.. after this thing pops if I'll I get is phone numbers, public info, and promises of opportunities to save my wealth then I will feel stupid for handing over my $ For a VIP. Remember someone has issues with government here in the good ole USA. So then why would his views change about governments around the world? It is possible for the laws to be put in place making it a crime to avoid paying the taxes in the USA regardless of the stratigies by the team of experts What happens then ? move away? You know when people say just doesn't sound right is usually is not right. And that's my two cents.
  5. WTH!? It made no real point I understand being frustrated but what was that really saying? You have a plan B for duel citizenship so does that mean when this pops some are going to get services and some are not because of be hand picked out for there comments? I spoke to a VIP named captinron 601 and he agrees a 100% on my views of this rant. Does this mean you might leave some members high and dry and fly to another country? I'm Just saying. No punches right just being straight forward.
  6. Budget,'s been the same story for the last 5 years. I feel like we are living In the twilight zone.
  7. Maliki will get away just like the former CBI shabbalicious the Middle East is going to go down in a big blaze of glory I say we launce a mission to seize all women and children and then nuke the rest.
  8. If there are 300 American citizens fighting with a terrorist group then they should be detained immediately the moment they step on US soil. I find it funny that the US is against terror groups but when it comes to our citizens they would be allowed to blend back into the public masses . Especially after they leave the country to meet with a radical terrorist group. They should be tried as criminals and have to fight for there rights. They should also be brought up on crimes against humanity charges and kept In a military prison.
  9. Send them running!! The sad thing is they will probably try to go back to acting like regular citizens and hide amongst the people to avoid being hunted down like the terrorists they are. Cowards they all have a one way ticket to meet the devil.
  10. that's what I've been saying how could that be true? I think he got that one back azzward.
  11. Well looks like according to Mr Montana we are In for a long haul. In a previous weekly update he said something to this affect. That Maliki remaining in office is good for the whole RV but that if we see a newly seated pm that we would be stuck on this train much long. Seeing that Isis likes to cut off the heads of captured soldiers and Christians it looks like this RV will be many of years away. Sucks for us!
  12. Hey you just turned into a DV rock sensation overnight! Very good job you seem to pack the house. High five....
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